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Living God School - How To Raise Your Frequency, Upgrade/Change Timelines, Thyme, & Activate Powers ;- The Sunlight Shaman, Magenta Mage

Posted on August 17, 2017 at 8:15 PM Comments comments (1)
Living God School - How To Raise Your Frequency, Upgrade/Change Timelines, Thyme, & Activate Powers
;- The Sunlight Shaman, Magenta Mage

LIVING GOD SCHOOL - Evolved Ministry 101 - Passive Overt Covert Power Combo - M M The Sunlight Shaman

Posted on August 17, 2017 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (1)
Living God School - Evolved Ministry 101 - Passive Overt Covert Power Combo - The Sunlight Shaman

What's, Watts, your value? How do your Powers contribute to Neighborhoods, Community, Society, the Ecosystem on a Planetary Scale, you're part of?

Your Passive, Subtle, & Dormant Power Frequencies can be activated, charged, radiated, through your pores, ports, portals, another Frequency, skin color (the racism fraud, lookup the meaning of colors - not technicolor) covert power, seen everyday in the mirror yet unseen, underrated, unrecognized, underappreciated ..   Color, Power and influence, change, affect, effect your Environment, and People, if they are capable of receiving the Light Lite Lyte Language.

Meself as an example, rapidly growing Flowers, Giant Stamens with Organic Light Lyte Lite, indoors, offering the ability to provide Chlorophyll, DNA Healing Diets,  Chromatherapy, Aromatherapy, Medicine/Meta Sin/Medicinal Plants, protected, pesticide free with Love, Pure Intent. Directly linked, via Frequency, with all the Therapeutic Benefits of Lavender Essense/Essential Oil, Violets, Indigo & Violet Flame. Growing Sprouts within Two Days, when in some cases, the Sprout is Medicine because its more nutritious than, the full grown vegetable. Another value to society, without poisonous chemical additives. My Frequencies line up with  Powers associated Earth/Tirra, 118hz/10/Christ, Ouranos Gnosis Nuith Orange Vita Vitamin C, Sun Sky Creation Creativity, Air, Breath of Life, Tree if Life, Noetics

Energy Exchange, you are what you eat, pay attention to, sleep have sex with through DNA Fluids Exchange, put on your skin (Transdermal) and Latex is derived from the Tree of Death

Are you walking dead?

Is it time and, thyme for a change, healing? To learn about real Life, Live, Living, Love?

Anyway - Thats Me, M M No, The Sunlight Shaman, how I can help those who help me, help others and in turn, help themselves - Spiritually, Energetically by aligning with the desired Frequency associated with the reality wished to be manifested and those whom hold and share it.

It's beyond radiating outward, it is a dual transmission, possible more depending ob the situation, intent - another thing the frauds cannot provide - not only is it usually stolen edited information and forgotten. ancestral culture, lifestyle - once again, they can only provide relief, remedy from the outside inward, aggressive mimicry, partial solutions. They cannot fuel you're Organic Light Lite Lyte from within, Heart to Heart, Spirit Language, The Word, Energy Information from Home, .. because Home, is where the Heart is. 

The Difference Between a Witch Practioner and an Authentic Spirit Power, Magickal Being, Beeing - The Sunlight Shaman, Magenta Mage

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Living God School: Evolved Ministry 101

The Difference Between a Witch Practioner and an Authentic Spirit Power, Magickal Being, Beeing.

The Practioner relies heavily on tools, artificial frequency technology and verbal expression, theatrics. External applications, products, they operate on external focused frequencies of perception and relief but cannot provide full Remedy, Spiritual, Evolutionary Guidance.

They do not bring forth powers from within, and are not capable of guiding, nor, teaching others. They are not in tune with, width, compliance, with the Law, Organic Invisible Light that expresses the visible Light Spectrum so what they offer will always be, temporary, not, lasting, not, everliving. Fallen angels taught make up? Cover ups? - um hm - peep that.

Its only practice, thats all it ever will be - such as, how doctors practice medicine - practice hmmmm - been thousands of years and they still dont get it? Dont have a clue and, really dont want a clue, running a parasite program - #Red #Alert

The Practioners and Frauds have had a great run and game, but now the technology available can be used wisely, for self discovery. The game, theatrics, lies, fear, fraud, noise, confusion and distraction, false light sense of knowledge, intelligence, superiority, accomplishment, authority, rulership, has overshadowed Natural Knowing, Common Sentient Cent Sent Scent Sense, overshadowed those learning, yearning, earning, rewarded & holding Organix Frequencies of True Knowing, Spiritual Ancestral Royalty, Expertise, original Thought, as Aspects of the Living Life Force, Holistic Wholesome Spirit, the "Big Heart".

Home is where the Heart is.

Cardio, Car d Ds, Cardiovascular Cardiology

Natural Mature Practical Magic, Magix, in line with Life Force, Living or, false light made with stolen goods? Fraud?

LIVING GOD SCHOOL - What is your Super Power, Powers, Vibrational Frequency? What Color are r you, hue, who? Whom?

Posted on August 16, 2017 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (2)
What is your Super Power, Spirit Powers, Vibrational Frequency?
What Color are r you, hue, who? Whom? hmmmmmm
Embracing yourself as a Power, Spirit in/en Form, Energy Expressed, establishing your Kingdom, Community, Rites, Responsibilities
Being and, Bee-ing a Queen Bee, Creator, Star, King, Living God, Spirit in/en Form - or even a believer/follower for that matter, is more than, simply talk, costumes, cars, money and trinkets.

There are Spiritual Exercises, Inner Alchemy, Detox, Healing and Responsibility. Expression of Energy, Energy Exchanges, Spiritual Currency long, far too long unecognized. Humanity, .. - The People, Gods of the Kingdoms below (visible and, invisible light lyte lite color frequency spectrum,

These Powers, Noetic Knowings, Gnosis, Kinetic Ki Kinship Kinection,  Frequencies are to be, bee, embodied, personified just as in all other ancient teachings, mythology, nothing has changed, it's not about belief either - along with the Creative, Imagination Manifesting Meaningful Meaning, corresponding attributes, forces, elements within the Kingdoms of Nature, Planet, Sun Star Luminary - some, ... of these frequencies are actually of Planets, Stars, Sun, Gem Stone, Spirit Power of Nature, Herbal Essence Sentient Organic Scent Sent Zen Sense and behavior should match as such as in, role in Modern Society, Community, Rural and Conservation without interference and restriction by funding and finance, this is about Energy, Power, what Powers gifted, gained, earned is closer to the Truth, Natural Law, how things really, work, Spiritually, Energetically with Earth Hearth Spirit Heart Art.

Imposters up ina bitch with word sorcery and illusions. In the way of others doing the ancestral planetary job, sharing and expressing the proper energy, healing, remediation.

We need this identification system for public safety, spiritual identity and/or that aligned with, action speak louder than words.

There are plenty of scanners available, it is best to test your frequency range, potential, progress periodically after, Meditation, Phytonutrients, Breathing Exercises, Yoga Asanas, Tai Chi, Zen, Kundalini Yoga etc etc.

M M No The Sunlight Shaman, Magenta Mage
Lucky 7 Life Coaching
Bright Star Apothecary
DJ Marco Andre/m.a.r.

Who am I? Me, We? Establishing Spiritual Identification, Powers, Realm, Kingdom, Responsibilities - The Sunlight Shaman, Magenta Mage

Posted on August 16, 2017 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (3)
Who am I? Establishing Spiritual Identification, Powers, Realm, Kingdom, Responsibilities

God of..? Spirit of?... King Queen - that bitch - of What,  how, Watt?

Embracing and Loving Yourself As A Power, Spirit in/en, Form

Your active and subtle powers are best defined by cross referencing your Active, Subtle, Ambient Power Frequencies -  Organix, Learned Earned Manifested from within, outward, .. with Healing Frequency, Full Spectrum Light, Lite & Lyte, Planetary, Gemstone, Crystal, and Essential Oil Frequency Charts. Then, there's your, God of..King of..Queen of..Spirit of..etc etc.

Walk the talk

A bit of oversight is required for the, Kingdoms, Frequencies, below as well, Esoteric Anthropology Ecology, Full Spectrum.

Decode your legal birthname, start treating your Spiritual Energy like the real Money, Transmute the fake Money, go after the birth certificate hidden accounts and ion trading, become your own bank, eom, see previous blogs for detail, get the funding to do, create, regenerate, according to your Frequency, Powers, Kingdom, Powers that "got yo back" - learned earned via vita vital asanas meditation kundalini mediation spirit remediation rainbow phytonutrients resonance remanance sun sum som x factor chakra light lyte lite phytoremediation.

I did it! How To Create a Bank Under Spiritual, Natural Law - The Sunlight Shaman

Posted on August 5, 2017 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (3)
As seen on Your next step is to create a Treasury Direct Account (America), this is the Government Website, and Service, that handles Treasury - Treasure, Securities, Currency, Bonds, Notes that aint Music Node Notes - but, your Birth Certificate is also a kind of Note representation of, we, ... me,; Spirit EN Form, - this is the only Financial Entity we need in order to change the Money back from the Money Changers by accessing its value. The current figures of Fraud, Trillions, each account is theren worth at least that - why you, need to be your own bank, or we, bee, family Bank, Community Banks and Barter, Fair Trading, , Peer to Peer Banking, to receive your own routing number, backed by Natural Spirit Law, your Frequency Range, usage, intent, action, trust, trustworthiness - Trust, Fund, .. .. Spiritual Currency, Pure/Orgone/Organic/ Organ X - Heart Energy Current, See? Handle your own stuff, manage energy and time, but like thyme, as a self sustaining star, planet, spirit bee-ing, would, from the Heart, Live, Living Light Lyte Lite Sentient Sensory Sensable Centered Spirit Sent Nescient Scent PNE Copper Penny Cent Center If you're not located in America, see your central bank, your number is an account number; other numbers on birth certificates

Autoimmune Disease - Causes, Symptoms and, Remedy

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results 4 Steps to Heal Leaky Gut and Autoimmune Disease - Dr. Axe Highlight According to research, the cause of your food allergies, low energy, joint pain, thyroid disease, autoimmune conditions and slow metabolism could be leaky gut ... Leaky Gut Syndrome Linked to Many Autoimmune Diseases Highlight 7 Jul 2014 ... Leaky Gut - The Syndrome Linked to Many Autoimmune Diseases. Hyperpermeability or "leaky gut" syndrome is the name given to a very ... Leaky gut and autoimmune diseases. - NCBI - NIH Highlight This review is focused on the role of impaired intestinal barrier function on autoimmune pathogenesis. Together with the gut-associated lymphoid tissue and the ... Autoimmunity and the Gut - NCBI - NIH Highlight 13 May 2014 ... Initially, symptoms of autoimmune disorders are vague and include fatigue, ..... Findings of altered intestinal permeability (leaky gut) may play a ... Which comes first: the leaky gut or the dysfunctional immune system ... Highlight 29 Sep 2014 ... In fact, many studies have shown that increased intestinal permeability (leaky gut )precedes the development of autoimmune disease (and in ... Autoimmune Disorders: When Your Body Turns On You ... Highlight There's been a stark rise in autoimmune disorders over the past 50 years, from ... The leaky gut is especially important in any conversation about autoimmune ... Leaky Gut and Autoimmune Disorders - Pure Healing Foods Highlight Leaky Gut Syndrome (Intestinal Permeability) is a very common condition in this day and age. It is the cause of much or our modern autoimmune illness: IBS, ... Dealing with autoimmune diseases and digestive problems | Paleo ... Highlight Learn how to finally cure yourself from autoimmune diseases with a tweaked version if Paleo and some simple supplements to treat the leaky gut. Leaky-Gut & Autoimmunity - Crohn's Dad Highlight 123. Clinical Reviews in Allergy &. Immunology. ISSN 1080-0549. Clinic Rev Allerg Immunol. DOI 10.1007/s12016-011-8291-x. Leaky Gut and Autoimmune ... Could Leaky Gut Be a Factor in Your Autoimmune Disease? Highlight 8 May 2015 ... A dangerous result of this scenario can be increased inflammation, immune dysregulation, and ultimately the onset of autoimmunity. Leaky gut ... Understanding the True Cause of Autoimmune Disease - Amy Myers ... Highlight 24 Jan 2017 ... Autoimmune Disease: A Disease Of The Immune System ... First, it is the primary cause of leaky gut because gluten triggers the release of ... 53: Does Leaky Gut Cause Autoimmunity? - Wellness Mama Highlight 23 Jun 2017 ... We're just starting to understand that leaky gut causes autoimmunity and how simple diet and lifestyle steps can reverse this process for ... Gut Health and Autoimmune Disease ??? Research Suggests ... Highlight Incompetent tight junctions cause increased intestinal permeability, commonly referred to as leaky gut, and can result in the absorption of incompletely digested ... Could Leaky Gut Be The Reason For Autoimmune Disease Onset? Highlight 18 Dec 2012 ... Women, Leaky Gut & Autoimmune Diseases Autoimmunity is a mysterious creature. So many highly variable conditions fall under its umbrella. Is Autoimmune Disease Reversible? - SCD Lifestyle Highlight 12 Jan 2015 ... In 2011, he published a paper titled, ???Leaky Gut and Autoimmune Diseases,??? introducing a new theory that suggests prevention and reversal of ... Gut Heath: Autoimmunity and Leaky Gut | Sara Gottfried MD Highlight Leaky gut could be causing chronic inflammation in your body and destroying your body's healthy tissue. Learn more about the autoimmune and gut health link. Leaky Gut and Autoimmune Disease | Gluten-Free Society Highlight A recent paper published in the Annals of the New York Acedemy of Sciences connects intestinal permeability (AKA leaky gut syndrome) with the development ... Leaky Gut Got You Down? How to Reverse Autoimmune Disease ... Highlight 8 Feb 2016 ... Autoimmune diseases affect at least 50 million Americans, causing pain and discomfort many think they have to learn to live with. But Dr. Amy ...

Queries 3.0 : Muscle - Fitness - Nutrition - Sexual Health - Marcos Love Shop - Amethyst Party Project - Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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Jun 21, 2013 ... Muscle College with Dr. Layne Norton & Dr. Jake Wilson! The Doctors Interview with Dr. Chris Fahs & Dr. Lindy Rossow Competition Prep ...


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For centuries man has known that there are direct causal relationships between nutrition, disease and aging. Sailors setting out to discover the new world would ...


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Cyclical Relationship Between Poor Nutrition and Educational Outcomes ... marker of better overall nutrition status among children, which may be the true link to ...


3 Relationships Between Nutrition and Diarrhea | Nutrition Issues in ... Highlight


Suggested Citation: "3 Relationships Between Nutrition and Diarrhea." Institute of Medicine. 1992. Nutrition Issues in Developing Countries: Part I: Diarrheal ...


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A report of the joint WHO/FAO expert consultation on diet, nutrition and the prevention ... overweight and obesity · Documents and publications · Related links ... base of the relationship between diet and physical activity patterns, and the major ...


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The influence of nutrition on mental health. Report of an inquiry held by the Associate Parliamentary Food and Health Forum. January 2008. The Links Between ...


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Aug 2, 2002 ... I personally have always been interested in the relationship between nutrition and the brain. In fact, 30 years ago I considered doing a postdoc ...


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Jan 13, 2012 ... Many studies exploring the relationship between nutrition and ... means of studying the nutrition-brain link: they looked at biomarkers in the ...


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Nutrition & Cancer: What is the Connection? Does what we eat really affect our risk? Which foods are important for health?


The Link between Nutrition and Cognitive Development in Children. Highlight


Such children are less likely to establish relationships or to explore and learn from their surroundings. Undernourished children are also more susceptible to ...



The influence of nutrition on mental health. Report of an inquiry held by the Associate Parliamentary Food and Health Forum. January 2008. The Links Between ...


The Relationship Between Nutrition and Mental Disorders | Science ... Highlight


Aug 2, 2002 ... I personally have always been interested in the relationship between nutrition and the brain. In fact, 30 years ago I considered doing a postdoc ...


The Connection Between Good Nutrition and Good Cognition - The ... Highlight


Jan 13, 2012 ... Many studies exploring the relationship between nutrition and ... means of studying the nutrition-brain link: they looked at biomarkers in the ...


Nutrition And Cancer: What is the Connection Highlight


Nutrition & Cancer: What is the Connection? Does what we eat really affect our risk? Which foods are important for health?


The Link between Nutrition and Cognitive Development in Children. Highlight


Such children are less likely to establish relationships or to explore and learn from their surroundings. Undernourished children are also more susceptible to ...


How to better link WASH and nutrition programmes - SuSanA Highlight


hygiene (WASH) programmes can be more nutrition-sensitive1 and how ... The most obvious link between nutrition and WASH can be seen by looking at the ...


Understanding nutrition, depression and mental illnesses - NCBI Highlight


Previous research has revealed the link between nutritional deficiencies and .... These relationships may explain the inconsistency in the results of trials on ...


Relationship of Personal Hygiene with Nutrition and Morbidity ... Highlight


Relationship of Personal Hygiene with Nutrition and Morbidity Profile: A Study Among Primary School Children in South Kolkata ... The study was undertaken to find out the status of nutrition and personal hygiene among ..... External link.


The Relationship Between Diet and Exercise | Eat. Move. Improve. Highlight


Aug 19, 2009 ... The Relationship Between Diet and Exercise. By. Steven Low ... rule you can follow. Here's the link from the previous posts' nutrition section.


Session 3. Links Between Nutrition and HIV - Food and Nutrition ... Highlight


LINKS BETWEEN NUTRITION AND HIV. Purpose (slide 2). • The purpose of this session is to provide students with information about the relationship between ...


The Link Between Nutrition, Exercise and Mood | Eat + Run | US News Highlight


Jan 12, 2015 ... Your brain is a complex network of nerves and chemical signals that depends on important macro- and micronutrients to function properly.


Nutrition and Population - UNSCN Highlight


The Links between Nutrition and. Demographic Change. Nutrition and population changes are intimately linked ... This relationship has been observed during.


Scientific Facts on Diet and Nutrition Prevention of Chronic Diseases Highlight


The entire process, from food production to consumption, should be considered when determining the relationship between diet and the risk of developing ...


Improving nutrition outcomes with better water, sanitation ... - Unicef Highlight


Effectively and sustainably improving nutrition outcomes requires a coordinated, multisectoral approach among the health, water, .... 2.2.4 Links between WASH and undernutrition. ...... new research results provide insights into the relationship

Muscle geometry - NCBI - National Institutes of Health Highlight


The traditional approach depends on geometric approximation, treating the muscle fibres and tendons as an array of parallelograms. This approach was ...


Influence of muscle geometry on shortening speed of fibre ... - NCBI Highlight


The influence of muscle geometry on muscle shortening of the gastrocnemius medialis muscle (GM) of the rat was studied. Using cinematography, GM geometry ...


Muscle architecture - Wikipedia Highlight


Muscle architecture is the physical arrangement of muscle fibers at the macroscopic level that determines a muscle's mechanical function. There are several different muscle architecture types including: parallel, pennate and hydrostats. Force production and gearing vary depending on the different geometries of ...


Musculoskeletal Geometry, Muscle Architecture and Functional ... Highlight


Apr 26, 2016 ... This study describes in detail the musculoskeletal geometry and skeletal muscle architecture of the mouse hindlimb and pelvis, determining the ...


Changes in geometry of activily shortening unipennate rat ... Highlight


ABSTRACT Muscle geometry of the unipennate medial gastrocnemius (GM) muscle of ... As the muscle shortens, the area of the mid-longitudinal plane of the.


A Model of Muscle Geometry for a Two Degree-Of-Freedom Planar ... Highlight


A muscle''s action on a joint not only depends upon the muscle''s size and activation level, but also upon the mechanical advantage (or moment arm) of the ...


"Geometry-based Muscle Modeling for Facial ... - Graphics Interface Highlight


On the other hand, surface geometry can easily be acquired using for instance a range scanner. Thus, our approach is to adapt the muscle geometry to the.

How a Straight Man in a Gay Relationship Made it Work - Highlight


Sep 5, 2014 ... After telling how he fell in love with another straight man, Mike Iamele heard countless stories of other people creating relationships that feel ...


'Straight' men discuss their secret sexual relationships with other ... Highlight


Mar 20, 2016 ... Not only that, but more straight-identifying men are admitting to having tried gay sex. Researchers interviewed more than 9,000 men and ...


Gay Men's Relationships: 10 Ways They Differ From Straight ... Highlight


Jul 24, 2016 ... As I think back on the past 24 years of providing couples counseling for gay male relationships, I sometimes get asked what the differences ...


The Bro Job: Why 'Straight' Men Secretly Have Sex With Each Other ... Highlight


Oct 10, 2015 ... But when it comes to two self-identified straight guys getting ... Jane Ward in her book Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men, ... Removing sex from its prescribed context is often discouraged in heterosexual relationships.


On The DL: Straight-Identifying Men Speak Candidly About Their ... Highlight


Mar 19, 2016 ... “I would be afraid of telling someone I had a relationship with a man,” he ... Related: Straight Guys Reflect On Those Times They Had Gay Sex.


Straight Man Reveals What it's Like Being Engaged to a Male Multi ... Highlight


Oct 8, 2015 ... “I'm a straight 24 year old male who is engaged to a wealthy 51 year old ... however, is the straight male sugar baby in a same-sex relationship, ...



Top 10 Reasons Relationships Fail | Psychology Today Highlight


Jul 12, 2015 ... Here are ten common reasons why relationships fail...


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Mar 31, 2015 ... Infidelity is only one of the reasons relationships break up. ... other in the world of kids and chores, it can be a challenge to find common ground.


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Aug 23, 2015 ... Much has been written about common reasons why relationships fail. Incompatibility, trust issues, different priorities, and poor communication ...


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Why does love fall apart for the silliest of reasons? Read these 14 common reasons why relationships fail, and learn to fix them before it's too late.


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Nov 22, 2014 ... What if there was ONE major cause of relationship failure? ... There are a few common areas of self-abandonment that are worth mentioning.


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Photo 1 of 11 Cheating - THIS is the most obvious reason! Most relationships won't survive after the trust is gone. Even if it does, it's nearly impossible to look at ...


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Couples who've found the perfect relationship... the relationship that seems to ... The #1 reason why relationships fail is because they are built upon a form of ...


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Aug 24, 2011 ... Drawing from my experience as a marriage counselor, here are 10 common problems that destroy marriages

Queries: Minerals - Gems - Global Healing Center - Bright Star Anti-Deficiency Initiative - Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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9 Common Types of Magnesium Explained - Global Healing Center Highlight

Oct 1, 2010 ... There are many types of magnesium supplements out there, but do you know the difference between them all? Learn more about the different ...

What is Magnesium Orotate? - Global Healing Center Highlight

Jul 20, 2014 ... Magnesium is a catalyst for many of the processes in the body, and magnesium orotate is the most easily absorbed form. Here we look at its ...

Intracal - Global Healing Center Highlight

Magnesium promotes the proper absorption of calcium by your bones. Magnesium is also ...

IntraMIN® - Organic Trace Minerals - Global Healing Center Highlight

Rapidly absorbable, IntraMIN contains 71 Organically-Bound Trace Minerals and 65 electrolytes essential to the nutritional support of your body's processes.

Oregatrex - Global Healing Center Highlight

As an excellent source of vitamins A, C, and E, and zinc, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, copper, and niacin, oregano oil helps satisfy your nutritional ...


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Queries/Answers: How To "Really, Make It Rain ... - DragonflyKingdom

5 days ago ... The MiraculeWater Processors surpass simple filtration of water and enter into the ..... ARAGONITE (Calcium Carbonate) - Mineral Gallery.


www.dragonflykingdom.comProxy Highlight

Use just a few drops of this amazing solution in your water, and recover the power of ... half your body weight converted to ounces in pure (spring or rain) water daily. ... Bromide, Calcium Carbonate, Naturally occurring and beneficial Fluoride, ...

Calcite Backwashing Filter | Kinetico Water Systems Highlight

Our dual-tank filter addresses problems associated with acidic water (blue-green stains on copper fixtures or pipes, or in tubs and sinks) by using calcite to raise ...

Calcite Neutralizer Archives - The Clean Well Water Report Highlight

Aug 6, 2015 ... When you have a water system that uses well water, it is important to do regular .... Neutralizing Rainwater with a Calcite Blend Neutralizer.

Pristine Water – Calcite Filters – Acidic Water Highlight

Calcite Filtration Treatment. What is the pH of the water stored in your rainwater tank? Pristine Water Systems is able to complete pH & conductivity Water ...

Acid Rain and geology - Beloit College Highlight

Students will determine the acidity of their local rain water. Students will ... As the calcite or dolomite continues to react, the pH of the solution should approach 7.

Rainwater - Purification and Filtration - Highlight

For wells and rainwater systems a larger (e.g., a 50 micron) filter or .... and generally includes a calcite or equivalent filter to reduce the pH of the water, and a ...

DJ Marco Andre (@DjMarcoAndre) | Twitter Highlight

The latest Tweets from DJ Marco Andre (@DjMarcoAndre). Meta-Physician ... Creator/Developer of Underground Intelligence Media & Bright Star Apothecary ...

Love Is Taking Over (R&B - 432 hz) by DJ Marco Andre - YouTube Highlight

May 27, 2015 ... Love Is Taking Over (R&B - 432 hz) by DJ Marco Andre ... Originally aired on Underground Intelligence Radio U.K at, this show has ... please visit us at Underground Intelligence Media located at http://www.

UNDERGROUND INTELLIGENCE TV - DragonflyKingdom Highlight

An Underground Intelligence Media and Bright Star APothecary and Healing Center Nu ... by DJ Marco Andre (m.a.r.) - Meta-Physician - Owner - Developer ...

Radio Shows, Music Pages (Channels) and Free Downloads Highlight

Underground Intelligence Radio Shows, Channels and Stations presenting ... to all shows and music pages that DJ Marco Andre/ has ...

UNDERGROUND INTELLIGENCE TV - DragonflyKingdom Highlight

Your source for news not covered on mainstream media, new and upcoming independent artists, ... For free music visit Underground Intelligence Radio HERE . ... by DJ Marco Andre (m.a.r.) - Meta-Physician - Owner - Developer - Administrator ...

W.O.C. - Underground Intelligence Media Highlight

Aug 24, 2015 ... U.I. Media is Underground Intelligence T.V., Underground Intelligence Radio and Underground Intelligence The Blog by DJ Marco Andre - Marcos Love Shop - Spiritual Guide - Magenta Mage Light Therapy - Emeroo Root Chakra Energy Therapy - Couples Therapy - Limo / Car / Party Bus / Vacation - Dating Services - Bright Star Apothecary - International Service Agency - Intake / Assessment / Referral - New Media Network -

Queries/Answers: How To "Really, Make It Rain" and Generate Energetic Kinetic Bio Available Spring Water I Dragonfly Kingdom Library

Posted on December 1, 2016 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (33)


Altered States presents the world's most advanced water technology.

Let Your Body, Mind and Soul Experience Nature's Miracle.


All Water Is Not Equal!

All Water Filtering & Processing Technologies & Equipment Are Also Not Equal!


It's the only water filtration system in the world with a patented ORME trap! The MiraculeWater processors have a patented trap on the inside to retain all of the minerals and monoatomic elements while removing all of the harmful contaminents. The result is an alkaline water with the beneficial minerals intact.


Water treatment plants can stop the danger of infectious waterborne diseases such as typhoid fever, but they do not eliminate the host of toxic chemicals that have been spewed into the environment in the post-World War II industrial boom. Some of these chemicals are carcinogenic, and because scientists generally agree that 60% to 90% of all human cancers are caused by environmental agents, the study of aquatic pollution takes on critical importance. As Dr. H.F. Kraybill of the National Cancer Institute remarks in his editor's introduction to Aquatic Pollutants, "The realization that neoplasms [new and abnormal formation of tissues, as in tumors] are occurring in finfish and shellfish and that a tumor incidence may appear to be associated with the extent of pollution introduces a new terms of human cancer." In other words, if fish and clams are getting tumors, what's happening to humans?

tal Defense Fund, have indicated a possible relationship between cancer mortalities of white males in New Orleans and the fact that they drank water drawn from the Mississippi, a veritable chemical cocktail. "Although the results of the New Orleans study cannot yet be considered as conclusive evidence that cancer is, in fact, being caused by contaminated water," Sonstegard writes, "these very suggestive findings must be fully taken into consideration."



• Removes the Harmful Elements, Keeps the Beneficial Elements


• Concentrated ORME Elements-The Elements Of Life


• Increased Cell to Cell Communication


• Increased Function of Body's Electrical System


• Alkaline PH with Magnesium Dioxide (Prill Beads)


• 99.9% Fluoride Removed


• Purified by a Proprietary Selective Hyper filtration Technology


• Decreased Build-Up in Pipes Using Magnetic Technology

In the past reverse osmosis or RO was the standard for water filtration. These days there is a new standard - it has been set by MiraculeWater and it is called Selective Hyper-Filtration. Selective Hyper-Filtration is only available from MiraculeWater. Don't be fooled when someone else tells you that they have the best technology, or the best water filter on the market. Scientific testing has repeatedly documented how MiraculeWater Selective Hyper-Filtration removes 40+ times more harmful contaminates than the old standard of reverse osmosis that pollute today's municipal (and well water) drinking waters. Some people were happy with the old standard of reverse osmosis, the engineers and scientists at MiraculeWater were not.


When I started drinking Miracule water, at first I went into a little bit of a healing crisis, then slowly I started to notice that old injuries started to not bother me anymore and things just didn’t hurt anymore! I knew that the monoatomic elements in the Miraculewater could have healing and restorative properties. I love not having pain in my body anymore. I love my Miracule water!


Los Angeles, CA



Water processors should not be confused with water filters, since water processors go way beyond simple filtration into the art and science of water enhancement and selective contaminant filtration. An easy comparison is the difference between a simple knife and a food processor, one does so much more than the other. The MiraculeWater Processors surpass simple filtration of water and enter into the Science & Art of water enhancement further than has ever been done before. If a person were to try to duplicate the water produced by MiraculeWater processors by purchasing all of the necessary systems separately from those currently on the market, they would spend more than 10 times the cost of a MiraculeWater processor and still not have accomplished that goal. One of the most significant reasons they could never achieve that goal is that 7 of the technologies employed in the MiraculeWater processors are revolutionary proprietary technologies developed exclusively for Miracule Water. As such these 7 technologies are not utilized in any other water purifying or processing systems currently commercially available anywhere in the world.


Alkaline Balanced pH

Distorted Homeopathic Memory Erased & Replaced with the Pristine Memory


A Living Waters System can also harness and concentrate the power of O.R.M.E. and other etheric elements thereby creating a true consciousness evolving water. By further utilizing the knowledge of great minds like Masaru Emoto, Viktor Schauberger, Johann Grander, as well as many other masters in the realm of waterology, we at Living Waters System can now provide a true pristine, living water system

Explanation and Benefits Of Miracule Water

The MiraculeWater Processors© combined state-of-the-art filtration and water enhancement process produces drinking water that is 40 times more pure than the water processed by the best reverse osmosis drinking water system in the world. Scientists refer to what remains in the water after the filtration process is complete as - "Pure Nothingness! This processor removes chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, bacteria, parasites, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, fecal material (poop), urine, drugs and everything else that is considered a detriment to your health.



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Victor Schauberger

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MiraculeWater Processors© are the only known hyper-filtration technology that removes 99.99% of FLOURIDE, and 100% of its magnetic imprinting. Flouride has been banned in 36 countries for its known toxic effects. MiraculeWater Processors© erase the harmful memory of the water using a proprietary Triple-Vortexing© process based on Viktor Schauberger. more... MiraculeWater Processors© then re-imprint the water with its original memmory and additional frequencies, including positive affirmations such as, truth, love, peace, health, abundance, bliss, all the colors of the rainbow, as well as 10,000 other positive affirmations.


Filtering capability (the words purer & purity as used herein: are hereby defined as meaning the removal of harmful and / or toxic contaminates) [MiraculeWater processors are the first water processing technology to actually concentrate

the most beneficial contents of water, and remove the harmful contaminates all at the same time.



FIRST STAGE 5 micron reduces sediments, chlorine taste and odor


SECOND STAGE .5 micron reduces lead, reduces cysts (Giardia and Cryotisoirudium) and further reduces chlorine taste/odor


THIRD STAGE .2 micron that is a Ceramix Carbon Block Filter that catches exremely small particles up to .2 microns


FOURTH STAGE NSF Certified RO Membrane and Magnesium Dioxide Ph Balancing


FIFTH STAGE Strong magnet and the post filter


Yes, the many features of Miraculewater have "Automated" my self-cultivation work. It's like flicking the "Auto Pilot" switch on your self improvement. It's made striving in this area a thing of the past. Why should we strive to become greater when we can just kick back and drink in this "highly evolved" water? The greater the power of the water, the more its capacity to rewire us, to amplify our health, to increase brain power, and to elevate our Level of Consciousness (LOC). I cannot find a better water system than this online. In fact, I challenge you do so. As of this writing (2012), it just isn't possible. I encourage you to spend the extra money; this machine is lifetimes better than the over-simplistic single-dimensional filters they sell elsewhere. In my experience, this Miraculewater product is "The Cadillac of Water Technology."



--A Recent Yale Graduate



Eliminating Hungry Water:

Drinking "Hungry Waters" such as pure, reverse osmosis, and distilled water can leach out of the body essential vitamins and minerals. Over time this can lead to serious diseases such as osteoporosis. Therefore, it is recommended that Hungry Waters should not be consumed for lengthy periods of time, but only for brief periods of time when the body requires detoxification. To eliminate the "Hungry Water" effect MiraculeWater© processors uses a magnesium-dioxide dispenser (mgwater ), which converts acidic Hungry Water into a safe alkaline drinking water with a pH rating of approximately 9.8. [Note: The body only heals itself when its pH level is 7.0 or above Alkaline] Vortexes Incoming Water..........

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Bench Top Family Hydrogen Water System


Approx USD$371.99


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biodisc210 POA biodisc210

biodisc210 POA


Approx USD$0.00


... more info


Combo Water Testing Meter com100

Combo Water Testing Meter


Approx USD$69.94


... more info


Eternal Youth 5000 MiraculeWater etyo5000

Eternal Youth 5000 MiraculeWater


Approx USD$1,495.00


... more info


Eye Of Horus Bronze Amulet Goddess Pencil * eohbagp

Eye Of Horus Bronze Amulet Goddess Pencil *

Complimenting obsession for our Black Smokey Eye Pencil. The gloriously glowing copper/bronze - prized as a precious Amulet - accentuates your eyes...


Approx USD$24.19


... more info


Filter for Hydrogen Pitcher fhyp

Filter for Hydrogen Pitcher


Approx USD$42.76


... more info


Hydrogen Water Generator hywg

Hydrogen Water Generator



Approx USD$795.01


... more info


Latest Hydrogen Water Generator lhyd

Latest Hydrogen Water Generator


Approx USD$189.95


... more info


Nano Water Flask Family set of 3 nanowff

Nano Water Flask Family set of 3


Approx USD$85.55


... more info


Oxygen Set 1 oxyset1

Oxygen Set 1


Approx USD$199.95


... more info


Oxygen Set 2 oxyset2

Oxygen Set 2

Oxygen Set Version 2 FingerTip Oximeter Water Ozonator 600 mg/h More Car Ionizer All 3 Items


Approx USD$217.95


... more info


Toxic Mold/Fungus/Parasite Pack tmfpp

Toxic Mold/Fungus/Parasite Pack


Approx USD$748.89


... more info


Ultimate Personal Detox Kit updk

Ultimate Personal Detox Kit


Approx USD$525.96


... more info


Waterproof ORP Meter orp200

Waterproof ORP Meter


Approx USD$108.00


... more info


Waterproof pH Meter ph200

Waterproof pH Meter


Approx USD$99.95


... more info


Water Ozenator Negative Ionizer Combo Unit oz600

Water Ozenator Negative Ionizer Combo Unit


Approx USD$158.45


... more info


ADVANCED Bio-Photon Analyzer Matrix 3 abpaam3

ADVANCED Bio-Photon Analyzer Matrix 3


Approx USD$2,997.00


... more info


ABPA A2 Device Interface abpaa2

ABPA A2 Device Interface


Approx USD$195.84


... more info


Detox Ionic Foot Spa difs

Detox Ionic Foot Spa



Approx USD$209.96


... more info


ABPA Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzer abpi

ABPA Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzer

No Returns on this Unit


Approx USD$1,795.00


... more info


Deluxe Home Ionizers deluxion04a

Deluxe Home Ionizers

ELECTROSTATIC AIR PURIFIER w/UV LAMP, CHARCOAL FILTER Key Features Efficient eliminate airborne contaminates such as dust, pollen, mold, smoke, pet...


Approx USD$168.28


... more info


Dual system Ionic Foot Spa idfemh084

Dual system Ionic Foot Spa



Approx USD$279.95


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Nano Energy Water Flask nanowf

Nano Energy Water Flask


Approx USD$35.63


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1 x Pair of 99% Silver Wrist Electrodes


Approx USD$28.49


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CompMist Nebulizer cmneb

CompMist Nebulizer


Approx USD$89.95


... more info


Conductive Breast Electrodes (1 pair) cbel

Conductive Breast Electrodes (1 pair)


Approx USD$14.23


... more info


Conductive Slippers (1 pair with lead) cslip

Conductive Slippers (1 pair with lead)


Approx USD$21.36


... more info


DNA Resonator dnar

DNA Resonator

Personal DNA Resonator Frequency 528 Hz – Love Transformation and Miracles ( DNA Repair) Is Automaticaly Triggered by the presence of DNA damaging...


Approx USD$142.61


... more info


Heavy duty high quality Car Air Ionizer carion

Heavy duty high quality Car Air Ionizer

The Air Quality inside Vehicles Air inside vehicles is more polluted: Our vehicles move through a soup of Vehicle exhaust, chemically-based...


Approx USD$17.48


... more info


High Quality Tens Pads (pair) hqtp

High Quality Tens Pads (pair)


Approx USD$3.95


... more info


Laser Hair Comb lhco

Laser Hair Comb


Approx USD$99.95


... more info


Laser Hair Comb Kit lhckit

Laser Hair Comb Kit


Approx USD$99.95


... more info


The Millionaire's Mind LQ_MILLMIND

The Millionaire's Mind


Approx USD$98.67


... more info


Water Ozenator Negative Ionizer Combo Unit oz600

Water Ozenator Negative Ionizer Combo Unit


Approx USD$158.45


... more info


UVB Lamp Narrowband Lamp uvbl

UVB Lamp Narrowband Lamp


Approx USD$295.00


... more info


Deluxe Eye Therapy deemas

Deluxe Eye Therapy


Approx USD$89.95


... more info


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The Chembow: Fighting the Weather War in Los Angeles | ORGONITE Highlight


In April of 2014, understanding the urgency of cleaning our air of these toxic heavy ... cancer with the orgone accumulator and to promote rain in drought stricken regions




There is evidence cloudbuster-produced rains have a more basic pH, ..... But the southern half of the high-pressure rotation brought hot desert air from the region ...


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Oct 11, 1998 ... By engineering a high pressure air mass (Hp) at a particular ... of orgone are accompanied by high concentrations of water (rain is the most ...


Orgonomy and Cloudbusting Demonstration - Highlight


Aug 6, 2002 ... Motionless water acts as a sponge or capacitor for orgone energy. ... by placing it near water or placing it in fresh air and sunshine. ... creating weather systems, and stopping or inducing rain depending on the method used.


12 TUBE RAINMAKER “THE FARMERS FRIEND”: Wilhelm Reich ... Highlight


Aug 11, 2012 ... When you cause rain, you will block out the Sun for hours. ... Orgone is not air or solid, so the connections don't have to be air or water tight.


Underground Intelligence Media - DragonflyKingdom Highlight


Don and his wife Carol found that these orgonite/crystal devices can transmute ' DOR', the ..... Classic cars, books, and glowing hot air balloons are some of New England's favorite festival treasures. ..... This festival is held rain or shine.


Bright Star Mall Apothecary - DragonflyKingdom Highlight


TRUE MAGICK UNIVERSITY / TMU T.V. IS NOW OPEN AND ON AIR! ..... half your body weight converted to ounces in pure (spring or rain) water daily." ..... Earth Empaths featuring Jeffrey Sewell | Metabiology, Orgone and Soul Development.

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Mineral water could be natural spring water or artesian water, comes from an ... Green Tea: The Latest Health Benefits of This Ideal Drink for Cool Weathe

Queries: Atoms - Adam - Ions - Eve Eons Everliving - Aeons - Angels - EOM - AM - Spirit Evolution - Super Powers Exposed

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That means an atom with a neutral charge is one where the number of electrons is equal to the atomic number. Ions are atoms with extra electrons or missing ...


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This lesson will introduce you the student to basic chemistry principles. An understanding of this basic information will allow you to learn the more advanced ...


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Aug 7, 2016 ... An atom can be an ion, but not all ions are atoms. Learn the differences between an atom and an ion.


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Oct 20, 2016 ... In the modern geomancy the term of dragon powers denotes the primeval ... or present as the building units of the embodied world, the atoms.


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GEOMANCY. 1 3 : 2 0 ... 13:20 PLANETARY GEOMANCY PRACTICE .... later industrial civilization, Mt. Fuji, North Mariana Islands, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, atomic.


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May 3, 2011 ... Geomancy is the practice of identifying subtle energies, or 'earth .... with more light, so that the atoms and electrons vibrate at a higher level.


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Geomancer, also known as Adam Fells, is a super-villain with the ability to manipulate ground. He became an enemy to the Justice Society, and later joined the ...


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Jun 1, 2012 ... "Geomancy" is derived from the Latin "geomantia," which in turn is derived from the Greek for "divination by earth." The Arabic name for ...


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Oct 19, 2016 ... In the modern geomancy the term of dragon powers denotes the primeval ... or present as the building units of the embodied world, the atoms.


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The Geomancy of St. Peter's Square and the Vatican (Overview). The Geomancy of .... The Geomancy of the Holy Roman Empire: ... Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) ...


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Geomancy initially means "divination of the Earth's secrets" (From the Greek, ...... not one atom or electron or speeding quark escapes its dominant resonance.


Geomantic Information Systems; Exploring Axis Mundi, the Earth ...


survivalcell.blogspot.comProxy Highlight


The Geomancy of St. Peter's Square and the Vatican. ... The geomancy of the Lost Ark of the Covenant: Lali. ... No comments: · Home. Subscribe to: Posts ( Atom) ...


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The geomancy of the Lost Ark of the Covenant: Lalibela to Chartres. St. Peter's Square's use as a .... blog index lower right. Home. Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) ...


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You are here: Home · Tao Geomancy; Geopathic Stress Zones ... the shifting of earth layers due to underground atomic bomb experiments or excessive mining.


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Geomancy refers to earth divination and can be understood as the “religion” of ..... beings (two individual “hydrogen atoms”), merged through cosmic fusion into ...


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Geomantic Layout for Years and Days ............... 17. The Geomantic Layout for Months and Hours .... 19 ...... not just atoms of rock and water, but there is some.


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He told Drunvalo there were three atoms missing in the universe and he wanted ... They were beginning to do geomancy on the surface of the Earth to create the ...


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Feb 23, 2008 ... The electric field set up inside the tube excites atoms of mercury gas, ..... from the ancient beliefs of "geomancy" whose practitioners used a ...


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... to god geomancy ley lines electromagnetic grid web of light illumined web of ... Democritus advanced the idea of atoms more than 2,000 years ago, rivaling ...


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The electric field set up inside the tube excites atoms of mercury gas, making ..... My guess is that it came from China, from the ancient beliefs of "geomancy" ...


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Symbols of the earth will ground and stabilize your life allowing you to build upon a solid foundation. Here are some common feng shui symbols for the health ...


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This is the meaning of "equal Logos" (homo-logous), i.e., the same Word. ... Geomancy initially means "divination of the Earth's secrets" (From the Greek, .... Thus, even today, there are yang/centrifugal light lines and domes above ground, and ...


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Geomancy (Greek: γεωμαντεία, "earth divination") is a method of divination that interprets markings on the ground or the patterns formed by tossed handfuls of ...


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What does Tao-Geomancy and Earth-Healing mean? ... 3) After Tao Geomantic deep cleaning and cleansing work in the ground over depth of over several ...


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landandspirit logo ... Ley lines are lines of energy running over-ground in straight lines, often reflected in ancient trackway ... by the practising Geomancer as containing information in the Thinking, Feeling and Subtle Entity realms respectively.


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Geomancy Courses including Earth Dowsing, Space Clearing, Feng Shui, Ritual and Design of Sacred Space. ... landandspirit logo. Land and Spirit ... A thorough grounding in the theory and practice of dowsing the earth's subtle energies.


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Nov 15, 2014 ... logo. Alan MoonBear ... So Geomancy literally means divination by use of the earth in the same way that cartomancy ... that interprets markings on the ground or the patterns formed by tossed handfuls of soil, rocks, or sand.


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Electrical Grounding Earth logo vector. Download free Electrical Grounding Earth vector logo and icons in AI, EPS, CDR, SVG, PNG formats.


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They were two earthing points. I had not seen two "half e leys" at a sacred site before, so I proposed at that time that this might be an interim stage of the energies ...


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Geomancy is the study and use of etheric energies in the earth. ... pull energies from the cosmos such as specific stars and even the solar logos. ... They used the Pyramids all over the earth to ground the energies to the earth's dimensions.


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Welcome to Mid-Atlantic Geomancy (MAG) ... a slice of bread planted in the ground, leans toward the three intrepid Earth Mystery explorers standing behind it.


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After locating the sacred center, the Earth energies which naturally wander ... was delineated architecturally on the ground, the world's largest drafting table.


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Geomancy literarily means 'earth divination' but is, fundamentally, a science of natural ... As the divine wisdom is also known as the Logos or Word, the buried or ... and space beyond ('heaven') and the more watery and solid ground ('earth').


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Chemistry is the study of matter, and all matter is made up of atoms. We will learn about elements, atomic number and mass, isotopes, moles (chemistry moles, ...


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An ion is a charged atom or molecule. It is charged because the number of electrons do not equal the number of protons in the atom or molecule. An atom can ...


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An ion is an atom or a molecule in which the total number of electrons is not equal to the total number of protons, giving the atom or molecule a net positive or ...


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Oct 1, 2008 ... The following episode looks at comparing the neutral form of an atom and the charged form of the atom. In other words what is the difference ...


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Metal atoms form positive ions, while non-metal atoms form negative ions. The strong electrostatic forces of attraction between oppositely charged ions are ...


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Atom vs Ion An Atom is the smallest and an indivisible unit of matter. Ions are Atoms where the protons and the electrons are not equal. Ions would therefore.


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A searchable database of terms about Atoms, elements, and ions for students and teachers of general chemistry.


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All ions are atoms with a charge (Positive/ Negative). But not all atoms are ions. A neutral atom can become an ion by losing or gaining electrons ...


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Ionic bonds are attractions between oppositely charged atoms or groups of atoms where electrons are donated and accepted.


the ...


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Logos & Guidelines. Exhibitors of Ends of the Earth must use the Ends of the Earth logo provided by Science North. Please refer to the “Recognition” section of ...


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Feb 26, 2015 ... Earth's Magnetosphere is Planetary Logos. As humans living on this planet, we are inseparable to every single event recorded as it transpires ...


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Origin of eon ... Every hour of Earth is an eon and her day has yet many hours. ... 1640s, from Latin aeon, from Greek aion "age, vital force, a period of existence, ...


On the Origin of the World - Bethge and Layton - The Nag Hammadi ... Highlight


Now the eternal realm (aeon) of truth has no shadow outside it, for the limitless light is ... And from matter, the ruler made a footstool, and he called it 'earth'.


hebrew - Can "Yom" in Genesis 1 be translated as an "aeon/age ... Highlight


Feb 24, 2014 ... Can "Yom" in Gen 1 be translated "aeon" meaning "an age". ... In this time all the stars appear to revolve once around the Earth and return to ...


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Jun 5, 2007 ... Cosmological books such as the On the Origin of the World and The ... Before the earth existed, Sophia and another Aeon, Thelete, joined in a ...


Thelemapedia: The Encyclopedia of Thelema & Magick | Babalon Highlight


In this cup are mingled the elements of the sacrament of the Aeon” (Book of Thoth ). ... 8 Etymology ... that rideth upon the Beast, for she hath spilt their blood in every corner of the earth and lo! she hath mingled it in the cup of her whoredom.


Etymology/Meaning of Key Religious Words – What The Hell Is Hell? Highlight


Dec 3, 2010 ... Category: Etymology/Meaning of Key Religious Words. Aionole ... 'Aion, transliterated aeon, is a period of longer or shorter duration, having a .... 1:11,12, quoted from Ps. 102, we read concerning the heavens and the earth as ...


The Duality of Philosophy - Highlight


The Etymology of "Wisdom". "Philosophy" .... I [Wisdom] was set up in eternity, and of old before the earth was made. ... Sophia is the Aeon of Wisdom, who is anguished with her subordinated and isolated position in the heavens. Wishing to ...


Geology Glossary - Definitions of geological terminology Highlight


The Greek derivation of the word "geology" refers only to the Earth, but since ... aeon - See eon. .... cataclysm - a violent geologic change of the Earth's surface.


Aeon (Final Fantasy X) | Final Fantasy Wiki | Fandom powered by ... Highlight


After obtaining her first aeon, Valefor, Yuna summons it on the town square to ... in prior to the Grand Summoning, meaning if the gauge was full before the aeon was .... fireballs at the enemy, and finishes by throwing a chunk of earth at them.


aeon (n.) - Online Etymology Dictionary Highlight


... K · L · M · N · O · P · Q · R · S · T · U · V · W · X · Y · Z · aeon (n.) Look up aeon at "immeasurable period of time," 1640s; see eon; also see æ (1).


Aeon - Wikipedia Highlight


The word aeon /ˈiːɒn/, also spelled eon (in American English) and æon, originally meant "life", "vital force" or "being", "generation" or "a period of time", though ...


aeon - Wiktionary Highlight


Etymology[edit]. From Ancient Greek αἰών (aiṓn, “age, eternity”)


Aeon | Define Aeon at Highlight


Aeon definition, (in Gnosticism) one of a class of powers or beings conceived as emanating from the Supreme Being and performing various functions in the ...


Aeon | Definition of Aeon by Merriam-Webster Highlight


Define aeon: an immeasurably or indefinitely long period of time : age — aeon in a sentence. ... Examples: aeon in a sentence ... Origin and Etymology of aeon.


aeon - definition of aeon in English | Oxford Dictionaries Highlight


aeon. (US eon). noun. 1An indefinite and very long period of time. 'he reached the crag aeons before I arrived'. More example .... 5 tasty sandwich etymologies.


geo - Online Etymology Dictionary Highlight


word-forming element meaning "earth, the Earth," ultimately from Greek geo-, comb. form of Attic and Ionic ge "the earth, land, a land or country" (see Gaia).


geographic (adj.) - Online Etymology Dictionary Highlight


1795 as "science of the past and present condition of the Earth's crust," from Modern Latin geologia "the study of the earth," from geo- "earth" + logia (see - logy).


geography (n.) - Online Etymology Dictionary Highlight


... condition," 1540s, from Middle French géographie (15c.), from Latin geographia, from Greek geographia "description of the earth's surface," from geo- "earth" + ...


geo - Wiktionary Highlight


Etymology[edit]. Norn, from Old Norse gjá.


Geo | Define Geo at Highlight


Geo definition, a combining form meaning “the earth,” used in the formation of compound words: geochemistry. See more.


Geo- | Define Geo- at Highlight


word-forming element meaning "earth," ultimately from Greek geo-, comb. form of ge "earth" (see Gaia). Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper


Definition of Geography - Geolounge Highlight


Apr 29, 2013 ... What is the Etymology of the word Geography? The word 'geography' originates from two greek words. The first is 'geo' which means 'the earth' ...


Word Root Of The Day: ge | Membean Highlight


The Greek root word ge, commonly used in the English prefix geo-, means “earth. ... The state of Georgia, or etymologically an area on the map for “farmers,” was ...


Etymology of the name Jesus - means Earthly Pig - The Sabbath ... Highlight


I want to break down the complete Etymology of the name "Jesus"... you have all ... GEO (jeo,jee) [Gr. "geo" derived from gaia,ge, the earth] a combining form ...


geo and coffee dot net Highlight


geoscience is the most exciting subject i can imagine. to investigate the world we ... etymology: latin geographia, from greek geographia, from geographein to ...


Switch to List View - Scots Words and Place-Names :: Place-Name ... Highlight


Etymology: OE cot ... Etymology: OF conninière, ME conynger .... Modern Examples: Geo of the Ward (Shetland); Peat Geo (Orkney); Millburn Geo ( Shetland); ...


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Queries: Sex - Relationships - Dating - Biology - Bisexuality - Cheaters - Emotional Intelligence - Couples Therapy - Mind Body Spirit

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Pacific Center for Sex and Society - Bisexuality: A Biological ... Highlight


May 2, 2010 ... The biological definition of bisexuality is relatively clear. Biological bisexuality refers to the presence in the same individual of male and female ...


Biological Factors — LGBT Science Highlight


Sep 18, 2013 ... The latest scientific research shows that homosexuality and bisexuality are normal variations of biological diversity. Indeed, Dr. Bruce Bagemihl ...


Scientific Study Finds That Bisexuality Really Exists | Highlight


Aug 23, 2011 ... Bisexual men won't likely be surprised — or feel particularly ... The new study was published online by the journal Biological Psychology.


Bisexuality Basics Highlight


Because biological, social, and cultural factors are different for each person, everyone's sexuality is highly individual, whether they are bisexual, gay or lesbian, ...


sex - Advantages of bisexual reproduction over asexual one toward ... Highlight


May 11, 2014 ... Are there any advantages of bisexual reproduction over asexual one ... sex sexual-selection conservation-biology or ask your own question.


Is Bisexuality Real? | Todd\'s Hammer - Highlight


Jan 5, 2007 ... Well, the short answer is, Of course bisexuality exists. ... social scientists who fail to recognize the biological underpinnings of sexual desire).


Study Suggests Women Are Bisexual Or Gay, But Almost Never ... Highlight


Nov 6, 2015 ... At the same time, their biological responses were measured, including their pupil dilation and their genital response (pulse and blood flow).


Examples- Bisexual Animals & Plants | AIPMT Biology Video Lecture ... Highlight


Oct 28, 2012 ... This video explains examples of bisexual animals & and Plants like earthworm, cockroach, monoecious plant. This video lecture is helpful in ...


Biology - Online Etymology Dictionary Highlight


biology (n.) Look up biology at 1819, from Greek bios "life" (see bio-) + -logy. Suggested 1802 by German naturalist Gottfried Reinhold ...


Etymology of Biology - English Ingles Highlight


Biology = bio + logy. Bio is a Greek word that means life. Logy comes from the Greek logia and can mean branch of study or theory or science.


History of biology - Wikipedia Highlight


The word biology is formed by combining the Greek βίος (bios), meaning "life", and the suffix '-logy', ...


Biology and Etymology - JStor Highlight


BIOLOGY AND ETYMOLOGY. WHILE IT IS WELL KNOWN that the science of biology draws deeply from the wine barrel of the classics, nevertheless in the mad ...


Logos - Online Etymology Dictionary Highlight


1580s, Logos, "the divine Word, second person of the Christian Trinity," from Greek logos "word, speech, statement, discourse," also "computation, account, also ...


Logos - Wikipedia Highlight


Logos is an important term in western philosophy, psychology, rhetoric, and religion. It is a Greek word meaning "ground", "plea", "opinion", "expectation", " word", ...


Logos | The amazing name Logos: meaning and etymology Highlight


Logos meaning: Your nr. 1 site for Biblical names discusses the original Greek, plus the words and names Logos is related to, plus the occurences of this name ...


logos - Wiktionary Highlight


[edit]. From Ancient Greek λόγος (lógos, “speech, oration, discourse, quote, story , study, ratio, word, calculation, reason”).


logo - Wiktionary Highlight


Etymology[edit]. From Ancient Greek "logos + typos", via English logotype (later logo)


Logos | Definition of Logos by Merriam-Webster Highlight


Define Logos: the divine wisdom manifest in the creation, government, and redemption of the world and often identified with the ... Origin and Etymology of logos.


Left Brain, Right Brain, Whole Brain? - SingSurf Highlight


Here we will investigate current understanding of left-right brain functioning; look at ... The cortex is divided into two hemispheres, left and right connected by a ...... of positive actions, focusing on time delays and indecision, (procrastination) as ...


LEFT BRAIN - RIGHT BRAIN - Be Your Own Therapist- Online Book w Highlight


Yes, for he senses a situation and takes action intuitively (though his ... Major contributors to the confusion about left-right brain activity are feelings, which usually ... Contrary to popular wisdom, women are more logical than men and men are ...


Left brain, right brain: One brain, two brains | Brain Highlight


Sep 25, 2010 ... Left brain, right brain: One brain, two brains ... When the action of these two halves failed to parallel one another, .... Meanwhile the Master, the one whose wisdom gave the people peace and security, is led away in chains' (p.


Iain McGilchrist: The divided brain | TED Talk | Highlight


It's not simply "emotion on the right, reason on the left," but something far more complex and interesting. ... doesn't specialize in tasks but then goes on to say that precise actions occur in the left hemisphere. .... Wisdom = right brain = 'wise'.


Why Right-Brain Left-Brain Is Wrong-Headed - Farther to Go! Highlight


May 6, 2015 ... Instead of being right-brain or left-brain, we are whole-brained people ... Conventional wisdom has it that some people are right-brained, meaning ... that the left hemisphere acts as an “interpreter,” watching the actions and ...


The true-Self, the false-self and the ego - Esoteric Science Highlight


The Self is the transpersonal/spiritual element; the mind, heart and body are the personal/human elements; and the field of pure awareness (soul) unites them all ...


The Ego - Personality and Individuality Highlight


The ego is the medium of our expression in the physical world which some call ... Air (mind) Fire (Heart) Water (emotion) Earth (physicality) The Heart is the mid ...


Transmission of the Heart - Awaken Beyond the Mind and Ego


www.heartgazing.comProxy Highlight


Without Having to Master Your Mind and Ego First ... Through our free online course, Transmission of the Heart, we welcome you into a remarkably effective ...


From ego to heart I - Four stages in the transformation of ... Highlight


The transition from ego based consciousness to heart based consciousness starts .... nervous state of mind that anyone stuck in the ego stage is permanently in.


From ego to heart III - Letting go of the old you - Highlight


The transition from ego based to heart based consciousness progresses along a ... visible a reality that cannot be captured by the mind, the mental part of you.


Ego force, Brain Momentum and Emotional ... - Calm Down Mind Highlight


Sep 8, 2012 ... You have an ego as a being/soul (the sense of “I”), the brain has an ego because it's self-aware, the heart has an ego in the sense that it has ...


How to Listen to the Heart? - Planet of Success Highlight


Dec 2, 2015 ... This article explains what listen to the heart really means. ... But always try to ignore the doubts from your ego or rational mind that will surface, ...


The Voice of the Ego vs Your Intuition with "Meditation to Build ... - 3HO Highlight


If you rely on your ego/mind (old ways) during this time, life will seem


Whole Body Intelligence | Training | Keynotes | Coaching | Whole ...


www.wholebodyintelligence.comProxy Highlight


How To Communicate in a World of Spin. If you watch or listen to the election buzz or any news for that matter your mind may be infected by Spin, a contagion of ...


Whole Body Intelligence: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body ... Highlight


Whole Body Intelligence: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body to Achieve Greater Wisdom, Confidence, and Success [Steve Sisgold] on


True Body intelligence


www.truebodyintelligence.comProxy Highlight


All the systems within True Body Intelligence are integrated practices that combine ... for full reintegration of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.


The Hendricks Institute - Conscious Loving + Body Intelligence Highlight


Next Trainings. Creating Bliss Bodies: Unwinding Your Sex-Fear Tangle to Enjoy Full-Contact Living. November 4 – 6, 2016 Ojai, CA. In this seminar we'll be ...


Body Intelligence 5-Day Advanced Training - The Hendricks Institute ... Highlight


Join us, pioneers in body intelligence for over forty years, to learn reliable and friendly ... You also get the full range of Conscious Living skills from our Quantum ...


Energize – Whole Body Intelligence with Qi Gong Highlight


Awakening Whole Body Intelligence Through Qi Gong. Text from the video: Energize, with Lee Holden (10 minutes). When your body relaxes, your mind relaxes.


Whole body Intelligence - Holistequine Highlight


"Whole Body Intelligence" is a system that involves a series of interactive exercises to integrate the human emotional and spiritual intelligence with IQ....... we ...


Meditation and Heart Health - American Heart Association Highlight


Nov 11, 2015 ... The American Heart Association explains that meditation could help you lower your risks of cardiovascular disease.


How Meditation Affects Heart Health | The Chopra Center Highlight


Decades ago, when the mind-body connection was first being studied, the original findings on meditation centered on heart attacks, strokes, and hypertension.


Strongest Study Yet Shows Meditation Can Lower Risk of Heart ... Highlight


Nov 14, 2012 ... Most doctors say meditation can't hurt you, but now there's reassuring ... Previous studies have linked better health outcomes among heart ...


Meditation and Coronary Heart Disease: A Review of the Current ... Highlight


Multiple studies have demonstrated the beneficial effects of meditation on various aspects of CV health (Table). This article reviews the available data and ...


Guided Meditation for Heart Heath & Cardiac Fitness | Health Journeys Highlight


Browse guided meditation for heart health CDs and MP3s from Health Journeys. Meditation for cardiac fitness can help reverse coronary artery disease.


Meditation offers significant heart benefits - Harvard Health Highlight


There's more to heart attack and stroke prevention than medications, exercise, and diet. The latest research confirms that people who practice meditation are ...


4 scientific studies on how meditation can affect your heart and brain ... Highlight


Jan 11, 2013 ... For the study, 201 people with coronary heart disease were asked to either (a) take a health education class promoting better diet and exercise ...


How Meditation For Stress-Relief Can Keep Your Heart Healthy ... Highlight


Feb 12, 2016 ... Why Meditation Is One Of The Most Important Things You Can Do For Heart Health: A Doctor Explains. by Dr. Gary KaplanFebruary 12, 2016 ...


Research Says Meditation Improves Health - Wanderlust Highlight


Sep 24, 2015 ... Meditation for Heart Health. In a study published in 2012 in an American Heart Association journal, researchers found that African Americans ...


Cardiovascular Disease and the Transcendental Meditation ... Highlight


Dr. Schneider is the author of Total Heart Health and 100 medical research articles, and he has been featured in more than 1,000 media reports, including CNN ...


Meditation & Your Heart: Stress-Buster May Reduce Risk for Heart ... Highlight


Nov 21, 2014 ... How Can Meditation Help Improve Heart Health? The mind-heart connection is a complex and powerful relationship. Though the precise ...


Mindfulness Makes A Huge Difference In Heart Health; Improves ... Highlight


Oct 25, 2014 ... Mindfulness Makes A Huge Difference In Heart Health; Improves ... Mindfulness meditation has been linked to lower emotional and chemical ...


Can Meditation Curb Heart Attacks? - The New York Times Highlight


Nov 20, 2009 ... Transcendental meditation may help lower blood pressure and lower the risk of heart attacks, a new study suggests. ... meditation, published in The American Journal of Hypertension, focused on a young healthy population.


Total Heart Health: Transform Your Health, Reverse Heart Disease Highlight


THH describes the Transcendental Meditation technique, and presents the remarkable effects on reducing stress and improving health, especially heart disease ...


Healthy Heart Meditation


www.healthy-heart-meditation.comProxy Highlight


Learn How to Meditate for Optimal Health by using your Breath and Heartbeat.


Transcendental Meditation for Women's Heart Health


www.tmforwomenshearthealth.orgProxy Highlight


Research sponsored by the National Institutes of Health found that Transcendental Meditation practice reduces heart disease and stroke by 48%. The best ...


Heart Disease - Transcendental Meditation for Women's Heart Health Highlight


The high rate of cardiovascular disease (CVD) among women is well documented and greatly disturbing. Already almost 40% of all deaths in women are related ...


Meditation Balances the Body's Systems - WebMD


14 Common Reasons Why Relationships Fail Often - LovePanky Highlight


The problem, though, is that some people learn that their relationships are headed for failure, and they learn it the hard way. So if you're aiming for a relationship ...


How Relationship Failure Leads To Success In Life | Mercury Highlight


Nov 16, 2015 ... Think that relationship failure is an obstacle to your success? Think again! While relationship failure can often be the most painful of all the ...


1000+ Failed Relationship Quotes on Pinterest | Failed Relationship ... Highlight


Find and save ideas about Failed Relationship Quotes on Pinterest, the world's catalog of ideas. | See more about Failed Relationship, German Quotes and ...


10 Signs You're Setting Up Your Relationship For Failure - Bustle Highlight


Jan 25, 2016 ... But there are some things that people accidentally do to set relationships up for failure, even if that's the last thing they consciously want to do.


Quotes About Failure Relationship (8 quotes) - Goodreads Highlight


8 quotes have been tagged as failure-relationship: Stephen King: 'People think first love is sweet, and never sweeter than when that first bond snaps. Yo...


8 Painful Signs That Could Mean You're In A One-Sided Relationship Highlight


Dec 6, 2015 ... When you're in love, it's normal to want to do everything in your power to make your significant other happy. You've finally opened your heart ...


20 Signs You're Wasting Time In a One-Sided Relationship Highlight


Are you happy in your relationship? Are you just staying out of comfort? Here are 20 signs you're wasting your time in a one-sided relationship.


How to Fix a One Sided Relationship - The Adventurous Writer Highlight


Nov 11, 2015 ... These tips on how to fix a one sided relationship will help you create respect and equality. ... I feel like our relationship is completely one sided.


10 Signs You're In A One-Sided Relationship | Thought Catalog Highlight


Dec 11, 2014 ... But it's important to pay attention, because sometimes, you can end up in a one- sided relationship, where you are doing all the work and your ...


20 Sad Signs You're In A One-sided Relationship - New Love Times Highlight


Feb 7, 2016 ... In such cases, you may be in need of relationship advice. There are so many of us who are stuck in one-sided relationships as well. While we ...


I am in a one-sided relationship - Love Advice by John Grey, PhD Highlight


I'm feeling lately that the relationship I'm in is a one-sided deal. I'm 40, and have been in this relationship a little over 2 years. I would, and when I'm able, ...


One Sided Relationship Signs | 10 Signs to Watch For Highlight


A one-sided relationship can be exhausting for the person who is not in control. You begin to feel like things are unfair when it comes to the balance of your love.


15 Signs You're In A One Sided Relationship - Talko Highlight


Jul 11, 2016 ... Let's be honest – relationships can be tough, and at times, they can be extremely frustrating. Yet, at the same time, it can be easy to put up with.


7 Signs You Are in a One-Sided Relationship ... → Love


What Counts As Cheating In a Relationship? - AskMen Highlight


Aug 9, 2016 ... What Counts As Cheating In a Relationship? Nine Cheating Myths Everyone Believes That Simply Aren't True. Scott Haltzman. August 9, 2016.


Cheater's High: Why A Cheater Will Almost Always Cheat Again Highlight


Oct 21, 2014 ... Who? What? Where? When? While all of the W's are painfully dwelled upon, it might be “why” that tends to linger around the most. Probably ...


Why Women Cheat: Emotional & Physical Reasons - WebMD Highlight


Infidelity Quiz: Who Cheats? Advice for ... Why Women Cheat. Most women ... Slideshow: 18 Secrets Men Want You to Know · Emotional Affair: Is It Cheating?


The Truth About Why Men Cheat - WebMD Highlight


Sep 9, 2008 ... Counselor M. Gary Neuman surveyed 200 cheating and noncheating husbands to get at the real reasons behind men's infidelity. What makes ...


8 Scientific Things You Should Know About Cheaters | YourTango Highlight


Apr 14, 2016 ... Here are a few things that you may have never known about cheaters and their cheating ways, but probably should.


How Could 5,000 Employees Cheat? The Science Behind the Wells ... Highlight


Sep 13, 2016 ... "There is no question in your mind that that person is cheating and the experimenter said, 'You've finished everything; you're free to go.


The Eight Reasons that People Cheat on Their Partners ... Highlight


Sep 18, 2012 ... If the relationship is going to recover, the cheating partner must admit to feeling guilty and remorseful. People who have affairs but don't get .


Relationships with emotionally immature people - Heart, Spirit, Mind Highlight


Jun 4, 2012 ... Emotionally immature people can be extremely challenging to deal with, because their ability to interpret and react to the variety of life's ...


The differences between emotional maturity and immaturity Highlight


Nov 10, 2010 ... This newletter introduces the signs of emotional immaturity, qualities and characteristics of emotional maturity and how to develop these ...


15 Traits of Emotionally Immature Men - Mamiverse Highlight


Jul 7, 2016 ... If your man is only an adult by name, and if any of these examples of emotionally immature men sound familiar, maybe it's time to rethink things.


Emotional Immaturity - The Big Mistake - Relationship Advice for Men Highlight


The negative effects of emotional immaturity on an intimate relationship.


10 types of emotionally stunted men to avoid - Highlight


Nov 15, 2010 ... STORY HIGHLIGHTS. Emotional immaturity usually isn't obvious right away; " Emotionally stunted" guys are adult men who for some reason ...


7 Signs Your Parent Is Emotionally Immature - Bustle Highlight


Dec 29, 2015 ... Congratulations: you may have yourself an emotionally immature parent. And by "immature" we don't just mean sticking out their tongue at rude ...


How to Become Emotionally Mature | Roger K. Allen, Ph.D. :: Author ... Highlight


Jan 1, 2011 ... The following chart illustrates some of the differences in the mindset of someone who is acting emotionally immature vs. mature.


Can You Spot 10 Signs of a Childish Adult? In Candidates ... Highlight


Mar 4, 2016 ... How many of the following signs of emotional immaturity does your list include? And how many of these traits characterize Donald Trump in his ...


How to Distinguish between Mature and Immature Emotions | World ... Highlight


Jan 22, 2015 ... How to Distinguish between Mature and Immature Emotions Do you wonder sometimes why people act unreasonable and childish sometimes, ...


Addiction and Emotional Immaturity - Drug and Alcohol Rehab ... Highlight


There is a close link between addiction and emotional immaturity. Those individuals who turn to substance abuse will often do so because they feel unable


Dating – What It Is All About? « Power to Change Highlight


The purpose of dating is not sexual adventure or sexual conquest. Nothing is more of a hindrance to the development of a friendship than immature sex. When ...


What's the Whole Point of Dating? | A Little Nudge Highlight


Jun 18, 2015 ... ome problems if I did!), but when it comes to the definition of “dating,” the usually off-color site does a surprisingly good job of defining the word.


Dating With A Purpose: Why It's Important To State Your Intentions ... Highlight


Jun 6, 2016 ... If you're serious about marriage, this is for your. Read "Dating With A Purpose: Why's It's Important To State Your Intentions From The Start."


Unconventional Wisdom: The Purpose of Dating | Psychology Today Highlight


Mar 11, 2014 ... The real purpose of dating; moving on after being used.


Purposes of Dating - Utah Education Network Highlight


Jul 5, 2011 ... Students will discuss the dating process, the purposes of dating, love vs. infatuation, the types of love, and responsible dating. Main Curriculum ...


10 Ways to Do Dating Right | RELEVANT Magazine Highlight


Jul 26, 2011 ... For some, the purpose of dating is about finding a spouse and seeing how compatible you are for marriage. For others, dating is more about a ...


Dating - Wikipedia Highlight


Dating is a stage of romantic and/or sexual relationships in humans whereby two or more .... Evaluation[edit]. One of the main purposes of dating is for two or more people to evaluate one another's suitability as a long term companion or spouse.


The Purposes and Pitfalls of Dating - eNotAlone Highlight


I have met many Christian college students who have given up on dating. They have found it to be a road strewn with heart-hurt, physical frustration, ...


Dating (Part 1): The Purposes of Dating - Church of the Great God Highlight


sermon: Dating (Part 1): The Purposes of Dating. Dating Related to Temptation and Faith Martin G. Collins Given 20-May-06; Sermon #775; 82 minutes2006-05- ...


Dating According to the Bible?: The Purpose of Relationships ... Highlight


Jul 31, 2012 ... Expectations play a big part in healthy relationships. What you expect from a partner goes a long way in determining how healthy your ...


What's the Purpose of Dating? - Off the Page Highlight


Apr 28, 2015 ... purpose-of-dating ... So what's the purpose of dating, boyfriend and girlfriend stuff ? If you're in highschool, you date because everybody else is ...


What is the real purpose of dating and romantic relationships ... Highlight


Some people I know really think the actual act of dating is fun. Just for the sake of doing it. That's cool. Meeting new people, doing fun things, ...


The Christian Perspective on Dating Highlight


When it comes to Christian and secular dating practices, there are several ... In other words, the purpose of dating is seen differently by the two groups. Looking ...


What's the Purpose of Dating? - YouTube


The Biology of Love | Bruce Lipton Highlight


Mar 6, 2012 ... The Biology of Love. What do your cells have to do with love? Molecular biology and romance. seem unlikely bedfellows, but according to Dr.


Biological basis of love - Wikipedia Highlight


The theory of a biological basis of love has been explored by such biological sciences as evolutionary psychology, evolutionary biology, anthropology and ...


The science of love - Your Amazing Brain Highlight


We call it love. It feels like love. But the most exhilarating of all human emotions is probably nature's beautiful way of keeping the human species alive and ...


Biology: Your Brain In Love - TIME,9171,993160,...Proxy Highlight


Jan 19, 2004 ... What goes on in your head when you fall madly in love? One scientist decided to find out. In an exclusive book excerpt, she lays bare the ...


The Science Behind Falling in Love | Psychology Today Highlight


Feb 12, 2013 ... Although people experience love differently, the chemistry behind the initial rush of attraction shows us that there are biological explanations to ...


The Biology of Love: Arthur Janov: 9781573928298: ... Highlight


Buy The Biology of Love on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.


The biology of love | College of Biological Sciences Highlight


Sehoya Cotner // Biology → Well, ultimately, love is an adaptation for raising babies. We love our mates and our children, and everybody wins. In a proximate ...


Tips to Fall in Love... With Brain Chemistry | Tipsographic Highlight


Sep 8, 2016 ... What keeps people together long after the sparks start flying? Lust, attraction or attachment? It's all about biology, love.


Underground Intelligence Media - DragonflyKingdom Highlight


Beloved Disciple, Gnostic Teacher, Sophia, and the True Companion of Jesus. ...... REAL SEX 101 - 10 HOUR ORGASM - BLISS STATE OF BEING FROM ...


True Magick University: Magick vs. Sorcery 101 / TMUTV / TMU RADIO Highlight


TRUE MAGICK UNIVERSITY: MAGICK vs SORCERY 101 / T.M.U. T.V. / T.M.U. RADIO ... Welcome to Dragonfly Kingdom's True Magick University: TMU. Magick vs. Sorcery 101. Sorcery is the act of ..... Sexual Health and Libido Enhancement.


Underground Intelligence Media - DragonflyKingdom Highlight


KUNDALINI AND THE ALIEN FORCE: REAL SEX 101 .... Queries: The Human God - Gold - Silver - Eve - Noble Metals - Real Mon Eye- Hue Man - Color Man ...


Underground Intelligence Media - DragonflyKingdom Highlight


Queries 3.0 : Marcos Love Shop - REAL Environmentalism - Planetary Tantra ... Learn how tantric sex can rejuvenate lovemaking and enhance your sexual experience. ..... Drinking water for health and building muscle - Building Muscle 101.


Underground Intelligence Media - DragonflyKingdom Highlight


May 11, 2016 ... ... company, Aumhome. Feng Shui Bedroom Tips for Sex & Sexual Energy .... are related to the ... The human aura our auric field - Psychic 101.


Underground Intelligence Media - DragonflyKingdom Highlight


Real Sex 101: Sex Magick - Sacred Union - Making Love ... In most spiritual traditions, sex has long been held as an obstacle to enlightenment. It has been seen ...

Queries 3.0 : Marcos Love Shop - REAL Environmentalism - Planetary Tantra - U.I. Origins and Adventures - Amethyst Party Project - Music and Muscle Festival - Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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Why We Pretend to Clean Up Oil Spills | Science | Smithsonian Highlight


Jul 12, 2016 ... Average citizens may think that a successful marine oil spill cleanup .... or pipelines; publicly recognize that responding to a large oil spill is as ...


Enbridge's Kalamazoo Spill Saga Ends in $177 Million Settlement ... Highlight


Jul 20, 2016 ... The spill required years and more than a billion dollars to clean up and highlighted the hazard of pumping heavy tar sands oil through pipelines ...


Cleanup efforts under way to remove thousands of gallons of oil ... Highlight


Jun 24, 2016 ... Cleanup efforts continued Friday after a leaky pipeline valve spilled about 29400 gallons of crude oil into a canyon in the Ventura hills.


Refugio Response Information


www.refugioresponse.comProxy Highlight


The Unified Command for the Refugio Incident oil spill response announced the ... the cleanup efforts from the Refugio Oil Spill, which occurred on May 19, 2015 when ... pipeline (Line 901) belonging to Plains All American Pipeline ruptured.


Myths Vs Facts | CEPA Highlight


Myths vs Facts MYTH: Pipelines are unsafe. ... MYTH: Diluted bitumen from the oil sands is harder to clean up if it spills from a pipeline. FACT: In the event that ...

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AMAZON WATCH » Peru: Stop the Oil Spills! Highlight


Seven devastating oil spills – the latest occurring just days ago – have ... one more oil spill along the Northern Peruvian Oil Pipeline, and to properly clean up the ...


$1 billion cleanup cost estimated for a winter Mackinac straits oil spill


Endocrine-disrupting chemicals: an Endocrine Society scientific ... Highlight


Endocr Rev. 2009 Jun;30(4):293-342. doi: 10.1210/er.2009-0002. Endocrine- disrupting chemicals: an Endocrine Society scientific statement.




Exposure to endocrine disrupters e.g., PCBs, BPA that disrupt hormone function ..... Effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals mediated by aryl hydrocarbon ..... and mechanisms of endocrine disruption. Front Biosci. 2003;8:s110–8. [PubMed].


Endocrine disruptors: from endocrine to metabolic disruption. - NCBI Highlight


Annu Rev Physiol. 2011;73:135-62. doi: 10.1146/annurev-physiol-012110- 142200. Endocrine disruptors: from endocrine to metabolic disruption. Casals- Casas ...


Endocrine disruptors and estrogenic effects on male reproductive axis. Highlight


Asian J Androl. 2008 Jan;10(1):134-45. Endocrine disruptors and estrogenic effects on male reproductive axis. Sikka SC(1), Wang R. Author information:


Endocrine disrupters: a review of some sources, effects, and ... - NCBI Highlight


J Neuroendocrinol. 2012 Jan;24(1):144-59. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2826.2011. 02229.x. Endocrine disrupters: a review of some sources, effects, and mechanisms ...


Endocrine-disrupting Chemicals: Review of Toxicological ... - NCBI Highlight


Mar 14, 2015 ... Endocrine disruptors are known to cause harmful effects to human through various exposure routes. These chemicals mainly appear to ...


Effect of Endocrine Disruptor Pesticides: A Review Highlight


Is Your Feminine Care Safe? 3 Non-Toxic Alternative | Green ... Highlight


Aug 21, 2014 ... We ought to be concerned about feminine care products as ... aren't required to disclose ingredients because feminine hygiene products are ... figure that the cotton in conventional tampons is genetically modified and full of ...


Women Beware: Most Feminine Hygiene Products Contain Toxic ... Highlight


Jun 17, 2013 ... The issue of safe feminine hygiene product options is rarely ... Conventional tampons probably contain genetically-modified organisms (GMOs).


Natural Alternatives to Pads & Tampons | Wellness Mama Highlight


Oct 25, 2016 ... Cotton (83%) is one of the top four GMO crops produced in the ..... I won't be buying disposable pads for feminine hygiene any longer, and I ...


Are you putting Monsanto in your vagina? 85% of tampons and ... Highlight


Oct 22, 2015 ... The only sure way to avoid GMOs in your vagina is to source certified organic feminine hygiene products made from organic cotton or other ...


2016's Top 10 Brands for Organic Cotton Tampons | Reviews


Natural Oil Seeps : Oil in the Ocean Highlight


Jul 28, 2014 ... The question arises, then: If oil occurs naturally in the ocean and if ... affected by oil spills recover and regain much of their pre-spill health and ...


Scientists Find a Natural Way to Clean Up Oil Spills, With a Plant ... Highlight


Jul 29, 2015 ... To clean up an oil spill with a chemical herder, crews spray a compound around the ... It's the first non-toxic, natural way to remediate oil spills.

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How do you clean up an oil spill? - University of Delaware Highlight


No two oil spills are the same because of the variation in oil types, locations, and weather ... (1) Leave the oil alone so that it breaks down by natural means.


Natural Oil Seeps vs. Oil Spills | The Political Climate Highlight


May 26, 2010 ... Before we dive into the content, I must correct a misconception on display: “ natural” does not equal “good.” It can, and in advertisements it ...

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Natural Petroleum Seeps Release Equivalent Of Up To 80 Exxon ... Highlight


Natural Petroleum Seeps Release Equivalent Of Up To 80 Exxon Valdez Oil Spills. Date: May 18, 2009; Source: University of California - Santa Barbara ...


How Microbes Will Clean Up the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Highlight


May 25, 2010 ... ... are the only thing that will ultimately clean up the ongoing oil spill in the ... The natural world is replete with a host of organisms that combine ...


A Cheap, Natural Way to Clean Up Oil Spills | Marine Science Today Highlight


Aug 13, 2013 ... Today's highlights include a new natural method to cleanup oil spills, fishing quota cuts in Europe, and the dismal future of the Caribbean's ...


Oil spill - Wikipedia Highlight


Cleanup and recovery from an oil spill is difficult and ... Watch and wait: in some


7 Food Fixes For Thinning Hair - Prevention Highlight


Sep 12, 2014 ... Dry, thinning, or dull hair? Check your diet. If you're lacking in these 7 essential vitamins and minerals, your hair's not happy.


Vitamins & Supplements for Thinning Hair: Do They Work? - The ... Highlight


Aug 22, 2016 ... Lots of companies sell products or supplements claiming to grow hair or stop hair loss. Which ones work? Whether you're male or female, we'll ...


Hair Vitamins - Women's Best Highlight


HAIR VITAMINS. Product description: Healthy hair might require shampoo and conditioner to stay clean. BUT the secret for beautiful, strong and shiny hair ...

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The 5 Best Vitamins For Healthy Hair | SmartyPants Vitamins Highlight


Jul 30, 2012 ... While hair loss can be attributed to some medical conditions such as alopecia, it's also a natural part of growing older. But there are small ...


Can I Use Vitamins for Hair Growth? - Healthline Highlight




"World Without Cancer" by Edward Griffin of California examines the growing ... that cancer is a simple deficiency disease of vitamin B17, long ago removed from ...

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5 Illnesses Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency | Everyday Health Highlight


Jan 30, 2016 ... Low vitamin D levels have been linked to health conditions including prostate cancer, schizophrenia, and dementia.


Low Vitamin D Levels Linked to Advanced Cancers - WebMD Highlight


Oct 4, 2011 ... More than three-fourths of people with a variety of cancers have low ... An additional 32% had vitamin D deficiency, with levels less than 20 ...

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Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention - National Cancer Institute Highlight


A fact sheet that summarizes the results of studies on vitamin D and cancer prevention. ... Vitamin D deficiency can cause a weakening of the bones that is called ...


X-linked Tumor Suppressors: Perplexing Inheritance, a unique ... Highlight


Apr 29, 2010 ... Unique properties of X-linked tumor suppressor genes ... Here, Xist is activated and mark the X chromosome to be inactivated. Xist RNA ...


Inactivation of X-linked tumor suppressor genes in human cancer Highlight


The possibility of tumor suppressor genes on the X chromosome was raised over two decades ago [7, 10]. The first piece of strong evidence for one such gene ...


X-Chromosome Genetics and Human Cancer : Article : Nature ... Highlight


Figure 2 : The impact of X-chromosome genetics on cancer. Unfortunately we are Inactivating mutations in tumour-suppressor genes and activating mutations in ...


Tumor Suppressors - The Medical Biochemistry Page

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The Seven Universal Laws Explained Highlight

7. The Law of Gender: The last of the seven Universal Laws tells us that "Gender is in everything; everything has its masculine and feminine principles".

The 7 Natural Laws of the Universe | Path to Enlightenment Highlight

Feb 28, 2010 ... The 7 Natural Laws of the Universe The Law of Attraction is just part of one ... spiritual parts of our being are all effected by the Universal Laws!

The 7 Natural Laws Of The Universe - YouTube Highlight

Mar 3, 2015 ... The 7 Natural Laws Of The Universe. fridaykiss. SubscribeSubscribed ... The 12 Universal Laws That Governs Our Lives! (Create Your Life!)

Universal Laws - Highlight

There are universal laws governing everything in the universe. ... Some claim there are 7 universal laws, others say there are 12 universal laws or 20 universal

Muscle and Fitness TV - DragonflyKingdom Highlight

Page_white_text Queries 3.0 : Marcos Love Shop - U.I. Origins and Adventures - Amethyst Party Project - Music and Muscle Festival - Dragonfly Kingdom Library.


www.dragonflykingdom.comProxy Highlight

For the new Dragonfly Kingdom Organic Marketplace click HERE. To get bulk and .... Reduces Muscle Spasms and Annoying Painful Contractions. * Promotes ...

Underground Intelligence Media - DragonflyKingdom Highlight

Queries 3.0 : Marcos Love Shop - U.I. Origins and Adventures - Dating Service. Amethyst Party Project - Music and Muscle Festival - Marcos Car, Limo and Party Bus Service

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bright star mall - DragonflyKingdom Highlight

DK. International Music Therapy / DJ Services - Muscle/Fitness - New Media Network - Career Development - MetaPhysical Library - Portal - Spiritual Evolution ...

Underground Intelligence Media - DragonflyKingdom Highlight

Slowing or reversing muscle loss — Researcher Nathan K. LeBrasseur, Ph.D., ... by sarcopenia, cachexia and genetic disorders such as muscular dystrophy.

UNDERGROUND INTELLIGENCE TV - DragonflyKingdom Highlight

... (114) · T.S.I. T.V. - TRUE SUSTAINABILITY INITIATIVE AND A.D.I. (45) · Marco Music - Nu Gnosis Muse Nus Not News - Marcos Music and Muscle Festival (9).

Underground Intelligence Media - DragonflyKingdom Highlight

Sep 29, 2016 ... If this also happens to improve the athlete's reaction time, muscle ... Studies on vitamin D, sunlight, and performance go back for decades.

Underground Intelligence Media - DragonflyKingdom Proxy Highlight


Underground Intelligence Media - DragonflyKingdom Highlight

Your Muscles Are Thirsty: Here's Why - ... Greater muscle breakdown, less new muscle growth—if the implications of that ... Ten Quick Tips For ...

Underground Intelligence Media - DragonflyKingdom Highlight

May 11, 2016 ... Back to BLOG « Older Entry | Newer Entry » · Queries: Health, Sex, Tantra, Muscle, Beauty and Home Decorative Therapy - Marcos Love Shop ...

Underground Intelligence Media - DragonflyKingdom Proxy Highlight

Elderly women who received Helicobacter pylori-eradicating therapy have reduced risk of low skeletal muscle mass. Baeg MK, Choi MG, Ko SH, Lim CH, Kim JS ...

Dragonfly Kingdom Organic Market ( DKOM ) Proxy Highlight

Our Flexibility Formula provides relief from temporary stiffness and aches, help maintain healthy joints and reduce muscle stress and discomfort. Also known as ...

underground intelligence tv - DragonflyKingdom Proxy Highlight

... (114) · T.S.I. T.V. - TRUE SUSTAINABILITY INITIATIVE AND A.D.I. (45) · Marco Music - Nu Gnosis Muse Nus Not News - Marcos Music and Muscle Festival (9).

DK International DJ And Producer Radio Rotation - DragonflyKingdom Highlight

Promote Weight Loss And Muscle Gain. by DJ Marco Andre (m.a.r.) - Meta- Physician - Owner - Developer - Administrator - DragonflyKingdom over a year ago.

DJ Marco Andre (@DjMarcoAndre) | Twitter Highlight Springfield (US). .... How to Get Stronger, Without Getting Bigger | Breaking Muscle Spiritual Sex: The ...

Guava is very high in roughage rich in vitamins, proteins minerals ... Highlight

Vitamin (thiamin) enhances muscle & brain function, circulation, digestion ..... Helps to build strong bones & is a muscle relaxant associated with feelings of ...

1000+ images about ETHERIC ARSENAL - HARDCORE ... - Pinterest Highlight

Dragonfly Kingdom: International Service Agency - Holistic Health Intake, Assessment and Referral, Event Production, Music Therapy, New Media Network and ...

Vitamins and minerals, Vitamins and Charts on Pinterest

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Marcos Love Shop - Dating Service

Life Coaching - Spiritual Sex and Sexuality

Marcos Limo, Car and Party Bus Service

U.I. Origins and Adventures - Amethyst Party Project

Marcos Music and Muscle Festival - Dragonfly Kingdom Library

Dragonfly Kingdom International Service Agency - Holistic Health


Your Muscles Are Thirsty: Here's Why - Highlight

Sep 15, 2015 ... Let's plumb the depths of what water means to you in the gym. ... Greater muscle breakdown, less new muscle growth—if the implications of that ...

Ten Quick Tips For Building Muscle! - Highlight

Mar 15, 2016 ... Learn the ten secrets to gaining lean muscle mass quick! ... One of the most overlooked factors in exercise is adequate water consumption.

The Top 25 Ways To Pack On Serious Mass! - Highlight

Nov 9, 2015 ... Our goal here is to put on lean muscle mass, not take our body fat level to new heights ... So how much water should you drink on a daily basis?

Why Water is Important for Muscle Building - Relentless Gains Highlight

Before we take a look at how much, I want to talk about some of the important roles water plays in the human body and why it's so important for muscle growth.

Why Is Water Important in Building Muscle? | LIVESTRONG.COM Highlight

Jan 27, 2015 ... In our mission to build quality muscle, we often consume enough protein, fats, carbs and vegetables. We get enough sleep and take the right ...

Drinking water for health and building muscle - Building Muscle 101 Highlight

Find out the important benefits of drinking water for health and building muscle. Water is absolutely needed to build muscle.

Bright Star Mall Apothecary - DragonflyKingdom

Bright Star Apothecary brings you organic seeds, dry goods, health and fitness ...

underground intelligence tv - DragonflyKingdom Highlight


Artist Spotlight: DJ Hany, DK's ( ... Highlight

Artist Spotlight: DJ Hany, DK's ( newest Model/DJ on board for social media marketing and publicity in efforts to increase bookings.


Dragonfly Kingdom:

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Guava is very high in roughage rich in vitamins, proteins minerals ... Highlight

Guava is very high in roughage rich in vitamins, proteins minerals. The naturally high levels of Vitamin C (4X higher than oranges) provides the immune system ...

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Primal Muscle - Sport Supplements

Reversal of Osteoarthritis by Nutritional Intervention - Vita Flex Highlight

Chronic passive joint mobilization in animals has reversed osteoarthritis. .... or reversal of osteoarthritis, and possibly other degenerative joint diseases. Although ...

4 Diseases You Can Reverse Naturally | Humans Are Free Highlight

Mar 8, 2014 ... 4 Diseases You Can Reverse Naturally. 0 ... that osteoarthritis was due to the degeneration of cartilage due to wear and tear, but this is one of

Glucosamine Chondroitin, MSM & Treatment of Degenerative Disc ... Highlight

Nov 4, 2015 ... Degenerative disc disease isn't actually a disease at all. ... and chondroitin sulfate may help reverse symptoms of spinal disc degeneration.

A neurosurgeon teaches us about degenerative disc disease Highlight

May 31, 2015 ... These joints can also develop degenerative disease and arthritis, ... options that will reverse the degenerative changes once they have begun.

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5 Natural Degenerative Joint Disease Treatments That Work - Dr. Axe Highlight

Luckily, there natural ways to treat degenerative joint disease. ... a known “cure” at this time to stop it from progressing or to reverse the damage already done.

Reversing Degenerative Disk Disease - Rebuild Your Back Highlight

Jul 31, 2006 ... A look at why rebuilding your back is the best solution for degenerative disk disease, herniated discs and pinched nerves. Covers the cause of ...

Reversing Degenerative Disc Disease of the Back and Spine. Highlight

Nearly all of the popular alternative medicine recommendations that are intended to reverse degenerative disc disease actually make it worse, as many unhappy ...

Natural Cures for Degenerative Disc Disease - Earth Clinic Highlight

Aug 15, 2016 ... While degenerative disc disease is a common part of aging, certain measures can be taken to prevent degeneration and reverse the

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Controlling Muscular Dystrophy With a 'Switch' : Health & Medicine ... Highlight

Sep 8, 2014 ... Muscular dystrophy is actually not just one illness, but a wide group of ... actually reverse some of the damage already done to muscle tissue, ...

6 Natural Treatments for Macular Degeneration- Highlight

Macular degeneration is age-associated vision loss related to damage to the macula. Try these 6 Remedies Natural Treatments for Macular Degeneration.

Reversing Muscle Atrophy With Food: Eating Apples, Green ... Highlight

Sep 13, 2015 ... Compounds found in fruit skins may be able to prevent muscles from aging and getting weaker. Photo courtesy of Flickr, Rachel Titiriga.

How to reverse macular degeneration with supplements and eye ...

www.reverse-macular-degeneration.comProxy Highlight

Research shows that AMD or age related macular degeneration may be helped by eye vitamins and nutritional supplements, especially antioxidants and ...

Slowing or reversing muscle loss - For Medical Professionals - Mayo ... Highlight

Slowing or reversing muscle loss — Researcher Nathan K. LeBrasseur, Ph.D., ... by sarcopenia, cachexia and genetic disorders such as muscular dystrophy.

Saffron Spice Found to Reverse Macular Degeneration | Natural ... Highlight

Apr 19, 2013 ... A study found that supplementing with a spice known as saffron could reverse the effects of macular degeneration, preserving vision and eye ... - Muscular Dystrophy Highlight

Muscular dystrophy is related to vitamin deficiency. Nutritional treatment is discussed, with references provided.

Natural Remedies for Muscular Dystrophy - Regenerative Nutrition Highlight

Reishi Mushroom has been found to be surprisingly effective in treating Muscular Dystrophy,although Reishi Mushroom is not a cure, it can help to alleviate the ...

Supplements to Reverse Muscle Atrophy | LIVESTRONG.COM

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Transforming Sexual Energy Into Spiritual Energy ⋆ LonerWolf Highlight

Our sex-obsessed society lauds the benefits of having sex, but rarely touches on the benefits of harnessing sexual energy through abstinence. Read more!

Why Sex Should Be Treated As A Spiritual Practice - MindBodyGreen Highlight

Feb 24, 2014 ... The volatile and wild nature of sexual energy convinced some religious traditions to view it as an impediment to spiritual development, and to ...

How to Harness Sexual Energy For Spiritual Growth & Healing Highlight

Sexual energy is a powerful force, that when used consciously, can be a great catalyst for spiritual growth and healing on many levels. Learn how it works.

Spiritual Sex: Beyond the Physical - HiddenMysteries Information ... Highlight

Sexuality and spirituality were never seen as separate in these cultures, and ... Each type of sexual energy can heal at the physical, relational or cosmic level.

SPIRITUAL SEX - Health - Science - Spirit Highlight

Karezza is a western practice that can be adopted for spiritual sex, while in the east tantric yoga is concerned with the transmutation of sexual energies.

Spiritual Sex - Personal Growth Highlight

Inspiring essay on the beauty and inspiration of spiritual sex by Peter Rengel. ... It becomes very threatened if you surrender into the flow of sexual energy.

Spiritual Sexual Healing: Tantric Sex Triggers Orgasms Through ... Highlight

Dec 22, 2015 ... Does breath control and energy in tantric sex really lead to a fuller, better orgasm ?

Insights into Sex and Spirituality | Huffington Post Highlight

Jun 23, 2010 ... Sexual energy is the primal and creative energy of the universe. All things that are alive come from sexual energy. In animals and other life ...

Sexual Intimacy and Its Connection with Aural Energy ~ Fractal ... Highlight

Sexual energy is the primal and creative energy of the universe, it opens our heart to love, and enable us to .... “Sexual energy is not opposed to spiritual energy.

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The Energetic Heart Is Unfolding - HeartMath Institute Highlight


Jul 22, 2010 ... The heart, like the brain, generates a powerful electromagnetic field, McCraty ... Also, is the care, compassion, love or other positive emotion not only ... We should be connecting, raising our "vibration" to others because at ...


Spiritual Consciousness and Energetic Vibrations Highlight


Symptoms of raising vibration, common signals of higher energy vibration ... from all of the subtle bodies (physical, emotional, astral mental and spiritual). .... by the expansion of energy running through your solar plexus and heart chakra (heart ...


Higher Feelings Manifest Your Desires Faster - by Enoch Tan Highlight


Everything is vibration and you attract those things that you are in vibrational resonance with. ... You have the power to manifest anything your heart desires! ... Emotion is energy and energy attracts like energy according to the law of attraction.


The Brain, The Heart and The Law of Attraction | Highlight


Dec 6, 2011 ... The heart is constantly feeding the brain through its emotional signals and the brain in turn feeds the heart out of the vibrations created from its ...


Healing Heart Power Highlight


There is no emotional and spiritual life to the heart. ... vibration of this person's " heart opening" and are touched by it--energetically, as well as emotionally.


Do You Have a “Low” or “High Vibration”? Read These 63 Signs ... Highlight


Essentially, if you have a high vibration, you are more in touch with your higher self. The lower your vibration is, the less connected you are.


Emotions - How To Understand, Identify and Release Your Emotions ... Highlight


How do emotions impact your physical, mental and spiritual health, and how can ... If you keep emotions buried for a long period of time, you lower your overall vibrations, and ..... What we all need is a loving ear to listen to us with their heart.


sacred knowledge of vibration and the power of human emotions ... Highlight


Feb 7, 2012 ... WHAT IS THE UNIVERSAL TRUTH? Why has this universal truth been hidden from the beings on this planet? This is the biggest mystery.


Emotions - Energy Balancing International For Natural Health Highlight


Emotions can change and slow down the vibration of life when they are negative ... This heart connection can be a source of new information and inspiration.


528 Hz – The Love Frequency | Attuned Vibrations Highlight


It connects your heart, your spiritual essence, to the spiraling reality of heaven and ... (gestorum: gesture; movements to express thought, emotion; any action, ...


The Heart Has Its Own 'Brain' and Consciousness : In5D Esoteric ... Highlight


Jan 10, 2015 ... The nervous system within the heart (or “heart brain”) enables it to learn, ... of the heart change significantly as we experience different emotions. .... that you will rise in frequency and vibration in conjunction to Mother Earth. <3.


SENSING ENERGY: 5 Strategies to Read People's Emotional Energy Highlight


Jan 30, 2014 ... A man you just met tries to charm you, but you don't feel much heart .... Below an audible range, sound can be felt (think of a bass' vibration.).


My Higher Self: How To Raise Your Energy Vibration Level | Healing ...


Global Coherence Research - HeartMath Institute Highlight


The idea that the earth, sun and other planetary bodies influence human health .... biological systems such as the heart and brain is not completely understood.


Global Coherence Initiative (GCI) - HeartMath Institute Highlight


Now scientists are studying how resonant frequencies in Earth's magnetic field ... hypothesis that Earth's magnetic field carries important biological information linking ... GCI seeks to demonstrate that increasing heart connections will lead to ...


Blood Vessels - Biology Encyclopedia - cells, body, human, system ... Highlight


The heart pumps blood throughout the body. Sixty thousand miles of blood vessels transport the blood, enough to encircle Earth more than twice. Arteries carry ...


Heart Disease: Types, Prevention & Treatments - Live Science Highlight


Jan 14, 2015 ... Heart disease, or cardiovascular disease, encompasses a range of conditions. ... This Old House Is Actually The Most Secure Place on Earth ... writer to Live Science, where he covers medicine, biology and technology topics.


The Biology of Love | Bruce Lipton Highlight


Mar 6, 2012 ... 85 No.2 The Biology of Love What do your cells have to do with love ... Lipton chuckleshow what seems hostile the day before becomes heaven on earth when ... pumping your heart, breathing your lungs and all the millions of ...



Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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Queries: What Color Are You? Hue? Melanin - Carbon - Chlorophyll - Spirituality - Photosynthesis - True Color - Oxygen Iron Copper Zinc

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Photosynthesis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Highlight

As carbon dioxide concentrations rise, the rate at which sugars are made by the light-independent ...

Carbon fixation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Highlight

In photosynthesis, energy from sunlight drives the carbon fixation pathway. Oxygenic photosynthesis is used by the ...

Photosynthesis: Pathway of Carbon Fixation - Kimball's Biology Pages Highlight

Photosynthesis: Pathway of Carbon Fixation. Photosynthesis is the synthesis of organic molecules using the energy of light. For the sugar glucose (one of the ...

Carbon Cycle and the Earth's Climate Highlight

The primary source of carbon/CO2 is outgassing from the Earth's interior at ... put into the atmosphere and carbon dioxide removed by photosynthesis than the ...

Carbon dioxide is needed for photosynthesis - eSchooltoday Highlight

Carbon dioxide in photosynthesis. Plants get carbon dioxide from the air through their leaves. The carbon dioxide diffuses through small holes in the underside ...

Chemistry for Biologists: Photosynthesis Highlight

Photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants, some bacteria and some protistans use the energy from sunlight to produce glucose from carbon ...

Carbon Isotopes in Photosynthesis - JStor Highlight

Carbon Isotopes in Photosynthesis. Fractionation techniques may reveal new aspects of carbon dynamics in plants. Marion H. O'Leary he efficiency of ...

photosynthesis - The process of photosynthesis: carbon fixation and ... Highlight

Dec 2, 2015 ... During photosynthesis in green plants, light energy is captured and used ... Pathway of carbon dioxide fixation and reduction in photosynthesis, ...

Methanotrophic symbionts provide carbon for photosynthesis in peat ... Highlight

Letter. Nature 436, 1153-1156 (25 August 2005) | doi :10.1038/nature03802; Received 23 December 2004; Accepted 9 May 2005 ...

What Is Photosynthesis? - Live Science

hydrogen, ...

Hydrogen sound, Carbon sound, Nitrogen sound, Oxygen sound ... Highlight

Jan 27, 2014 ... Atomic Spectra sound transformed from light radiation frequencies scaled down many, many octaves, that is halving the frequency or note pitch ...

Green Skin - Forbidden Knowledge Highlight

You have taken in so many ions, and oxygen, which are poisoning your systems. This olive green skin tone you are lacking is because the melanin in your body ...

Acknowledgements | Advocates for Dr. Sebi Highlight

Mucus is obstructing the oxygen from reaching the brain. ENEMAS ... When you open the eel, all you find is copper and carbon – NO MELANIN! [Dr. Sebi was an ...

Melanin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Highlight

Melanin Listen/ˈmɛlənɪn is a broad term for a group of natural pigments found in most .... such as bacteria and fungi, against stresses that involve cell damage such as UV radiation from the sun and reactive oxygen species. Melanin also ...

Free Radic Biol Med. 1995 Dec;19(6):735-40.

Interaction of melanin with carbon- and oxygen-centered radicals from methanol and ethanol.

Dunford R1, Land EJ, Rozanowska M, Sarna T, Truscott TG.

Author information


The interaction of dopa-melanin (DM) and cysteinyldopa-melanin (CDM) with carbon- and oxygen-centered radicals generated by benzophenone-photosensitized hydrogen abstraction from ethanol, or by pulse radiolysis of aqueous solutions of methanol and ethanol, is reported. Photosensitized formation of carbon-centered radicals and their interaction with melanin was monitored by electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spin trapping using DMPO, and via the melanin free radical signal itself. In the pulse radiolysis experiments, the interaction of DM or CDM with hydroxymethyl, hydroxyethyl, and the corresponding methanol peroxyl radical was monitored by recording time-dependent changes of the melanin absorbance at selected wavelengths. The data indicate that both melanins are good scavengers of carbon-centered radicals, with corresponding rate constants in the range of 10(7) to 10(8) M-1 s-1. Significantly, compared to DM, CDM is also an exceptionally efficient scavenger of oxygen-centered radicals derived from methanol with corresponding rate constants of 2.7 x 10(4) and 2 x 10(6) M-1 s-1 for DM and CDM, respectively. The results are discussed with reference to the potential role of melanin in protecting the integrity of melanosomes by inhibiting peroxidation of lipid components of the organelle membrane.

PMID: 8582645

[PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Interaction of melanin with carbon-and oxygen-centered radicals ... Highlight

Free Radic Biol Med. 1995 Dec;19(6):735-40. Interaction of melanin with carbon- and oxygen-centered radicals from methanol and ethanol. Dunford R(1), Land ...

The Science of 666 | Highlight

May 19, 2015 ... Carbon-12; one of 5 elements in the human DNA is composed of 6 ... When combined with oxygen and hydrogen, carbon can form many ...

Interaction of melanin with carbon-and oxygen-centered radicals ... Highlight

The interaction of dopa-melanin (DM) and cysteinyldopa-melanin (CDM) with carbon- and oxygen-centered radicals generated by ...

Carbon & Melanin Secret of Secrets - Godlike Productions

Earth - Home - Biom - Reality - Mythology - The Moral Of The Story Through Etymologies

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The Greek word γαῖα (transliterated as gaia) is a collateral form of γῆ[4] (gē, Doric γᾶ ga and probably δᾶ da)[5] meaning Earth,[6] a word of uncertain origin.[7] R. S. P. Beekes has suggested a Pre-Greek origin.[8] It, however, could be related to the Avestan word gaiia 'life;' cf. Av. gaēθā '(material) world, totality of creatures' and gaēθiia 'belonging to/residing in the worldly/material sphere, material'; or perhaps Av, gairi 'mountain'.[citation needed]

In Mycenean Greek Ma-ka (trans. as Ma-ga, "Mother Gaia") also contains the root ga-.[9][10]

In Greek mythology, Gaia (/ˈɡeɪ.ə/ or /ˈɡaɪ.ə/ from Ancient Greek Γαῖα, a poetical form of Γῆ Gē, "land" or "earth"[1]) also spelled Gaea, is the personification of the Earth[2] and one of the Greek primordial deities. Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life: the primal Mother Earth goddess. She is the immediate parent of Uranus (the sky), from whose sexual union she bore the Titans (themselves parents of many of the Olympian gods) and the Giants, and of Pontus (the sea), from whose union she bore the primordial sea gods. Her equivalent in the Roman pantheon was Terra.[3]

Category:Offspring of Gaia

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Offspring of the Greek major earth goddess Gaia.

This category has the following 5 subcategories, out of 5 total.

C► Cyclopes‎ (9 P)► Furies/Erinyes‎ (4 P)

► Gigantes‎ (13 P)

► Rhea‎ (1 C, 2 P)

► Titans‎ (1 C, 33 P)


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Were female chthonic deities of vengeance; they were sometimes referred to as "infernal goddesses" (χθόνιαι θεαί). A formulaic oath in the Iliad invokes them as "those who beneath the earth punish whosoever has sworn a false oath"


In Greek mythology the Erinyes (/ɪˈrɪniˌiːz/; sing. Erinys /ɪˈrɪnɪs/;[1] Greek: Ἐρῑνύες [ῠ], pl. of Ἐρῑνύς [ῡ], Erinys),[2][3][4][n 1] also known as the Furies, were female chthonic deities of vengeance; they were sometimes referred to as "infernal goddesses" (χθόνιαι θεαί). A formulaic oath in the Iliad invokes them as "those who beneath the earth punish whosoever has sworn a false oath".[8] Burkert suggests they are "an embodiment of the act of self-cursing contained in the oath".[9] They correspond to the Dirae in Roman mythology,[10] and some suppose that they are called Eumenides in hell, Furiae on earth, and Dirae in heaven.[11][12]

According to Hesiod's Theogony, when the Titan Cronus castrated his father Uranus and threw his genitalia into the sea, the Erinyes as well as the Meliae emerged from the drops of blood when it fell on the earth (Gaia), while Aphrodite was born from the crests of sea foam.[13] According to variant accounts,[14][15][16][17] they emerged from an even more primordial level—from Nyx ("Night"), or from a union between air and mother earth.[18] Their number is usually left indeterminate. Virgil, probably working from an Alexandrian source, recognized three: Alecto or Alekto ("endless"), Megaera ("jealous rage"), and Tisiphone or Tilphousia ("vengeful destruction"), all of whom appear in the Aeneid. Dante followed Virgil in depicting the same three-character triptych of Erinyes; in Canto IX of the Inferno they confront the poets at the gates of the city of Dis. Whilst the Erinyes were usually described as three maiden goddesses, the Erinys Telphousia was usually a by-name for the wrathful goddess Demeter, who was worshipped under the title of Erinys in the Arkadian town of Thelpousa.

Hermes (/ˈhɜːrmiːz/; Greek: Ἑρμῆς) is an Olympian god in Greek religion and mythology, the son of Zeus and the Pleiad Maia, and the second youngest of the Olympian gods (Dionysus being the youngest).

Hermes is considered a god of transitions and boundaries. He is described as quick and cunning, moving freely between the worlds of the mortal and divine. He is also portrayed as an emissary and messenger of the gods;[1] an intercessor between mortals and the divine, and conductor of souls into the afterlife. He has been viewed as the protector and patron of herdsmen, thieves,[2] oratory and wit, literature and poetry, athletics and sports, invention and trade,[3] roads, boundaries and travelers.[4]

Maia[1] (/ˈmeɪ.ə/ or /ˈmaɪ.ə/; Greek: Μαῖα; Latin: Maia), in ancient Greek religion, is one of the Pleiades and the mother of Hermes.

Maia is the daughter of Atlas[2] and Pleione the Oceanid,[3] and is the eldest of the seven Pleiades.[4] They were born on Mount Cyllene in Arcadia,[5] and are sometimes called mountain nymphs, oreads; Simonides of Ceos sang of "mountain Maia" (Maiados oureias) "of the lovely black eyes."[6] Because they were daughters of Atlas, they were also called the Atlantides.[7]


In ancient Roman religion and myth, Maia embodied the concept of growth,[11] as her name was thought to be related to the comparative adjective maius, maior, "larger, greater." Originally, she may have been a homonym independent of the Greek Maia, whose myths she absorbed through the Hellenization of Latin literature and culture.[12]

In an archaic Roman prayer,[13] Maia appears as an attribute of Vulcan, in an invocational list of male deities paired with female abstractions representing some aspect of their functionality. She was explicitly identified with Earth (Terra, the Roman counterpart of Gaia) and the Good

Goddess (Bona Dea) in at least one tradition.[14] Her identity became theologically intertwined also with the goddesses Fauna, Magna Mater ("Great Goddess", referring to the Roman form of Cybele but also a cult title for Maia), Ops, Juno, and Carna, as discussed at some length by the late antiquarian writer Macrobius.[15] This treatment was probably influenced by the 1st-century BC scholar Varro, who tended to resolve a great number of goddesses into one original "Terra."[16] The association with Juno, whose Etruscan counterpart was Uni, is suggested again by the inscription Uni Mae on the Piacenza Liver.[17]

The month of May (Latin Maius) was supposedly named for Maia

Bona Dea ("The Good Goddess") was a divinity in ancient Roman religion. She was associated with chastity and fertility in women, healing, and the protection of the Roman state and people. According to Roman literary sources, she was brought from Magna Graecia at some time during the early or middle Republic, and was given her own state cult on the Aventine Hill.

Maia, designated 20 Tauri (abbreviated 20 Tau), is a star in the constellation of Taurus. It is the fourth brightest star in the Pleiades open star cluster (M45), after Alcyone, Atlas and Electra, in that order. Maia is a blue giant of spectral type B8 III, and a mercury-manganese star.

Maia's visual magnitude is 3.871, requiring darker skies to be seen. Its total bolometric luminosity is 660 times solar, mostly in the ultraviolet, thus suggesting a radius that is 5.5 times that of the Sun and a mass that is slightly more than 4 times solar.[4] It was thought to be a variable star by astronomer Otto Struve. A class of stars known as Maia variables was proposed, which included Gamma Ursae Minoris, but Maia and some others in the class have since been found to be stable.[4]

Maia is one of the stars in the Maia Nebula (also known as NGC 1432), a bright emission or reflection nebula[7] within the Pleiades star cluster.

Ah-Muzen-Cab -- Mayan god of bees.

Austėja -- Lithuanian -- goddess of bees.

Bhramari -- Hindu goddess of bees.

Bubilas -- Lithuanian -- god of bees.

Melissa -- Ancient Greek/Minoan -- goddess of bees.

Mellona -- Roman goddess of bees.

Colel Cab -- Mayan goddess of bees.

Bee (mythology)

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Some modern sources, such as James Mellaart, Marija Gimbutas and Barbara Walker, claim that Gaia as Mother Earth is a later form of a pre-Indo-European Great Mother, venerated in Neolithic times. Her existence is a speculation, and controversial in the academic community. Some modern mythographers, including Karl Kerenyi, Carl A. P. Ruck and Danny Staples interpret the goddesses Demeter the "mother," Persephone the "daughter" and Hecate the "crone," as aspects of a former Great goddess identified by some[who?] as Rhea or as Gaia herself. In Crete, a goddess was worshiped as Potnia Theron (the "Mistress of the Animals") or simply Potnia ("Mistress"), speculated[by whom?] as Rhea or Gaia; the title was later applied in Greek texts to Demeter, Artemis or Athena. The mother-goddess Cybele from Anatolia (modern Turkey) was partly identified by the Greeks with Gaia, but more so with Rhea and Demeter.

Modern ecological theory[edit]

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The mythological name was revived in 1979 by James Lovelock, in Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth; his Gaia hypothesis was supported by Lynn Margulis. The hypothesis proposes that living organisms and inorganic material are part of a dynamical system that shapes the Earth's biosphere, and maintains the Earth as a fit environment for life. In some Gaia theory approaches, the Earth itself is viewed as an organism with self-regulatory functions. Further books by Lovelock and others popularized the Gaia Hypothesis, which was widely embraced and passed into common usage as part of the heightened awareness of environmental concerns of the 1990s.

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In ancient Roman religion and myth, Tellus Mater or Terra Mater ("Mother Earth") is a goddess of the earth. Although Tellus and Terra are hardly distinguishable during the Imperial era,[1] Tellus was the name of the original earth goddess in the religious practices of the Republic or earlier.[2] The scholar Varro (1st century BC) lists Tellus as one of the di selecti, the twenty principal gods of Rome, and one of the twelve agricultural deities.[3] She is regularly associated with Ceres in rituals pertaining to the earth and agricultural fertility.

The attributes of Tellus were the cornucopia, or bunches of flowers or fruit. She was typically depicted reclining.[4] Her male complement was a sky god such as Caelus (Uranus) or a form of Jupiter. A male counterpart Tellumo or Tellurus is mentioned, though rarely. Her Greek counterpart is Gaea (Gē Mâtēr),[5] and among the Etruscans she was Cel. Michael Lipka has argued that the Terra Mater who appears during the reign of Augustus is a direct transferral of the Greek Ge Mater into Roman religious practice, while Tellus, whose temple was within Rome's sacred boundary (pomerium), represents the original earth goddess cultivated by the state priests.[6]

The word tellus, telluris is also a Latin common noun for "land, territory; earth," as is terra, "earth, ground". In literary uses, particularly in poetry, it may be ambiguous as to whether the goddess, a personification, or the common noun is meant.

This article preserves the usage of the ancient sources regarding Tellus or Terra.

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Ceres (mythology)

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Seated Ceres from Emerita Augusta, present-day Mérida, Spain (National Museum of Roman Art, 1st century AD)

In ancient Roman religion, Ceres (/ˈsɪəriːz/;[1][2] Latin: Cerēs [ˈkɛreːs]) was a goddess of agriculture, grain crops, fertility and motherly relationships.[3] She was originally the central deity in Rome's so-called plebeian or Aventine Triad, then was paired with her daughter Proserpina in what Romans described as "the Greek rites of Ceres". Her seven-day April festival of Cerealia included the popular Ludi Ceriales (Ceres' games). She was also honoured in the May lustratio of the fields at the Ambarvalia festival, at harvest-time, and during Roman marriages and funeral rites.

Ceres is the only one of Rome's many agricultural deities to be listed among the Dii Consentes, Rome's equivalent to the Twelve Olympians of Greek mythology. The Romans saw her as the counterpart of the Greek goddess Demeter,[4] whose mythology was reinterpreted for Ceres in Roman art and literature.[3]

Agricultural fertility[edit]

Ceres was credited with the discovery of spelt wheat (Latin far), the yoking of oxen and ploughing, the sowing, protection and nourishing of the young seed, and the gift of agriculture to humankind; before this, it was said, man had subsisted on acorns, and wandered without settlement or laws. She had the power to fertilise, multiply and fructify plant and animal seed, and her laws and rites protected all activities of the agricultural cycle. In January, Ceres was offered spelt wheat and a pregnant sow, along with the earth-goddess Tellus at the movable Feriae Sementivae. This was almost certainly held before the annual sowing of grain. The divine portion of sacrifice was the entrails (exta) presented in an earthenware pot (olla).[7] In a rural context, Cato the Elder describes the offer to Ceres of a porca praecidanea (a pig, offered before the sowing).[8] Before the harvest, she was offered a propitiary grain sample (praemetium).[9] Ovid tells that Ceres "is content with little, provided that her offerings are casta" (pure).[10]

Ceres' main festival, Cerealia, was held from mid to late April. It was organised by her plebeian aediles and included circus games (ludi circenses). It opened with a horse-race in the Circus Maximus, whose starting point lay below and opposite to her Aventine Temple;[11] the turning post at the far end of the Circus was sacred to Consus, a god of grain-storage. After the race, foxes were released into the Circus, their tails ablaze with lighted torches, perhaps to cleanse the growing crops and protect them from disease and vermin, or to add warmth and vitality to their growth.[12] From c.175 BC, Cerealia included ludi scaenici (theatrical religious events) through April 12 to 18.[13]


The Dii Consentes, also as Di or Dei Consentes (once Dii Complices[1]), was a list of twelve major deities, six gods and six goddesses, in the pantheon of Ancient Rome. Their gilt statues stood in the Forum, later apparently in the Porticus Deorum Consentium.[2]

The gods were listed by the poet Ennius in the late 3rd century BC in a paraphrase of an unknown Greek poet:[3]

Juno, Vesta, Minerva, Ceres, Diana, Venus,

Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, Vulcan, Apollo

Livy[4] arranges them in six male-female pairs: Jupiter-Juno, Neptune-Minerva, Mars-Venus, Apollo-Diana, Vulcan-Vesta and Mercury-Ceres. Three of the Dii Consentes formed the Capitoline Triad: Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva.

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