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I Made Money! M M No, The Sunlight Shaman

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I made money! (Me, We) No I in Team

- Handcrafted Gold Coin made of Beeswax infused with Copper PNE Gem M Penny Empathy Atom X 118hz Violet Flame "Christ" Energy, Indigo Fire, Lavender Nescient Earth Hearth Son Sum Sun Som Xem Essence - Powers of Energy Conduction peak around 480 0hms in 2000k Omega Realm, .. Geothermal Spiritual Shield options, Yellow Gold Gem Therapy and Transcendental Candle Therapy option, peaking around 2000 Ohms when I place attention on it showing how the Energy, Power, can be withdrawn, revoked, if you're not in compliance with what it, or me, m m no stands for.

May, Spring, Life Force, Tree of Life, Everliving, No Noetics Gnowee Rainbow Spirit Original Know, Knowing Knowledge Nose Sense Scents PNE Cents Spirit Heart Gnosis
Handcrafting the candle, orgone, light lite lyte therapy.

The Sunlight Shaman, Magenta Mage
Living God of the Forest
North Node Oracle
Keeper of the Gold Silver Gem Shem Violet Flame, Indigo Fire, Lavender Nescient Essential Esh X Sense Essense

Queries: Chemtrails, Barium, Aluminum, Cancer, Morgellons and Trans/PostHumanism

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6 Stars Who Joined Prince in Showing Support Against Chemtrails ... Highlight


2 days ago ... 6 Stars Who Joined Prince in Showing Support Against Chemtrails ... Chemtrails, the delicate white trails left behind passing planes that are ...


Court Takes Child From Mother After She Mentions Chemtrails At ... Highlight


1 day ago ... 'I am being railroaded for expressing my views about chemtrails. ... 6 Stars Who Joined Prince in Showing Support Against Chemtrails WE ARE ...


Chemtrails news headlines - Chemtrails News


www.chemtrailsnews.comProxy Highlight


6 Stars Who Joined Prince in Showing Support Against Chemtrails | The Liberty ... Chuck Norris Talks Chemtrails, Geoengineering, and Weather Modification ...


Did the Chemtrail Flu Kill Prince and Merle Haggard? » Alex Jones ... Highlight


Neurologist Warns Aluminum in Chemtrails Could Cause “Explosive ... Highlight


Jan 14, 2013 ... Nanoparticles of aluminum are infinitely more reactive and can easily penetrate the brain. Chemtrails, Nanoaluminum, and Neurodegenerative ...


Chemtrails: The Real Reason - Viewzone Highlight


An examination of the real reasons for chemtrails and contrails. ... In this article you will learn that chemtrails are real and contain aluminum particles. They have ...


Oct 26, 2010 ... Aluminum concentration in soil ranges from 0.07% to 10%, but is .... /341- Debunked-Monsanto-s-Aluminum-Resistant-GMOs-and-Chemtrails ...


Chemtrails and Aluminum Oxide - Chemtrails Spraying and ... Highlight


ALUMINUM OXIDE and Chemtrail Spraying Information. Chemtrail Information Center for California. What are Chemtrails? What you can do to protect your ...


Aluminum, Barium and Strontium: the New Manhattan Project ... Highlight


Jul 5, 2015 ... Contrary to what the ignorant and deceptive propose, the most common chemtrail sprays have been found to consist of aluminum, barium and ...


Chemtrail conspiracy theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Highlight


According to the chemtrail conspiracy theory, long-lasting trails left in the sky by high-flying .... In some accounts, the chemicals are described as barium and aluminum salts, polymer fibers, thorium, or silicon carbide. Other accounts allege that ...


Chemtrail Poisons are Ruining Our Health from Above | Natural ... Highlight


Sep 8, 2013 ... We are being sprayed with huge amounts of aluminum, strontium, and barium through chemtrails above us - against our will, and without our ...


Chemtrails 911 - Chemtrails Overview Highlight


A concept that keeps popping up in major governmental studies is the idea of spraying aluminum oxide particles into the atmosphere to create a sunscreen.


Aluminum, Barium, and Chemtrails Explained – JUST THE FACTS .


a decade. ... 175,000 new cases of lung cancer each year in the United States.


Invisible Epidemics: Morgellons, Cancer & other viruses with Ingrid ... Highlight


May 18, 2013 ... Invisible Epidemics: Morgellons, Cancer & other viruses with Ingrid ... matters such as Chemtrails, Aerosol Spraying, GMO, Morgellons Disease, ...


Chemtrails and Morgellons – BAN Geoengineering And Chemtrails ... Highlight


Aug 1, 2014 ... Chemtrails Connection to Morgellons Disease Syndrome ... of chemtrail induced lung cancer, asthma and pulmonary/respiratory problems as ...


Expert: Chemtrails are Global Covert Operation for Total Control ... Highlight exopolitics-in-seattle/ expert-chemtrails-are-global- covert- .... Human samples of filaments representative of the “Morgellons” condition have been ..... “Two weeks ago, Becky, the sister of a friend, died from cancer.


Morgellons is not a disease | Morgellons Research Group Highlight


Aug 7, 2011 ... The chemtrail operations are terraforming the earth and everything on ..... These agents are known to cause lung cancer known as asbestosis.


Morgellons Fiber Disease Highlight


Mainstream medical professionals don't believe Morgellons is real. ... of Morgellons disease fibers to those found in man-made chemtrails as shown below: .... Qi (a Chinese herb) bleeding may stop but a possible cancer growth may continue ...


Morgellons - Its Only Natural Highlight


That is unless you are just so spiritual that you move the chemtrails out of your path. ... Morgellons is not like an easy to cure virus or cancer, it's a very complex ...


The Truth Denied - Morgellons Highlight


Apr 30, 2015 ... If you or someone you know is suffering from Morgellons Disease, then ... in this fight against Chemtrails / Geo Engineering and spend as much time as ... researcher in the field of healing such ailments as cancer by means of ...


Apr 21, 2016 ... Prince even spoke out against chemtrails during an interview with late night host Tavis Smiley: ... And so did Haggard, who passed away April 6 from a lung infection: ... region surrounding our star,” the Smithsonian Magazine revealed. .... If you are interested in joining make certain you send a Certified ...


Chemtrails Project UK - Facebook Highlight


Global MARCH Against Chemtrails and Geoengineering - Berlin. Community .... 6 Stars Who Joined Prince in Showing Support Against Chemtrails · 6 Stars ...


Chemtrail Coalition - Facebook Highlight


6 Stars Who Joined Prince in Showing Support Against Chemtrails. Most of the time people view celebrities as people who don't care about anything besides ...


Prince Dies at Age 57... from "Chemtrail Flu?" | Was Prince Killed by ... Highlight


Apr 21, 2016 ... Prince even spoke out against chemtrails during an interview with late night host Tavis Smiley: ... And so did Haggard, who passed away April 6 from a lung infection: ... a hazy white region surrounding our star,” the Smithsonian Magazine revealed. ...... The U.S. Economy Officially Joins The Global Econo.


Prison » Did the Chemtrail Flu Kill Prince and Merle ... Highlight


Apr 21, 2016 ... Prince even spoke out against chemtrails during an interview with late night ... And so did Haggard, who passed away April 6 from a lung infection: ... white region surrounding our star,” the Smithsonian Magazine revealed.


Linderman Unleashed: Zika Virus Lies & Propaganda, Dementia ... Highlight


Feb 5, 2016 ... PETITIONS FOR THE REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES – PART VI. By: TLB ... 6 Stars Who Joined Prince in Showing Support Against Chemtrails.


ConspiracyWATCH (@ConspiracyWATCH) | Twitter Highlight


6 Stars Who Joined Prince in Showing Support Against #Chemtrails http:// 6-stars-who-joined-prince-in-showing-support-against- chemtrails/ ...


Chemtrails and Polymer Fibers - Chemtrails Spraying and Polymer ... Highlight


POLYMER FIBERS and Chemtrail Spraying Information. ... samples that include modified molds, desiccated red blood cells and exotic strains of bacteria.


CHEMTRAIL SYNDROME: A Global Pandemic Of Epic Proportions ... Highlight


Feb 28, 2014 ... By clean we mean the blood, the lymph, the tissues and organs, etc. In other .... Chemtrails and Morgellons, fungus, polymer fibers, barium ...


You are now Breathing Ethylene Dibromide, Virally Mutated Molds ... Highlight


Jul 13, 2014 ... Do you have toxic levels of Barium and Aluminum in your blood? A number of people ... Chemtrail aerosol fibers enlarged 60X above. “Polymer ...




Dr. R. Michael Castle reports the finding of cationic polymer fibers. ... reported finding chemtrails fibers & abnormal blood cells that are an exact match with the ...


Morgellons Syndrome | About The Sky Highlight


There is also strong evidence linking chemtrail aerosol fibers to Morgellons ... on the connection between airborne fibers and those found in blood samples, click ...


Nanofibers from Chemtrails - YouTube Highlight

Exposed: All About Codex Alimentarius

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Natural Solutions Foundation

The Voice of Global Health Freedom™

All About Codex Alimentarius


Codex DVD

Codex eBook

Codex summarized in 7 points

Codex in-depth information

Codex propaganda

Codex blog

Codex “Two Step”

Codex Alimentarius: the 5-Minute Tour

“Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea,

never regains its original dimensions.”


– Oliver Wendell Holmes

19th Century U.S. author and physician


These 14 points provide you with understanding about Codex Alimentarius – health freedom threat number one. It also explains what to do about it. Codex Alimentarius (Codex for short) means “Food Code.” This world food code is a United Nations agency, jointly sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). It has existed for nearly 50 years and its International Statute gives it a joint mission: protecting food safety and promoting world food trade. It is supposed to do so by adopting voluntary Guidelines and Standards (defining foods in international trade) and its decisions are enforced through the World Trade Organization (WTO) which considers its Guidelines and Standards as presumptive evidence in WTO trade disputes. It has become a creature of the Bigs – Big Govt, Big Agra, Big Pharma… etc.


Consumer Protection? Unfortunately Not

The first step to understanding Codex Alimentarius is to realize that it has absolutely nothing to do with “consumer protection”. That’s propaganda for the sake of getting people and Congress to yield to its implementation.

Says Who?

Rima E. Laibow, M.D. is a successful natural medicine physician who graduated from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1970. Dr. Laibow has studied more than 16,000 pages of Codex Alimentarius documentation. Her conclusion? Codex Alimentarius is a very serious threat to health freedom. We must take it seriously.

Meaning of Name and History of Organization

“Codex Alimentarius” means “food rules” in Latin. The organization was born in 1962 when the UN established the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) as a “Trade Commission”. It was created to regulate, and thus control, every aspect of how food and nutritional supplements are produced and sold to the consumer. It is solely about trade and the profits of multi-national corporations.

Bolstering Profits of Pharmaceutical Industry

The more natural health products people use, the fewer drugs they use. Millions are turning to natural health. Big Pharma fears this as it would diminish profits. Codex is designed to protect Big Pharma profits by eliminating natural health products and treatments. Health food stores and wellness companies would be hit hard.

Codex Alimentarius is Unscientific

Codex is unscientific because it classifies nutrients as toxins and uses “Risk Assessment” to set ultra low so-called “safe upper limits” for them. Risk Assessment is a branch of Toxicology, the science for assessing toxins. The proper science for assessing nutrients is Biochemistry. Codex does not use Biochemistry.

Based on Tyrannical Napoleonic Legal Code

Codex is based on the Napoleonic Code, dating back to Bonaparte. Under this code, anything not explicitly permitted is automatically forbidden. Under Common Law (our system), something does not have to be explicitly permitted to be legal. The tyrannical Napoleonic Code allows the banning of natural health options by default.

Shrewdly, Slowly Raising Heat

Codex will go into global effect on December 31, 2009, unless we, the People, take action and avert it. Right now, we are like a frog boiled slowly, the heat raised gradually so we won’t jump out of the water. The media is used to make us believe that Codex is about “consumer protection”. Part of the media strategy is to tarnish the image of natural health options, through for-hire studies.

Beware Codex Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

One-time defenders of supplements and nutritional products, such as the National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA) and Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), have fallen prey to new pharmaceutical members and are spreading disinformation saying that Codex is “consumer protection”. Their boards used to be run by health freedom fighters.

VMG: Banning Our Supplements

Codex is made up of many standards for every aspect of food. One of these standards was ratified (approved) in July 2005: the destructive Codex Alimentarius Vitamin and Mineral Guideline (VMG). The VMG can ban all high potency and clinically effective vitamins & minerals. For example, Vitamin C would be restricted to only a few milligrams per dose. Other nutrients, such as amino acids, are also under threat.

DSHEA, Our Best Legal Defense

The U.S. has a powerful legal tool for health freedom: the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA), passed in 1994 after massive grass-roots action. DSHEA scientifically classifies nutritional supplements as food and prevents dosage restrictions; Codex unscientifically classifies them as toxins and sets ultra-low doses. The VMG violates U.S. law because it violates DSHEA. We must unite to protect DSHEA, our best legal defense against Codex.

Congressional Effort Underway to Undermine DSHEA

The pharmaceutical industry works through irresponsible/corrupt politicians to do their bidding. The path to institute Codex in America is to “influence” Congress to pass laws friendly to drugs and unfriendly to nutritional supplements, so that slowly everyone comes to believe that nutrients are “dangerous”, and drugs are “proper medicine”. Susan Davis (D, CA) and other politicians are helping Big Pharma by supporting bills designed to destroy DSHEA.

U.S. Government Illegally Supports Codex

The U.S. Codex Office (the U.S. Codex “point of contact”) is unfortunately highly supportive of Codex. So is the rest of the government, including the pharmaceutical-friendly FDA. They should not be. DSHEA and other U.S. law means their support is in direct violation of the laws of the U.S.A.! They are breaking our laws and they know it.

Let’s Enter Coordinal Relationships With Congress

Congress has the power to keep America Codex-free. It can defeat bills designed to destroy DSHEA, support health freedom bills, and reprimand the U.S. Codex Office and the FDA. Using the Internet we can reach Congress directly to create a lobby of the people, for the people. Families of Congress would suffer too, if Codex is not averted.

Call to Action

Thanks to the Internet, millions of health conscious Americans can unite to protect health freedom from Codex Alimentarius. We have the power to turn Codex into a blessing if all of us in the natural health community use it to get active, get organized, and stand up for health freedom. Together, we will let Big Pharma know that we see through their deception and will protect our access to natural health care.



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Nicotine: An Unlikely Brain Enhancing Drug | Be Brain Fit Highlight


✓Dopamine Boosting Supplements See for best selection and ... Once it enters the brain, nicotine acts on acetylcholine receptors, releasing a slew ...


Will a Nicotine Patch Make You Smarter? [Excerpt] - Scientific American Highlight


Feb 9, 2014 ... On a quest to make his brain work better, a writer delves into the ... teeth, and skin but somehow guards against a disease of the brain? ... nicotine administration temporarily improves visual attention and working memory.


Nicotine, the Wonder Drug? | Highlight


Feb 5, 2014 ... This notorious stimulant may enhance learning and help treat ... related to pleasure, reward and motor function across neurons in the brain.


Nicotine Improves Memory And Helps Brain Repair Itself Highlight


Nov 13, 2003 ... The remarkable protective effects of nicotine - the addictive chemical in tobacco - on the brain are continuing to surprise scientists. One recent ...


Hidden Benefits Of Nicotine on The Brain - Mental Health Daily Highlight


May 27, 2015 ... Transdermal nicotine administration was found to increase bilateral alpha waves rather than solely affecting one hemisphere of the brain.


Dual role of nicotine in addiction and cognition: A review of ... Highlight


Therefore, there continues to be a vital need to improve outcomes for cigarette smokers ..... Acute and chronic nicotine actions on brain function and structure.


Brain Researchers: Smoking increases intelligence -- Health ... Highlight


Dec 3, 2012 ... Quitting smoking results in a decrease in brain activity, says professor. Positive effects of nicotine on the brain's performance is now confirmed ...



What's In a Cigarette, 599 Ingredients in a Cigarette Highlight


What's In a Cigarette, Cigarette Smoke Chemicals and Ingredients. ... 43 known cancer-causing (carcinogenic) compounds and 400 other toxins. ... The industry also presented a composite list of 599 additives to congressional investigators in ...


Pharmacological and Chemical Effects of Cigarette Additives - NCBI Highlight


The tobacco industry used few additives in US cigarettes before 1970.18 However, ... and irritation without equivalent efforts to decrease the harmful effects of ...


The Shocking Ingredients In Cigarettes | Care2 Healthy Living Highlight


Nov 6, 2011 ... There is a shocking 599 additives used in cigarettes, including ... of the most toxic ingredients used to make cigarettes tastier, and more quickly, ...


5. Do additives make tobacco more addictive? Highlight


5.1 How could additives affect addictiveness of tobacco products? ... Moreover, in cigarettes sold (or produced) in the EU nicotine yield has to remain below .... consumption, but are transformed to a number of toxic compounds under pyrolysis.


WHO | Fact sheet on ingredients in tobacco products Highlight


Another reason for concern is that some ingredients may be toxic when used alone ... Bates C, Connolly GN, Jarvis M. Tobacco additives: cigarette engineering ...


PLOS Medicine: The Toxic Effects of Cigarette Additives. Philip ... Highlight


Dec 20, 2011 ... The Toxic Effects of Cigarette Additives. Philip Morris' Project Mix Reconsidered: An Analysis of Documents Released through Litigation.


Which brands of cigarettes sold in the US contain the least amount ... Highlight


Which brands of cigarettes sold in the US contain the least amount of harmful chemicals ... Beyond tar and nicotine there's the debate about additives and about ...


12.7 Additives in Australian cigarettes - Tobacco In Australia Highlight


Cigarette additives have a range of purposes: to facilitate manufacture, increase ... additives hinging on whether they directly make cigarette smoke more toxic/ ...


Scientists claim to have found evidence of ALIEN LIFE: Balloon sent ... Highlight


Sep 10, 2013 ... British scientists believe they have found evidence alien life after sending ... of Sheffield sent a specially designed balloon into the atmosphere ...


Alien life found living in Earth's atmosphere, claims scientist ... Highlight


Sep 19, 2013 ... Aliens do exist and have been found living in the clouds above the Peak District, according to new claims by scientists.


British scientists claim to have found proof of alien life - Highlight


Sep 20, 2013 ... 'Alien bugs' discovered in atmosphere. A TEAM of British scientists is convinced it has found proof of alien life, after it harvested strange ...


Are We Ready for Alien Bugs? | Highlight


Mar 1, 2003 ... His suit could be crawling with any of several dozen nasty bugs that ... air flowed outward, keeping the atmosphere free of dust and bugs that ...


Invasion of the High-Altitude Alien Algae! Or Not : Discovery News Highlight


Sep 20, 2013 ... But when a scientist goes on the record to say that he and his team has discovered basic alien lifeforms floating high in the atmosphere over ...


Atmospheric Monsters from Space!? - UFO International Project Highlight


May 5, 2015 ... Atmospheric monsters, bizarre and seemingly impossible creatures. These sky- bound ... Another 'Alien' bug caught in the earths atmosphere.


Transit 'brought Venus bugs to Earth' - Skymania News Highlight


Jun 8, 2012 ... The Transit of Venus this week launched an invasion of alien bugs from the ... carried from Venus into our own atmosphere following the event.


ParaSite - Stanford University Highlight


Toxoplasmosis can result in the formation of cysts in the brain and acts on the central nervous system; increased rates of mental illness might just be a byproduct ...


Cats And Mental Illness – The Role Of Toxoplasma gondii | Brain ... Highlight


Jul 21, 2015 ... Cats And Mental Illness – The Role Of Toxoplasma gondii ... Toxoplasma gondii is mostly known for causing the disease toxoplasmosis.


Cat parasite Toxoplasma gondii linked to mental illness ... - CBS News Highlight


Jun 5, 2015 ... But in those with weaker immune systems, infection with T. gondii can cause an illness called toxoplasmosis, which can result in miscarriages, ...


Toxoplasmosis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Highlight


Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic disease caused by Toxoplasma gondii. Infections with toxoplasmosis usually cause no symptoms in adult humans. Occasionally there may be a few weeks or months of mild flu-like illness such ..... that link the parasite Toxoplasma gondii to several mental disorders and behavioral problems .


Toxoplasma Gondii, Parasite In Cat Feces, Linked To Schizophrenia ... Highlight


Jun 8, 2015 ... It turns out that in addition to toxoplasmosis, it's possible that T. gondii is linked to mental illness, including schizophrenia, according to recent ...


Toxoplasma's Dark Side: The Link Between Parasite and Suicide ... Highlight


Jul 4, 2012 ... But, of course, this link was in people who already have mental illness. Similarly, a study found that countries with high Toxoplasma infection ...


Cat Parasite Linked To Development Of Mental Illness In Owners ... Highlight


Oct 13, 2015 ... Cat Parasite Linked To Development Of Mental Illness In Owners ... cannot reproduce within a human host, it can cause toxoplasmosis.


Toxoplasma's links to schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and increased ... Highlight


Sep 4, 2012 ... “In terms of diseases, all we can say is that there is a correlation between antibodies to this infectious agent and serious mental illnesses, ...


Toxoplasma gondii and anxiety disorders in a community-based ... Highlight


Aug 12, 2014 ... Toxoplasma gondii;; Mental health;; Generalized anxiety disorder; ..... Mental disorder, Toxo sero-status, Odds ratio (95% confidence interval) ...


The Role of Infections in Mental Illness | Alternative Mental Health Highlight


(The Research Institute for Infectious Mental Illness is no longer open.). ... example, in one large study toxoplasmosis infection was twice as common in mentally ...

The Benefits of Home Birth and Demonic Hospital Ritual Birth Trauma Exposed

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Home Birth: Benefits and Tips - American Pregnancy Association Highlight


As interest in home birth increases, the number of studies will continue to grow to provide us with a greater understanding of the related risks and benefits.


The Home Birth Advantage: The Physical and Emotional Benefits of ... Highlight


When it comes to what's best for you and your baby, you can consider a midwife- assisted home birth as safe an option as birthing in a hospital or free-standing ...


Advantages and Disadvantages of Birthing at Home, Birth Center ... Highlight


Advantages of home birth... Statistics show that home birth is as safe or safer than hospital birth for low-risk women with adequate prenatal care and a qualified ...


Advantages of Homebirth | Homebirth Midwives of New York Highlight


May 2, 2012 ... Many people feel that women choose homebirth selfishly, putting their own experiences above the safety of their babies. This simply is not true ...


Home birth: Know the pros and cons - Mayo Clinic Highlight


Home birth — Understand the possible risks and benefits of a planned home birth.


Giving Birth at Home - Sarah Buckley Highlight


Other homebirth benefits include: Fathers can have a closer and more intimate involvement in labour and birth, which can be difficult in a hospital setting.


Is a home birth safe? | NCT Highlight


Here we look at research surrounding home birth (specifically the Birthplace Study 2011) including information about safety, benefits and risks for women and ...


Facts About Home Births | Risks of Home and Hospital Births ... Highlight


May 17, 2012 ... Here are facts about the potential risks and benefits of home births. ... More and more women are opting to give birth in the comfort of their own ...


Planned home birth: benefits, risks, and opportunities - NCBI Highlight


Apr 8, 2015 ... Benefits of planned home birth include lower rates of maternal morbidity, such as postpartum hemorrhage, and perineal lacerations, and lower ...


Why Home Birth | Home Birth Aotearoa Highlight


Why home birth? Statistics; Benefits of home birth; Dad's testimonies; The maternity system in NZ; Cascade of intervention; Politics of birth ...



Birth Stories: Speaking Up About Obstetric Violence Archives ... Highlight


My water broke at 9:40am and we pulled into the hospital parking lot at 10am. ... I read a lot of birth trauma stories, and most of them seem much more scary than ...


Trauma, Traumatic Birth, and Recovery | ImprovingBirth Highlight


Jul 17, 2014 ... Although birth trauma can also happen to women with no history of .... “Abuse in the hospital-based birth setting may not seem the same as ...


Healing the Trauma: Entering Motherhood with Posttraumatic Stress ... Highlight


She went so far as to refuse to go to the emergency room of that hospital when ... In some cases, the birth trauma is so severe that it includes the flashbacks with ...


Traumatic Birth, Healing Birth: Melissa's Story | The Attached Family Highlight


Jun 17, 2014 ... I am still dealing with the emotional trauma of Riley's birth. The hospital left me feeling powerless and small. Telling my story helps me feel like ...


Birth Trauma Association | Birth Stories Highlight


Cassie had a traumatic undiagnosed breech birth with her first baby. She suffered .... Lucy's husband was initially turned away when she arrived at hospital .


Cesarean Section and Birth Trauma | Highlight


British researchers found that 3% of women who had an uncomplicated hospital birth displayed clinical symptoms of post-traumatic stress at 6 weeks postpartum ...


How to recover after a traumatic birth - BabyCentre Highlight


A difficult birth is not always linked to a traumatic birth event. You may ... You may be avoiding watching television programmes about birth or hospitals. You may ...


Grief And Guilt {The Birth Trauma Experience} | Birth Without Fear Highlight


Nov 22, 2013 ... Trauma after the birth of a baby is a 'special' kind of trauma. .... When I arrived at the hospital after my water broke, a young med student ...


Birth Trauma: Definition and Statistics - PATTCh Highlight


Most women who have had a traumatic birth do not develop PTSD. ... Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder after Childbirth in an Out-of-Hospital Birth Population.


The Trauma of a Birth Doula Witnessing Abuse in L&D - Highlight


I found Abuse in Hospital-Based Birth Settings? By Susan Hodges, MS, to be very helpful in achieving my goal – defining the trauma of the doula who witness ...



The Defeat Of Toxic Black Goo Based Plastics

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Welcome to Hemp Plastic


www.hempplastic.comProxy Highlight


Hemp Plastic is an affordable bio based natural fibre composite to replace oil based raw materials. Designed in Europe over 15 years and now produced in ...


How are hemp plastics made? | Sensi Seeds - How are hemp ... Highlight


Sep 9, 2014 ... Some of the largest companies are incorporating hemp plastics into their ... from water and a range of natural cellulose fibres including hemp.


What Is Hemp Plastic? - The Hemp Bottle - Tripod Highlight


To understand hemp plastic, we first need to understand hemp. ... abundance in many parts of the world and produces the strongest natural fiber known to man.


Zeoform: A New Plastic That Turns Hemp Into Almost Anything Highlight


Nov 19, 2013 ... A new type of plastic removes the need for fossil fuels and toxic chemicals ... sees the potential for replacing natural materials like wood as well.


50 Percent of Our Oil Habit Makes Plastics, but Hemp Can Curb Our ... Highlight


Feb 24, 2014 ... In 2010, about 412 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of natural gas were used to make plastic materials and resins. Not only are we addicted to oil-based ... ~ Hemp Plastics Show Their Mettle or Safer ... Highlight


Hemp Plastics & Biocomposites. Henry Ford used hemp-and-sisal cellulose plastic to build car doors and fenders in 1941. On video Henry Ford demonstrated ...


Hemp plastics- Industrial Hemp Highlight


Hemp Plastics. Henry Ford used hemp-and-sisal cellulose plastic to build car doors and fenders in 1941. On video Henry Ford demonstrated that his hemp cars ...


Hemp Plastic and How It Can Change The World | Lotus Boards Blog Highlight


Aug 7, 2014 ... Learn about the benefits of hemp plastic and how it can change ... worldwide and produces one of the strongest natural fibers known to man.


HEMP Bio-DeGradable Plastics - End World Pollution 4EVER ... Highlight


Aug 9, 2013 ... Hemp plastic is a bioplastic made using industrial hemp. ... your own natural fuel at home using a gasifier to trap and burn hemp and bamboo ...


Hemp-based plastic | Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum Highlight


Hemp plastic is the number one material of the future. Door panels of certain series of BMW, Mercedes and Bugatti are manufacured using a hemp fibre basis.

The Hex, Fetal Tissue and Planned Parenthood Exposed

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hood President Defends Selling Aborted Baby Parts ... Highlight

Nov 11, 2015 ... The abortion business CEO tried to turn Planned Parenthood into the victim after it was caught at multiple abortion clinics offering aborted baby ...

11th Video Catches Planned Parenthood Abortion Doc Selling ... Highlight

Oct 27, 2015 ... The organization that has released ten videos exposing the scandal of Planned Parenthood selling aborted babies and their body parts has ...


Planned Parenthood has been found to 'illegally sell baby parts ... Highlight

Oct 7, 2015 ... Planned Parenthood has "now (been) found to also illegally sell baby parts." — John Stemberger on Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015 in a letter ...

No more selling baby body parts: Defund Planned Parenthood ... Highlight

A series of shocking undercover videos have exposed the fact that Planned Parenthood harvests and sells body parts from aborted babies, even going so far as ...

Planned Parenthood Stops Taking Reimbursements for Fetal Tissue ... Highlight

Oct 13, 2015 ... “Just because Planned Parenthood is supposedly stopping the exchange of money for the body parts of babies they abort, it does not lessen ...

Ted Cruz: 'There is no doubt' Planned Parenthood was 'selling baby parts... Highlight

Dec 1, 2015 ... Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas said there is "no doubt" Planned Parenthood was caught "selling baby parts" and that as president, he would direct the ...

Selling Baby Parts - Mediaite Highlight

Only Fox News Reported Planned Parenthood Was Cleared of 'Selling Baby Parts'. by Tommy Christopher | 1:50 pm, December 13th, 2015. videos 621 ...

Planned Parenthood IS Selling Baby Body Parts, You Freaking ... Highlight

Planned Parenthood 'Profit' Baby Parts Video Released As House ... Highlight

Jan 6, 2016 ... Planned Parenthood 'Profit' Baby Parts Video Released As House ..... the abortion subject and the unethical baby part selling action of PP will ...

Did Planned Parenthood Exchange Fetal Tissue for Money ... Highlight

Dec 2, 2015 ... Dahlia Lithwick thinks that pro-life politicians are lying when they say that Planned Parenthood sold baby parts. So far, she says, every state ...

Focus Shifts To Undercover Planned Parenthood Videos After ... Highlight

Nov 29, 2015 ... News reports are asking whether anti-abortion videos that claimed clinics sell baby "body parts" played a role in a Colorado shooting that...

Planned Parenthood will stop taking payment for baby parts their ... Highlight

Oct 13, 2015 ... Now Planned Parenthood has announced that they're going to stop taking money for those baby parts their defenders said they never sold:.

Artificial Humans, Robotoids and Synthetic Biology

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- 2045 - The Year Man Becomes Immortal

- 3D Printer Produces Synthetic 'Tissue'

- Artificial Intelligence Engineers Create Child-Like "Roboy" to Service Humans

- Artificial Intelligence Successfully Pretends to Be Human - Now What?

- A Synthetic Myth - A Synthesis of Visionary Insights

- A Tissue-Like Printed Material


- Bebes Fabricados - El Primer Ser Humano Sintético


- Biocomputación - El Arte de Imprimir Vida


- Biología Sintética o La Competencia con Dios

- Biotechnology, Ethics, and The Politics of Cloning

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Aluminum: Through The Looking Glass Part 2

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Looking Glass

extracted from "Out From Under Majestic - Dan Burisch Uncensored - A Video Interview with Dan Burisch"


The numbers that we received before Looking Glass was shut down, disbanded, was that there would be a 19% probability with an 85% confidence, that the disaster would occur, that there would be a transition from Timeline 1 to Timeline 2.

But, that then means that there’s an 81% chance that it won’t. And so, the individuals who want to carry the, the negative line, are convinced that it’s going to occur, are not presenting the facts.

The facts are: this is the material that we have available that we know.



K: So, what you’re saying is the Illuminati... to get back to that thread...


D: Yes.


K: basically the side that believes that the transition’s going to occur from one timeline to the other.


D: Not only do they believe it will occur, they want to provoke it.


K: But what... but how does it benefit them to, to provoke it? Why should they want to be P45s?


D: They don’t. The living ones don’t. They’re looking at the P-45s as, as a means to an end for them. They’re not going to live that long. They’re just going to live a normal human life and die, so they want the control for themselves. The fact that the P-45s... that’s how immoral these people are. The fact that the P-45s are wanting us, to, at their stage in their own development, have a disaster which, which justifies their own history, is being used as a means to an end by the Illuminati who would like to see that the population is culled so that they can gain greater control. They don’t care.


K: So, OK. So, what...


D: They just want for themselves. There are really human beings that don’t care, or that care very little.


K: So what you’re saying is the Illuminati want the catastrophe to occur...


D: Yes.


K: that a certain number... three-quarters is the number I’ve heard... of humanity dies. They get the Earth to themselves...


D: Well, the history reads about a little over two-thirds.


K: OK. Two-thirds.


D: That’s what the history of the J-Rods actually reads.


K: All right. Two-thirds. And then what? I mean, they still have to live through Earth changes and cataclysms, right?


D: Right. But these people are also the ones who have their guaranteed positions in the safety zones... underground facilities, etcetera. And so they are presumed... it is not known for certain, but they are presumed to have actually been …be …the progenitors if you will, of the people who become the J-Rods.


K: I understand. But in a sense... there is a thought that in a sense the P-45s, that side of humanity, is... possibly becomes almost soul-less.


D: They become repressed. They still have their same souls, because even after 7,000 more years of development, I could see the soul, as you see the heart of another human being... I could see the soul in Chi’el’ah. So, it didn’t leave and then come back...


K: But Chi’el’ah was not a P-45.


D: No. He was a P-52, but that just means that he was 7,000 years along the T2 timeline from when the P-45s...


K: So he used to be...


D: ...were in existence.


K: ...or, his people used to be, a P-45.


D: Yes.


K: And a P-46, 47, 48.


D: Yes. Yes... yes.


K: OK.


D: So the soul didn’t go away and then come back. It’s been there. But then... you know what. Look. You can say that some people are soul-less.


K: Uh huh.


D: The Nazis. How much soul did they have when they threw my grandpa on to a car? How much soul did they have? We know that they had a human soul, as black as apparently what it was or as covered over in their demented brains but I still pray for them that they’ve... even them... that they’ve been made whole with God. But they still had their souls even though it was repressed.


K: So...


D: In like manner, the P-45s have a soul.


K: OK. Well then what... OK. You’ve talked about the P-52 Orions and the P-52 J-Rods. Am I right?


D: Uh huh.


Newtonian Superimposing...


D: There are impacts into our timeline now which have occurred. This is the information that I received not only from Chi’el’ah, but also from the material within Majestic. There are impacts into our reality now, our timeline now, by virtue of the amount of time travel which has occurred. Every time they have gone back in time, they have caused small paradoxes which have built up as our reality that we now perceive. In other words, there is actual Newtonian superimposing. And that is a frightening thing to me.


K: So, it’s almost like putting money in the bank, though, every time they come, from the P-45, in a sense. Their timeline...


D: I look at it more as creating a larger heap of manure. [laughs]


K: Well, OK. [laughs] Emphasis appreciated. However, nonetheless, it is like a deposit towards the actual occurrence happening. It... I mean...


D: I don’t know.


K: ...they are agents of change, in a sense.


D: They are agents of change as all human beings are agents of change. But I don’t know whether there is a cause effect, whether there is a nexus between cause and effect, having to do with their amount of time travel and the superimposition which is going on in our reality, and the disaster itself. I think that the disaster itself, from everything that I’ve read and heard, is a direct, ah... consequence of the technological aspect of bringing too much energy toward us, in a non-natural manner.


K: OK. Well basically you’re saying there’s two timelines. I mean, I’m sure you’re aware of the work of physicists now that are saying, “Look, if you can have two timelines, you can have two million.”


D: Well, don’t we really have three? Or four. I’m discussing 24,000s. I’m discussing 45,000s, 52,000s and present day. How many timelines are that? Because these people moved ahead linearly in their timeline. Just because we want to call it Timeline 2 doesn’t mean that there are other effects or superimposings which are occurring on different realities during even their own timelines. We don’t know.


K: Exactly. I mean there’s a sense in which what you are talking about is not so much that the P-45s, for example, Timeline 1 exists, as it will actually separate from our reality and become more like a parallel reality instead of an intersecting one.


D: From what I understand, the people who are just prior, which would be us according to their history, to the people who were just after, exist as a straight vector of time. So in other words, God forbid the catastrophe occur, it will just appear as tomorrow and a catastrophe occurs, etcetera, etcetera, and we move forward and changes start occurring in the Earth, there is a disaster, there is a loss of, of huge life, etcetera. You won’t probably feel anything change aside from the fact that we’ll all be running scared for our lives. Aside from that I have no explanation.


K: OK. You’re saying that if the catastrophe occurs.


D: Yeah.


K: But if it doesn’t occur, there’s still the element in which we have been visited by, by a timeline which really does exist in a sense ...


D: I... I...


K: ...and how do you unmake something which has been made? [Dan shaking head no] That’s kind of... I mean, it’s kind of more of a philosophical question...


D: I don’t know, and all I can do is defer to the creator on that ...


K: OK.


D: ...issue because all we do is perturb...


K: What has told you that this is true?


D: All of the above.


K: OK.


D: It’s all of the above, plus information directly from Majestic.


Looking Glass Technology


K: Why is Majestic in a place to know that this actually happens or doesn’t happen? In other words, you’ve got the Looking Glass technology that they used, and you used. And, you were instrumental...


D: No, I didn’t use it, personally.


K: discovering? Were you in... No?


D: No. Oh, no no no no. This is an original technology which was derived from ancient cylinder seals, by people from our future who provided it to us, meaning the rogues, the P-45s.


K: OK. The people who...


D: We wouldn’t have...


K: ...are negative.


D: That’s right. We wouldn’t have this lovely technology if it wasn’t planted in our past for us to use now. The entirety of the technology must either be disabled or destroyed.


K: In other words, to unmake the technology.


D: Until at least...


K: So that...


D: ...after we pass through this time period. There is no way. From the deceit, the conceit, the avarice, and the greed that I have been around over the last twenty years... so that’s the good side of these two dirty coins. There is no way that they’re not going to start this equipment back up again if it’s usable after this. Of course they’re going to. Come on. I mean, they’ve got this... it’s like a magic box... to try to see into the future. What they’re going to do in the future with regard to that, I’ve got no clue. I have no power over it and I have no clue.


K: OK. So this Looking Glass technology comes from cylinder seals.


D: Originally, yes.


K: How?


D: Originally it was a series of instructions for accessing the wormholes, which naturally pass in the hyperspace in which we find ourselves. And from there they worked on the technology, they built the equipment from the instructions. After building the equipment from the instructions, they began to tweak it and find different things out about it. One of the things that they found is that they could actually use it as a peering portal, like a peering glass, if you will, to see different aspects of, not only the future, but the past.


K: Are these Sumerian... ah, Sumerian...


D: I would say that they slightly predate Sumerian timeframe but that some of the information which came down from cylinder seals that slightly predated the Sumerian timeframe were then recopied in Sumerian seals as well, and ...


K: And Egyptian?


D: ...those cylinder seals... Oh yes. And those cylinder seals, to the best of my knowledge, have all been obtained.


K: From Iraq.


D: Some of them from Iraq. Yes.


K: Some of them from Egypt?


D: Some of them from other... Some of them from Egypt. Some of them from other countries where they were being stored.


K: And...


D: And I really don’t want to get my country into too many problems here. [laughing]


K: And, and you got...


Marci: If we could stop for a second...


K: Go ahead.


M: I want to reiterate. The rogue P-45s jumped back, seeded the technology because...


D: [nods head yes] Uh huh.


M: ...that’s what they wanted to do, was to seed the land to help facilitate the catastrophe. Because by placing the technology available they knew that... it would be utilized. And as long as we as people... Oh my God. [camera turns to Marci]. But, they wanted to go back...


D: Oh please, tape her!


M: ...and seed the technology because they felt that, as people, we would be unable to break ourselves away from using that technology.


K: How is it that this technology is being utilized now? And isn’t ... if you’re talking about a wormhole, isn’t it the same thing as a stargate?


D: Essentially, yes. The technology is not being utilized now. Anywhere we find it, we take it.


K: Who’s “we?”


D: Ah...


K: Because you have warring factions.


D: We...


K: You’ve got the Illuminati on the one hand, you’ve got the Majestic on another.


D: Yep. “We” is the... we is the United States as part of the UN. You know... I don’t really want to comment too much about NATO and who’s controlling the NATO alliance at this point. But....


K: Isn’t it a fact that the Illuminati....


D: We’re doing most of the lion’s share.


K: ...would be stealing back this Looking... ? I mean, if they want it to happen, they... Their objective would be to steal these cylinders and get them...


D: [nodding head yes] Yes.


K: that they could use the Looking Glass technology.


D: Yes. But they can’t show up as an aggressor to steal anything back so what they do is they vote against us.


K: How does that stop...


D: Well, it plays out...


K: ...the technology?


D: It plays out in the UN. Well, we had Looking Glass technology, and portal, actual stargate technology, in Iraq, as late as the start of 2003. And a lot of countries don’t want us... didn’t want us to enter Iraq. We did, though, didn’t we?


K: Right. But how is it that... In other words, if...


D: Moammar just handed his two over. We just told him that we were going to make him rich beyond avarice. And he was a little smarter than Saddam, that’s all. And so what he did is he handed them over and says, “Oh, please, come into my country.” He says, “Look at my equipment to make sure that I’m not making any weapons of mass destruction.” Meanwhile, out the back door goes the two that Saddam actually had transferred over to him.


K: Cylinders?


D: Well, equipment, stargate...


K: Stargate.


D: ...activating...


K: Portals.


D: Yeah. For them to experiment with. They were experimenting.


K: But if the Looking Glass technology is the same thing as... it accesses a wormhole... The technology...


D: It actually...


K: accesses a wormhole.


D: ...does that. Yes.


K: It also accesses stargates.


D: Well, that’s essentially the same thing. I’ve been using the term stargate technology...


K: Stargates occur...


D: mean a machine that accesses a wormhole by spreading out the energy, the strange matter or whatever it is... and I’m not a physicist... that spreads it out in a compatible way to either communicate through it... or passage of information. That includes also...


K: But, it occurs...


D: ...physical bodies.


K: occurs naturally. Stargates occur naturally.


D: Indeed they do.


K: So how do you close those?


D: You don’t. And we don’t want to. We don’t want to. The history reads that the natural passage of us through this energetic space is a good thing. But it’s our use of technology which provokes the catastrophe.


K: So it’s...


D: It’s our enhancement of this natural system, inappropriate enhancement, which provokes the catastrophe. And so, no, we don’t want that to happen. I think that the energetics that we’re passing through is part of what’s happening to us naturally, that’s changing us in a positive way. It’s part of the loving cosmos that we’re part of. I think that’s probably one of the factors, not all, but one of the factors for the rise of these beautiful children, the Indigo children. And, and I’m all for it. I’m all for it.


K: So we want to leave the stargates, the natural stargates. They’re leaving those alone.


D: Right. We want to keep our hands off of nature. Pull our hands away. Get it away from the fruit of the tree of life, so to speak... get it away, and just let nature happen during this time. That will be a good thing. However, we also have people who oppose that because they want what they want when they want it.

Aluminum: Through The Looking Glass

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The Commentary that follows is from my [Bill Hamilton's] source that linked with inside sources and took notes on Project Looking Glass (LG) and Time Travel experiments:

“With regard to LG (Looking Glass): As I understand it, this device (at least 3 to 4 years ago) could not focus on a detailed sequence of activities in the future. In other words, you could not see exactly what would happen, like a series of events.

I was told to consider the multiverse (5) idea combined with work by Richard Gott on cosmic strings (6).

The multiverse apparently is accessed when the forward mode is set. I was also told to consider the views provided by LG as one of many potential realities (at least in the future view mode).


I have also been told that recently there has been an effort made to outfit videotape recorders to be sent forward through the apparatus, thereby allowing the dark project people to gain some insight into what may take place.


When I heard about this several questions came to my mind. The most pressing of which was: if a camera were sent forward in time/space, would it be able to record anything other than what was immediately in front of its lens? I mean, what if LG were located in the middle of the Groom Lake facility, and the operators wanted to gain insight into the outcome of a conflict, say in the Middle East.

How could a videotape recorder, set to record what was right in front of its lens at that location gather any data on the Middle East if it were still stuck in the middle of the Mojave desert when it got to the future??? Hell, something important could be happening right behind the camera and it would miss it - a couple of degrees change in camera direction allows one set of events to be seen while another set is completely overlooked, much less events half a world away.


To answer this question, my contact was not specific, saying only that cameras did not move, as mass does not change in its perspective to space time. However, such an item placed into the injected atmosphere, might experience a different time, if only briefly. And cameras could film within the gas or see images in the injected atmosphere as though it were a lens reflecting events in and around the column. I was given to understand that the tilt or positioning of the electromagnets would allow different views or positions in the environment to be reflected in the gas column.


(I feel confident that at least two rings of electromagnets are employed and that the rest of the device is composed of a barrel and the gas injected into the barrel - Two different sources have indicated that these are the basic components - These magnets spin in different directions, creating a charge of some kind.

Then the gas is injected into the barrel. Depending on the direction of the spin - I am sure speed and tilt and a bunch of other factors must also have an effect - time space can be warped forward or backwards by long or short distances relative to the present. I have reason to believe that the scientists have completed a map of the exact positions and speeds of the magnets necessary to reach targeted times both forward and back.)

Apparently, images of the events at different places, relative to the location of the device can be picked up and in essence reflected off the gas, causing it to behave like a teleprompter or crystal ball, for lack of a better example.


But I am not entirely sure that mass does not move, or that mass is not affected.

Since I was also told many years ago about an experiment that went very wrong in the early years of the LG project, involving a test subject of some kind. As I understand it there was significant movement of mass during that experiment, and it ended up with a rather gruesome death for the poor test subject.

(I originally thought it was a monkey, but I found out that there were many test subjects that got sent through, so I am not certain what kind was involved in the experiment that went bad. However, in my typical reverse-logic search for corollaries, this tells me that there must have been many test subjects that made it through just fine. So I am certain that any errors that were made or any miscalculations have long since been corrected).


I wish I could offer you more information.

For what its worth, my sources have confirmed the presence of electromagnets and a barrel-like device which is injected with some kind of gas....these components seem necessary for LG to function as a viewing device. And as for any changes in mass, or movement within time-space.... I really don’t know since my information sources would only tell me ’so much’ about what they saw or experienced at the time they were involved.

But it can be reasoned, based upon what they did say that there were significant experiments in the movement of mass back and forward through time, many of which were successful. I am sure much has been discovered and/or refined in the process since then.”

The following images were created and supplied by Dan Burisch


from ProjectCamelot Website


(5) Multiverse

(6) Cosmic Strings

Binary Code, the Sirius Star System and Artificial Intelligence Exposed

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Planetary Energy and Multidimensional Physics

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Now that we have seen beyond any reasonable doubt that this grid exists, it also makes sense that others would have known about it before. This would be especially true with the existence of an advanced technological society such as Atlantis or Lemuria. A whole new area of inquiry stems out of this, and it involves looking back to the past.

These lines and vortices have powerful effects on human consciousness as well as gravity, and are capable of causing time-space dilations and spontaneous shifts in spiritual consciousness. Now, we will see that the people who lived around them put a lot of energy into determining their precise locations. With the proper constructions in place, the energies of these lines could be harnessed and utilized directly for effects such as levitation and planetary balancing as well as experiments in human consciousness.


So if the Ancients were keeping track of these lines in any form, how would we know about it? The most obvious answer would be that they would mark them and build on them, in order to keep track of where they were. These marks and sacred constructions occur along what is commonly referred to in Europe as "ley lines."

The idea of "ley lines" throughout the European countryside is a very old one indeed, and there are hundreds, if not thousands of dolmens, menhirs, standing stones, earthworks and great stone circles in England, France and other areas, including Avebury and Stonehenge. What many people are not aware of is that these "ley lines" were also actually carved into the land itself.


Serious attempts were made those who were aware of these lines to make them easier to follow. In the huge field of ley line research, covered well in John Michell’s The View Over Atlantis and other works, we can see how ancient architects actually carved the lines as "dips" into the valleys and mountains so that you could sight them from far distances.

They also erected standing stones to mark their passage. Invariably, places of worship would be built on these lines, and they were also used for their fertility in planting crops. Alfred Watkins, the modern "discoverer" of these ley lines, was privy to a trance vision where he stood on a mountaintop and was actually able to see these lines as luminous energies crisscrossing the Earth.


According to an article by Joseph Jochmans in Atlantis Rising magazine (Issue 7, Spring 96) entitled "Earth: A Crystal Planet," the case for human mapping of ley lines goes far beyond just the English countryside.

Says Jochmans:

In Ireland they are remembered as fairy paths, and in Germany as holy lines. The Greeks knew them as the Sacred Roads of Hermes, while the ancient Egyptians regarded them as the Pathways of Min.


The Chinese today still measure the Lung Mei or dragon currents which affect the balance of the land, as practiced through the ancient art of Feng-shui. Much in the same fashion as the application of acupuncture needles in Chinese medicine helps the flow of Chi or life force in the human body, so the placement of pagodas, stones, trees, temples and houses in the environment was regarded as a way to heal the Earth.

Jochmans goes on to describe "dream paths" followed by Australian aborigines, and "te lapa" being observed by Polynesians as "lines of light" in the ocean that could be used for navigation!

He then goes on to say the following:

[The Incan Empire organized itself into] wacas or sacred centers situated along ceque lines which all converged at the Coriconcha or Temple of the Sun in ancient Cuzco. Similarly, the Mayas of the Yucatan interconnected their pyramid-sancutaries by means of Sacbes or raised white roadways that were built in dead-straight segments through the jungle swamps.

We can also note here that in William Becker and Bethe Hagens’ article in Anti-Gravity and the World Grid, they make the comment that the Piri Reis map of 1513 has a series of lines that are practically identical to the current placement of the UVG 120 gridlines. In the book, they actually trace over the Piri Reis map to make this demonstration, and then take that portion of the grid and highlight it on the larger "Earth Star" grid as a whole.

We remember that this map and others like it had to have been drawn up at a time when Antarctica had no ice; and thus, it is obvious that these ancient Atlantean mapmakers were well aware of the same Grid that we have been looking at. In Jochmans’ article, it says that over 3,300 ancient sacred sites have been found along the lines of the Russians’ icosa-dodeca grid that we mentioned above.


Slightly later in the article, Jochmans mentions the Hopi Elders describing the Earth surface as being similar to the back of a spotted fawn.

As the fawn grows, the spots move and change number. Similarly, every time the Earth Mother sings a new song or enters a new vibrational shift, Her power centers also change to a new configuration, interconnected by a more complex sacred geometry.

Jochmans then describes the Buckminster Fuller-inspired experiments that we have already discussed, where a balloon submerged in dye and vibrated at certain frequencies will show distinctive "grid patterns." He then says,

When the frequency was turned higher the original dye points first quickly dissolved and then a greater number of dye points began to slowly form, joined by lines in a more complex configuration.

So, Jochmans is telling us that we can expect that the Grid itself to expand and metamorphose as a result of the higher-frequency planetary cycles that we are now involved with.

In this book, we have attempted to show in quite some detail exactly how these cycles operate. But if the Grid really does expand from one form of geometric order to another, how could we ever know about it? Is it possible that we could find proof for this as well? You bet!


Jochmans’ article is of vital interest to us, as he demonstrates unique pieces of evidence to suggest that the Earth has already made serious changes from one geometric form of organization to another.

A study of map projections and world-wide geological patterns conducted in 1976 by Athelsan Spilhaus, consultant for the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOM), revealed that when the super-continent Pangaea first broke apart approximately 220 million years ago forming the rudiments of our modern-day continental masses, the breakup occurred along equidistant lines forming the edges and points of a tetrahedron…


Based on the research of Hanshou Liu of the Goddard Space Flight Center, who analyzed stress lines in the Earth caused by polar and land movements over the last 200 million years, Spilhaus found that what was next outlined in the planetary structure was a combination cube and octahedron.

It is very interesting that this cube / octahedron shape, which is obviously many millions of years old, still appears to be in great use by the UFOs that we now see, according to Bruce Cathie.

Perhaps this Grid was plotted and designed from a realm outside of linear time, and this "historic" example was greatly studied and calibrated as a result. More importantly, the work of Spilhaus appears to be showing us that our planet gradually has been moving through areas of higher and higher "density" of harmonic energy. As these areas are moved through, the frequency of the Earth cannot be held back from expanding, and the Grid changes accordingly.

With the work of Gregg Braden and others that show us how much energetic stress the Earth is going through at this time, we have every reason to believe that this is going to happen again - and we will look at the time cycles involved in this when we move into Part Three.


At this point in the article, Jochmans discusses material that we have already presented here, regarding the team of Goncharov, Morozov and Makarov and their icosa-dodeca grid pattern; this could be construed as the next, or most recent formation of the Global Grid.

Jochmans’ list of the various planetary elements that this grid contacts is the best that this author has seen, and so we will repeat it here:

High and low barometric pressure areas in the Earth’s atmosphere, where storms originate and move along the crystal lattices.

The center-points for major ocean currents and whirlpools.

Areas of highest and lowest solar and electric influx, along with regions of highest and lowest geomagnetic gauss strength.

Points of magnetic / electric anomaly, which serve as gateways into other dimensions.

Major planetary fracture zones, where the tectonic plates come together and create seismic and volcanic activities.

Major concentrations of ores and petroleum.

Planetary hotspots where the internal magma surges closest to the surface.

Migration routes of land, air and sea creatures.

Locations of major life breeding grounds and genetic pool regions, where new species have originated.

Concentrations of human population centers, both past and present.

Birth-places for human religions, philosophies, sciences, arts and architectural forms.

It is important to note here that this material was printed in Atlantis Rising as an excerpt from Jochmans’ book, then still in progress, called The Earth Grid: Re-Discovering Gaia as a Living Evolving Energy Structure.


So, when we think about the power that these lines have, it becomes very clear to us that the effects on human consciousness can be profound and almost unbelievably fantastic. If you include the Bermuda Triangle/time shifting effects as well, then we can start to see that these sacred constructions may have actually served as time machines as well. Therefore, if you stay within the sacred structure at the proper moment of time, you might just be in for the ride of your life!


These feats of sacred engineering obviously would not be squandered, if they could be used for positive and spiritual effects. It is for this reason that the question of the French cathedrals such as Chartres is especially interesting. France was the home of the Mergovinian kings, a group that some authors claim to be the direct descendants of the bloodline of Jesus Christ.

Sir William Spencer, who tackled the question in Bloodline of the Holy Grail from his own access to the records of the Knight Templars, recently covered this enigmatic story. The famous book that most people are aware of concerning this subject is called Holy Blood, Holy Grail. From studying this material, it is clear that the Templars were another offshoot of the original Atlantean priesthoods and their secret knowledge, which was preserved down through the ages.

What we actually see is that the cathedrals themselves might have been a function of very "advanced" technology indeed.


There are many ways to see how this would have been possible. The stained glass windows in the cathedrals visually expressed the sacred ratios of phi and square root of two, as well as other forms of crystallized music, or sacred geometry. Lawlor’s book and many others make this point very clear, and we have an image of this on the next page - in this case, from the main stained glass window in the cathedral of Chartres, with added lines drawn in to indicate how it is connected to "sacred geometry."


The music that was played within the cathedrals was Gregorian Chant, which is very tonal and pure.

So, right away you are visually seeing a mandala to organize your visual centers into the sacred proportions, and hearing the sacred intervals in your ears as sound. Then, the actual structure of the cathedrals was sized in direct proportion to the measurements of the Great Pyramid of Giza!

This also might have helped to preserve the harmonic properties of the pyramid’s structure, as well as paying homage to,

"a complete set of records of sacred mathematics encased in stone."

Finally, the domed ceilings of the cathedrals directed the natural spirals of energy back downwards and into the gathering.

In The Law of One - Book Three, Ra discusses how there are many different examples of this type of energy harnessing being done, including the use of the teepee and the pyramids. Ra told Elkins et al. that these constructions will dramatically speed up an entity’s spiritual growth process as it uses them, and that it is therefore important to exercise extreme caution when experimenting with such structures.

The reason for caution is that the more personal issues one needs to "burn off" to further their spiritual growth process, the harder it would be for them to work in such a structure. The heightened energy that would come to them would make their "blockages" dissolve much quicker. In the long run, this is for the best, but in the short term it is very stressful - and this is exactly what the Solar Cycle that we will be discussing is doing to all of us right now.

Wilcock’s readings along with most others of similar quality will repeatedly address this point.


Another example of this sacred technology being put to use by various secret societies is in the construction of the United Nations Meditation Room.

This is written about in the very one-sided and Fundamentalist Christian-slanted book called The Cult of the All-Seeing Eye by Robert Keith Spenser, published in April 1964 by the Christian Book Club of America in California. The book takes ceaseless "pot-shots" at almost everything and everyone imaginable in the field of international government and metaphysics or esoterica.

For example, at one point they zero in on the gentle Thomas Sugrue, who wrote the well-known book There is a River, which exponentially increased Edgar Cayce’s popularity in the few remaining years prior to his death. Their attack was based on an esoteric symbol that he placed on the books in his library. Sugrue’s symbol was designed from his initials TS, the T being the "Tau Cross" and the S being the "serpent of wisdom," which to Spenser’s team could only mean the Devil!


Even though this book is alarmist, conspiratorial and fundamentalist, we actually can pick up some interesting information along the way. It is important to note here that we are not necessarily condoning all actions that have been apparently undertaken by secret societies throughout time. There are clearly going to be opposites in these groups, just as there are in people. (For example, Adam Weishaupt’s "Bavarian Illuminati" certainly appear to have all the hallmarks of highly self-serving or "evil" intentions.)


We feel that it would be foolish to simply make a blanket assumption that all secret society members in positions of power are part of some vast, evil conspiracy.

Remember that we briefly said that The People of the Secret by Ernest Scott focuses on the positive aspects of these groups, in their ongoing communication with Higher (or extraterrestrial) Intelligence to direct humankind towards greater spiritual awareness.

What we do see in All-Seeing Eye is specific data regarding a room that is built with all of the same harmonic specifications that we have just discussed in relation to the cathedrals. The simple existence of this room directly implies that the United Nations has maintained at least a fair portion of the knowledge of these secret traditions.


First of all, the Meditation Room has a very bizarre-looking mural within it, and in All-Seeing Eye they demonstrate that this has a great deal of ’sacred geometry’ and ancient symbolism in its construction.

The builders insisted that it did not have any specific symbolism, but Spenser paints a dark and foreboding image of a massive cult that seeks to subvert Christianity into a larger religious faith steeped in pagan traditions. This group committed the unpardonable sin of wanting to unify the spiritual beliefs of the world so that everyone could agree with each other.


So, let’s look at the picture of the room and its mural for starters:

The seats in the room are in the back, where the photograph was taken.

The room itself is built in the shape of a truncated pyramid, which is certainly a "sacred shape," as a function of Pyramidal geometry. This truncated pyramid shape was worked into the mural in several different places, as was the full pyramid with capstone as well. We can also see that the geometric form of the altar in the center of the room is preserved in the mural through rectangles that are of the same size and proportion.


The very geometric and colorful mural helps to organize the meditator’s visual centers with sacred geometry, just as we have seen with the Chartres image on the previous page. Music piped into the room helps to organize the meditator’s mind, again duplicating the effects in the cathedrals.

And last but not least, what is that big stone altar doing in the middle of the room? Surprisingly enough, it is a piece of naturally magnetic metal or magnetite, and is indeed the largest natural piece of magnetite ever mined. Even more interesting is the fact that its foundation goes straight into the bedrock of the Earth underneath the floor of the room.

(According to All-Seeing Eye, the lodestone was the largest of its kind ever mined, and was given to the United Nations by the Swedish in 1957. The public does not have access to the room underneath.)


If we look closely, we can see that the circle in the middle could be construed as the Earth, with its tilted axis clearly visible. What is then interesting is that once again we see a spiraling energy, this time in the diagonal line from the bottom right to the top left that has a snakelike curve in it.

And furthermore, there are three large rectangles that can be made out in the diagram, and they are undoubtedly in a spiraling pattern with relation to each other - one being left to right, one being diagonal and one being top to bottom. This does certainly look like the phi spiral is being implied herein. Other symbols are hidden within this mural as well, including the circle with a dot in the center, the astrological symbol for the Sun.


Obviously, the architects of the UN Meditation Room had this harmonic system down to a science. A minor grid line not visible on the Becker/Hagens map directly overlies Geneva, Switzerland, so that satisfies the global energetic location requirements. We have the proper room structure, the proper visual structure and the proper musical structure. We then have a gigantic piece of natural magnetite, which obviously has a tremendous magnetic field.

Why would the architects of the UN Meditation Room wish to import such an expensive material if it didn’t "do" anything? Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense that this magnetite actually helps to harness and enhance the natural spiraling magnetic Earth energies in the room?

In our next book, Convergence Book One, we will see that magnetism is the primary means to harness aetheric energy, just as we can see with the Earth’s magnetic field. We can definitely start to see that by those who know, this technology was indeed never "lost," only kept hidden.


By meditating in a room with a giant magnet in it, the natural hyperdimensional energies from the Earth are greatly enhanced. This certainly explains why the architects made sure that this "altar" had a foundation that went straight down into the bedrock of the land below. Who knows what remarkable functions of consciousness could occur in this room with a properly-tuned group of meditators at the proper time of the year?

We may not know the answer to this question, unless we can afford the trip to Switzerland to go and check it out for ourselves.


And now we come to the most interesting part of all of this - the famous All-Seeing Eye that is printed on the reverse side of every American dollar in circulation, as well as on the cover of this book in modified form. Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams adopted this symbol after they were given the task of creating a seal for the United States of America on July 4, 1776.

A French West Indian portrait painter named Eugene Pierre Du Simitiere, who was commissioned by Thomas Jefferson, rendered the original design.


The All-Seeing Eye is unanimously agreed upon as being a "Masonic symbol." There are voluminous materials available to show that the founding fathers of the United States of America were all Masons. Freemasonry is a "fraternal order" that traces its origins far back into antiquity.

The work of Manly P. Hall covers the subject of Freemasonry quite considerably, especially in his incredible "encyclopedic overview" entitled The Secret Teachings of All Ages. Those who are familiar with this book, or with any of Hall’s work, should be well aware of the gigantic amount of information that is available on these and other "secret societies" throughout time.


An environment of such secrecy is perhaps the only way that such a daring American Revolution could have been organized in the first place. Many different sources point out that the Boston Tea Party was a Masonic-driven event.

This historical event protested against Britain’s tea tax, where a large group of men dressed as Native Americans boarded a British ship in the harbor and dumped out all of its onboard tea boxes into the ocean. In the Time-Life book Secret Societies from the Mysteries of the Unknown series, there is a reprint of a picture that someone had sketched of the Masonic meeting hall that night.

For some inexplicable reason, the building was empty, even though the scheduled meetings were normally kept with almost religious observance.

At the bottom of the sketch, the artist writes:

"We all went out for a cup of tea."

What is particularly interesting to us is the obvious connection between the All-Seeing Eye within the triangle and the basic form of the "consciousness units" that we have discussed so frequently.

If we look back at illustrations such as the Barbury Castle crop circle (right image), we can clearly see that the predominant design is a triangle with a dot in the middle. As we now know that this dot represents the One, or the Octave, we can understand why it would be given the symbol for Deity, or the All-Seeing Eye.


Now, if we look back to the United Nations Meditation Room mural, we can see that this same symbol was carefully and secretly encoded within it:


What we see in the image is that the central circle, divided into quarters to symbolize the four elements, is directly framed within a triangle.

Although this triangle is extended, the image is the same. Furthermore, when you continue the circular line to the left of the central circle as we have done, you can see that this forms a larger circle that precisely circumscribes the smaller one.

This is the classic astrological symbol for the Sun. By putting a line through the central circle on the exact same diagonal angle of tilt that is implied by the surrounding shapes, we can indeed see that it represents the Earth, tilted away from the Sun with one half illuminated with daylight. And then, to top it all off, we have the suggestion of a spiraling line that is at work on the central circle.


So, we can see that there is a definite reference to the circle within a triangle, the universal symbol for the "consciousness unit" that shows up in many different ways, including the crop circles. We can see that the mural implies a spiraling quality to these consciousness units, which we have now discussed in great detail. We can also see that the consciousness unit is also indicated as being the Earth.

So, this is obviously a symbolic construction, although the UN Review of 1958 simply referred to it as having been designed,

"to conform with the purity of line and color sought, for what Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold has called ’a room of stillness’."

Interestingly enough, the harmonic numbers that we have been studying are worked into its construction as well.

Spenser tells us that there are 72 geometric figures in the diagram altogether. 72 would obviously be half of 144, which we have now seen over and over again to be fundamentally related to both sound and light and the Great Solar Cycle - remember that there are 144,000 days in each baktun. The spiral in the diagram has nine sections, and this is also a fundamental number, the "building block" of the entire Gematrian system of frequencies.


So, if we look back to the symbol on the dollar bill, we can see that it is comprised of a truncated pyramid. Interestingly enough, if we count the blocks on the pyramid, we will discover that there are 72 of them altogether - again, the "cornerstone" frequency number.

The All-Seeing Eye and its positioning in the Great Seal refers to the symbolism inherent in the Great Pyramid’s construction, which we will read about in Chapter 20 when we discuss Peter Lemesurier’s epic work, The Great Pyramid Decoded.


According to this number series, the number "six" indicates preparation or incompleteness. The message of the Pyramid’s inner passageways has entirely to do with humanity’s motion through incompleteness towards spiritual perfection, completeness or Ascension. This is symbolically accomplished when the Pyramid is turned into a five-sided, instead of a six-sided object. This is done quite simply, as the Pyramid as it now stands has a flat top, which makes it a six-sided object.

When the capstone is put back in place, it becomes a five-sided object, and five indicates perfection and initiation.


So, what we have here is a symbolic glyph for the instreaming fourth-dimensional energy used as the "capstone" for a Pyramid with 72 blocks! It is actually a quite ingenuous symbol when you really think about all the information that it contains.


Clearly, the sum total of knowledge that could be achieved from a continent such as Atlantis is indeed vast. We have seen evidence that much of this knowledge has been passed down age after age. The work of de Santillana and von Dechend, as we will see in Part Three, shows us that in almost every culture in the world, a "flood myth" exists which preserves all of the crucial "frequency numbers" responsible for the Earth’s wobble, known as precession - a number that is of fundamental importance to us.

The standard "precessional number" of 25,920 years is also a Gematrian number, an expression of the same frequencies we have been discussing as the speed of sound vibrations per second in our atmosphere. (It reduces to 2592, which is a higher harmonic of the same octave-based number set.)


When we look to the Maya, we can see a culture that might very well have preserved a great deal of Atlantean knowledge over time. Nowhere is this more apparent than in their amazing preservation of a system of precise data regarding Sunspot cycles.

The work of Maurice Cotterell will give us the hard science to back up the Mayan numbers.

So, when we learn from Mayan codices that their Calendar cycles chart the beginnings and endings of ages, the pieces do indeed start fitting together very nicely. The Maya had a system of mathematics so exact that we are still trying to catch up to them today, and figure out exactly how they came about all of this information.


Now that we are looking at the data regarding the Great Seal of the United States, we must ask if it is possible that the knowledge of this same Great Cycle was preserved throughout the Western civilization and its secret societies. If this were so, we might better understand why the Pyramid symbol was placed on the Great Seal of the United States.

What we can see is that this Pyramid eloquently combines the "frequency number" of 72 with the diagram of the "consciousness unit" of the upcoming fourth dimension, also seen in the Barbury Castle crop circle of 1991 and many hundreds of others. And finally, we have the clear-cut metaphor of the re-establishment of the Pyramid’s capstone, which symbolically refers to the Ascension of the human species.


It is very interesting to point out here that the Egyptian Board of Antiquities, spearheaded by the efforts of Dr. Zahi Hawass, has now said that they will place a golden capstone on the Great Pyramid on the night of Dec. 31, 1999. Even though most people don’t really understand the symbolism of this, we can certainly see it now. This piece of information makes an even greater case for the knowledge within the secret circles that we are at the end of our present age, and ready for Ascension or a hyperdimensional shift.


So, if the Great Seal’s symbolism is not a coincidence and the American founding fathers did indeed have this knowledge, there should be some other glaring clues.

One of these clues is in the pattern of stars above the Eagle in the obverse side of the Seal. If we look closely at this pattern, we can indeed see that it is fashioned as the Star of David. And, we have already seen how the Star of David is a two-dimensional diagram of the star tetrahedron within a sphere, the energetics of the Fourth Dimension. We are also told in All-Seeing Eye that the national bird for the US was not originally the Eagle, but the Phoenix, symbolizing the death of the old and the rebirth of the new.


And that is certainly not all. Almost everyone has seen the Latin words that surround the symbol of the Great Pyramid on the dollar, but very few actually understand what they mean.

The words are "Annuit Coeptis" and "Novus Ordo Seclorum."

Both of these are quotations from Virgil, a Greek mystic and philosopher. The first statement, "Annuit Coeptis," means "He [God] has looked with favor upon our beginnings." We can see the physical counterpart of this in the foundation of the United States being "spiritually blessed," but we can also see a larger, more metaphysical explanation that would have to do with the origin of humanity as a whole, as a Divine species.


But now, let’s look at the bottom portion: "Novus Ordo Seclorum."

The meaning of this phrase is given to us in Spenser’s book through a quote from C.A.L. Totten, a 1st Lieutenant in the 4th artillery of the U. S. Army, who communicated his views on the seal to Charles J. Folger, Secretary of the Treasury, on February 10, 1882:

The All-Seeing Eye is one of the oldest hieroglyphics of the Deity. The triangle also is a cabalistic symbol of the most remote antiquity…


The descent of the mystic eye and triangle in the form of a capstone to this mysterious monument [the Great Pyramid of Gizeh] of all times and nations, is to us as a people most pregnant with significance. The motto, Novus Ordo Seclorum, is a quotation from the 4th Eclogue and was borrowed in turn by Virgil from the mystic Sybylline records.


The entire quotation is as follows: ’The last age of Cumaen song now comes. (Novus Ordo Seclorum altered from Magnus Soeclorum ordo), A mighty order of ages is born anew. Both the prophetic Virgin and Saturnian kingdoms now return. Now a new progeny is let down from the lofty heavens. Favor, chaste Lucina, the boy soon to be born in whom the iron age shall come to an end, and the golden one shall arise again in the whole earth’.

This passage is indeed quite revealing.

What we learn is that "Novus Ordo Seclorum" does not mean "New World Order" as many conspiracy theorists would claim, but actually "A mighty order of ages is born anew."

When we think of a mighty order of ages, we immediately think of the precessional cycle, comprising of the 2,160-year ages of the Zodiac. Then, if we think of this "mighty order of ages" as being "born anew," we could well expect that this would be signified by the ending of the entire cycle, which we are making a very strong argument here as being related to Ascension, or the Shift of the Ages.


But does this statement from the 4th Eclogue and Virgil back up the idea of such a shift?

Read carefully.

The last age… now comes. A mighty order of ages is born anew… Now a new progeny is let down from the lofty heavens.

Exactly what is this new progeny? A new life, a rebirth, an entire group of Ascended human beings? It certainly would appear to be that way, in the same sense that the Cayce Readings said that we are about to form the fifth "root race."


We then go on to read the statement,

The boy soon to be born in whom the iron age shall come to an end, and the golden one shall arise again in the whole earth.

Since we could certainly argue that we are still in an "age of iron" and machines even now, it is not hard to see that this passage refers to the end of our own age and the beginning of the New Age, an age of light or "enlightenment."


Furthermore, the fourth-density souls are indicated here as looking "golden." There are numerous spiritual sources that attest to the fact that this is indeed how an Ascended being would look, the most obvious being the Bible indicating the appearance of the ascended Christ.

Now, with a source of guidance such as the Cayce Readings, we can see a comprehensive study of the true meaning of the Christ Spirit, which is that Divine spark within each person. The Second Coming of Christ is actually the rebirth of this Christ Self within each individual entity, and the Shift of the Ages represents the "completion" of the same curriculum that Jesus patterned for us.

So, this notion of the "golden one" arising in the whole earth certainly could be an Ascension metaphor.


Perhaps what is even more interesting is that this passage suggests that extraterrestrial forces are involved in all of this as well.

"Both the prophetic Virgin and Saturnian kingdoms now return."

We are told in Spenser’s book that Saturn was the father of Osiris, and that the All-Seeing Eye is the symbol of Osiris. As this was the highest god in the Egyptian pantheon, we can certainly wonder if there might be an extra-terrestrial connection to all of this.

Human biological monitoring of suspected endocrine-disrupting compounds.

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):5-16. doi: 10.4103/1008-682X.122197.

Human biological monitoring of suspected endocrine-disrupting compounds.

Faniband M, Lindh CH, Jönsson BA1.

Author information


Endocrine-disrupting compounds are exogenous agents that interfere with the natural hormones of the body. Human biological monitoring is a powerful method for monitoring exposure to endocrine disrupting compounds. In this review, we describe human biological monitoring systems for different groups of endocrine disrupting compounds, polychlorinated biphenyls, brominated flame retardants, phthalates, alkylphenols, pesticides, metals, perfluronated compounds, parabens, ultraviolet filters, and organic solvents. The aspects discussed are origin to exposure, metabolism, matrices to analyse, analytical determination methods, determinants, and time trends.

PMID: 24369128 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] PMCID: PMC3901881 Free PMC Article

How The Microbiome Destroyed the Ego, Vaccine Policy, and Patriarchy

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The relatively recent discovery of the microbiome is not only completely redefining what it means to be human, to have a body, to live on this earth, but is overturning belief systems and institutions that have enjoyed global penetrance for centuries.


A paradigm shift has occurred, so immense in implication, that the entire frame of reference for our species' self-definition, as well as how we relate fundamentally to concepts like "germs," have been transformed beyond recognition. This shift is underway and yet, despite popular interest in our gut ecology, the true implications remain unacknowledged.


It started with the discovery of the microbiome, a deceptively diminutive term, referring to an unfathomably complex array of microscopic microorganisms together weighing only 3-4 lbs. in the average human, represents a Copernican revolution when it comes to forming the new center, genetically and epigenetically, of what it means in biological terms to be human.


Considering the sheer density of genetic information contained within these commensals, as well as their immense contribution towards sustaining basic functions like digestion, immunity, and brain function, the "microbiome" could just as well be relabeled the "macrobiome"; that is, if we are focusing on the size of its importance rather than physical dimensionality.


For instance, if you take away the trillions of viruses, bacteria and fungi that coexist with our human cells (the so-called holobiont), only 1% of the genetic material that keeps us ticking, and has for hundreds of millions of years, remains. One percent isn't that much for the ego to work with, especially considering it now has to thank what were formerly believed to be mostly "infectious agents" for the fact that it exists. Even more perplexing, the remaining 1% of our contributed DNA to the collective gene pool of the holobiont is at least 8% retroviral (yes, the same category as HIV) in origin!


Us Against Them?

Once the object of modern medicine's fundamental responsibility – the human body – is redefined and/or perceived with greater veracity, and "germs" become less other and more self, a challenge for germ theory which seeks to differentiate between the "good" germs we are versus the "bad" ones out there that we must fight with antibiotics and vaccines.


As many readers are already poignantly aware, today's political climate and agenda is unilaterally pro-vaccination on both sides of the aisle (conveniently funded by the same industry lobbyists), with a tidal wave of bills across the U.S. set to eliminate exemptions against mandatory vaccination. The rationale, of course, is that deadly germs can only be prevented from killing the presumably germ-free host through injecting dead, weakened or genetically modified germ components to "prevent" theoretical future exposures and infection. This concept is of course intellectually infantile, and if you do some investigating you'll find it was never quite grounded in compelling evidence or science.


But the intellectual implications of the microbiome go even deeper than undermining germ theory, vaccine policy, and the culture of medical monotheism that upholds these constructs...


Maternal Origins of Health and Ultimately our Species Identity

Deep within the substratum of humanity's largely unquestioned assumptions of what it means to be human, the microbiome has also fundamentally displaced a latent patriarchal prejudice concerning the relative importance and contribution of the man and woman towards the health and ultimately the continuation of our species.


It has been known for some time that only women pass down mitochondrial DNA, already tipping the scales in favor of her dominant position in contributing genetic information (the seat of our humanity or species identity, no?) to offspring. The microbiome, however, changes everything in favor of amplifying this asymmetry of hereditary influence. Since we are all designed to gestate in the womb and come through the birth canal, and since the neonate's microbiome is therein derived and established thereof, it follows that most of our genetic information as holobionts is maternal in origin. Even when the original colonization eventually changes and is displaced through environmentally-acquired microbial strains as the infant, child, adolescent, and then adult, develops, the original terrain and subsequent trajectory of changes was established through the mother (unless of course we were C-sectioned into the world).


Put in simpler terms: if 99% of what it means to be human is microbiome-based, and if the mother contributes most, if not all, of the original starting material, or at least the baseline and trajectory of future changes in the inner terrain, then her contribution becomes vastly more important than that of the father.


Moreover, the conditions surrounding gestation (important because of maternal-to-fetal microbiome trafficking in utero), her general health, and the way in which she gives birth (home, birth center, or hospital) now take on vastly greater importance than previously imagined. In other words, being born in a hospital via C-section and vaccination, will produce, genetically and epigenetically, a human that is so different – qualitatively – from one born at home, naturally, that they could almost be classified as different species, despite sharing nearly identical eukaryotic DNA (remember, only 1% of the holobiont's total).

The Scientific Inevitability of Birth Feminism


Given this perspective, obstetric interventions are the archetypal expression of a male-dominated paradigm that seeks to manage a woman's birth experience with largely unacknowledged consequences for the health of our species. Protecting health and preventing disease has now been traced back to the origins of the microbiome, best expressed through natural birth in the home, which has been estimated to be as much as 1,000 times safer than a hospital birth despite propaganda to the contrary.




In light of the new, microbiome-based view, the male role in protecting the health of women and children will be irrevocably downgraded in importance, not just professionally and medically, but biologically. First, it is interesting to look at the ancient roots of the biology-based psychospiritual disparities that exist between men and women, and which still influence today's practice of medicine.


It would appear that men have from the beginning of time envied the creative role of women in conception, pregnancy, birth and caretaking. Erich Fromm also described the pyschospiritual implications for men of this biologically-based existential disparity in terms of the phenomena of womb-envy, exemplified by the biblical passage where God takes a rib from Adam to "create" Eve – an obvious reversal of the natural order of things, reflecting the inherent impotence men feel knowing their creative potency is secondary importance. It has been said, rightly, that the most powerful thing in the universe is to create life (is this not why we attribute this to "God"), and the second most powerful thing to take it. It is no coincidence that history, since it's inception as recorded, is largely a documentation of the history of wars, of men "creating meaning" by killing men, and establishing symbol systems intended to capture by proxy the creative power latent within every woman's body and experience. And so, 10,000 years later, the world ruled by monotheistic, male-principled religious and cultural systems, both in secular and religious form, it seems that the facts of our biology are now intervening to shake up these largely subconscious belief systems in favor of an ancient truth: women are superior to men, fundamentally. (Though it is not a type of superiority to be used against the "weaker sex": men, rather but to denote a higher responsibility, and perhaps greater need to be supported by men to get the job done, together, as inscribed in the natural order of things and its inherent design.)


The birth process, also, has been described as the closest thing to death without dying (it is ironic that anesthesiology, which could also be described in the same way, makes obstetrical interventions like C-section and epidural possible, at the same moment that it negates the spiritual experience of natural birth/women's empowerment we are describing), offering women a window into the 'in between' and a direct experience of Source that men, less likely to experience it naturally would later emulate and access through the various technologies of shamanism.


Clearly, protecting the microbiome is of utmost importance if we are making the health of our future generations a priority. Indeed, ensuring the health of our offspring is perhaps the most fundamental evolutionary imperative we have. How do we accomplish this? What is the microbiome but ultimately a selective array of commensal microorganisms that ultimately originated from the environment: in the air we breath, the soil we interact with, and the water and food, of course, we ingest. This means we can't simply live in a hermetically sealed bubble of shopping for organic, non-GMO certified foods at Whole Foods, while the entire planet continues to go to post-industrial hell in a hand basket. Our responsibility becomes distributed across everything in the world, and every impactful choice then becomes relevant to the fundamental issue and imperative at hand. With the microbial biodiversity in Big Ag, GM-based agricultural zones fire-bombed with biocides, by the very same corporations that either own or distribute the "organic brands" we all love to think will save our bodies, if not the planet, we need to step deeper into our activism by stepping out of the diversions and palliative measures that don't result in lasting change.


When we work with the natural world, when we honor and acknowledge what is unknown about the complex web that we all share, we will bring back a vital health that now seems so far out of reach. When we engage technologies positioned in the war against germs and organisms, however, we are doomed to fail and to cripple not only our species but our home.


- See more at:

(Bio) Electrolytes: The Truth About "All Disease"

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Diseases display a variety of symptoms, but curiously enough, there is a common denominator!


The Truth About "All Disease"

A recent series presented via GreenMedInfo, "The Truth About Cancer" could have been more accurately titled, "The Truth about All Disease." The elements of cancer protocols: nutrient/mineral correction, detoxification, helpful supplements, various energy therapies and lifestyle choices, really apply to healing all chronic disease. The idea of personal empowerment applies to all disease as well. Survivors emerged from the shock of a cancer diagnosis, stepped away from conventional treatments and "willed" their healing, which proves once again the critical importance of mental states and the reality of placebo-nocebo effects. Yes, it can be done!


We get misdirected by complex medical studies and lose sight of the common denominator in chronic disease; all are symptoms of oxidative stress and inflammation. Every symptom that ever occurs starts with a shortage of cellular bio-energy: electrons. Colds, bronchitis, indigestion, high blood pressure, bleeding gums or depression are first signs of inflammation and a progression toward heart disease, arthritis and cancers that arrive decades later. The fooler is that symptoms may appear in different locations in the body, yet reflect a predictable correlation with a range of specific insults. So cut to the cure, identify the root causes that come from toxins, wrong nutrition, poor lifestyle choices and negative personality traits/emotional stress/fear of death. Take appropriate steps at this seed level.


The public is not only convinced pharma-medicine is "real" medicine, but is deprived of accurate information and even the very idea of alternative treatments...and doctors have little time to coach patients on self-care. The best interests of the patient would be better served by a Nurse Advocate (schooled in CAM) offering personal instructions rather than a quick prescription. Leave the allopathic paradigm of a drug for every symptom...behind. Natural health proponents borrow the same pigeonhole framework by substituting an herb or supplement for a drug, repeating the idea that there is a specific silver bullet for each malady. Not so! Basic oxidation-reduction (redox) chemistry, though it seems foreign to medical thinking, is the most certain scientific and holistic point of view that goes to the root of health and healing.


Any organism, properly nourished in a chemically clean environment, will self-repair and remain healthy. Disease/inflammation happens when those basic conditions for life are not met. Think of your cells as fish in a salt water aquarium. The water (your blood and fluids) must circulate freely, be freshly oxygenated and carry away metabolic wastes. It must contain "food," mineral electrolytes and be of a conducive pH. Improper feeding, acidic waste buildup and oxygen shortages will cause cells to malfunction and otherwise squander electron energy (ATPs). Fish (cells) will float belly up.



Cancer is given star status because it is fear-mongered throughout the media (it's big business), yet cancer is nothing more than the last stop on the inflammation express. DNA becomes crippled, un-expressive and unable to synthesize defensive enzymes accurately. Immune responses also fail when cells lack the electrical bio-energy to mount a powerful oxidative response or produce protective factors. Sequestered within an acid mantle, tumors refuse oxygen as they stimulate angiogenesis to gulp a steady supply of glucose and travel into surrounding connective tissues. Baking soda ("baited" with maple syrup or honey) can disappear cancers orally or alone by injection of an 8% solution; into, near or upstream from the shift pH toward oxygen-friendly alkalinity, and allow metabolism to revert to normal aerobic function. Cancer has properly been defined as acidic hypoxia.


DNA errors occur when genes are damaged or turned off by oxidative stress. When charge terrain deteriorates, free radicals and acids begin to "oxidize" (burn/rust/corrode) base pairs and telomeres. **(Molecules are only molecules because their atoms are held together by shared or donated electrons and come apart when oxidants steal those electrons. Don't let your molecules come apart!)


As we age, DNA errors build to the point where cells can no longer replicate, become senescent and start to throw off inflammatory toxins... or in this death spiral, cells may also turn to anaerobic metabolism and become cancerous in a last-ditch effort to get energy. Charge terrain is considered healthy at approximately .45 millivolts and a slightly alkaline pH of 7.35 to 7.4 (where electrons outnumber protons).


Metabolism: the process of extracting electrons from food

A well charged organism metabolizes nutrients efficiently to produce enough ATP electrons to maintain that charge and cover its energy requirements. A healthy charge terrain is essential for oxygen, nutrients and wastes to move freely in and out of cells. A healthy charge improves circulation by reducing the viscosity of the blood/water matrix and prevents clumping of blood cells. A healthy charge terrain holds reserve electrons to neutralize acidic wastes and free radicals that can deconstruct cell molecules and damage membranes. Electrolyte balance is critical for buffering pH in the desired range: think magnesium, potassium and bicarbonate. Everything moves and reacts due to charge; the boy-girl nature of the universe.

Membrane integrity

Cell membranes are doorways through which cells interact with their fluid "aquarium" environment. Their integrity depends on construction — utilizing undamaged, unoxidized omega and saturated fats in the correct ratio. Similarly, mitochondrial membranes must be tough enough to withstand the fires of metabolism, contain leakage of free radicals and access enough oxygen to neutralize acidic metabolic wastes. When cell membranes become dotted with metals like mercury, cadmium, aluminum and free iron, those positive ions disrupt charge and source damaging hydroxyl free radicals. Until metals are mobilized with mega C/baking soda and chelated with chlorella, greens/juices, charcoal or clays, they will continue to catalyze hydroxyl formation. The mega C detox method is safer, cheaper and more gentle than IV chelations, yet much faster than food-based protocols (which can be used at the same time). Take a variety of polyphenols, from turmeric to green tea to citrus bioflavonoids and thousands of other electron-packed plant nutrients. Polyphenol molecules all contain organic ring structures full of double bonds and surplus electrons to halt the devastating, hydroxyl-radical-generating Fenton process, putting them high on the antioxidative ORAC chart (oxygen radical acceptance capacity).


Connective tissues/CTs... Cell glue and the other electrical system

The connective tissue matrix is vital in maintaining healthy cells. Connective tissues are water-rich collagen constructs that surround cells and make up all fascia, skin, ligaments, tendons, intestinal and blood vessel linings. CTs have been found to contain high levels of energized structured water responsible for conducting charge through acupuncture meridians or "chi channels." Since light, heat and sound energy structure water, pulsed lasers, thermal treatments and sound applications make perfect medical sense. CTs are composed of collagen which is built of Vitamin C plus the amino acids lysine and proline (like in chicken soup). Infections and cancers spread through CTs according to presenter Dr. Rath, by dissolving collagen fibers like a hot knife through butter. Mega C/mega soup protect and quickly repair CTs and must be consistently consumed by diet or supplements to resist metastases, help reverse cancers and expel pathogens. There is a huge "soup" deficiency, among others, in the U.S. Canned soup doesn't qualify.


Opportunistic pathogens

Bacteria, viruses and fungi are like vultures. They are with us always, but generally only gather where low O2/low bio-energy conditions occur, connective tissues and mucous membranes are weak and immune cells haven't the oomph to oxidize them. This is where oxidative approaches come in, to provide the hot singlet oxygen that molecularly destroys pathogens, cancers and organic debris. Mega C, orally or IV, generates peroxide to provide the oxidative bursts that define a natural immune response while flooding the system with electrons limiting collateral damage. On the other hand, Ozone, hydrogen peroxide and MMS chlorite are powerful straight oxidizers that should be alternated with appropriate quantities of antioxidants to prevent damage. Gut health is critical as well. While Vitamin C plus soup heal leaky gut linings and autoimmune conditions, courses of oregano oil followed by probiotics, aloes, fibers and ferments re-balance floral populations by knocking off toxin forming staph, strep and candida that tax the system.


Forbidden view

My "too simple to grasp" forbidden approach starts with the oppositional balancing of oxidants and antioxidants, acids and alkalies; basically electrons vs protons and electron-hungry free radicals. The goal is to build a healing surplus of vital bioenergy/electrons. You can backtrack any symptom to a disruption of oxygen delivery, energy production and DNA expression without ever focusing on downstream problems. An immune response depends on oxidative elements using bursts of singlet oxygen radicals, while the whole body operates on antioxidative ATP electron energy.


Reverse disease/oxidative stress/inflammation at the source. Start here.



These diverse therapeutic practices reverse cancers and work on the other "diseases." Each has an easy to master skill set involving dosages and applications.


Mega C/mega vitamins (many recommended doses are, scientifically speaking, teensie-weensie)


Real foods


Molecular-level detox


Mineral balancing of major and trace elements (Mg/K/I/Se/Zn are frequent deficiencies) Hair metal/mineral analysis is very valuable


Bone broths; lysine/proline to maintain resilient conductive connective tissues


Polyphenols (basically all herbals and beneficial phytonutrients) Bicarbonates, alkalizing enables O2 (Arm&Hammer)


Peroxide/ozone/MMS chlorite(powerful/unpleasant/last choice)..Aggressive oxidizers bolster immune response to destroy pathogens/cancers/organic debris


Oxygen/breathe work/HBOT/EWOT


Heat/sound/light/sunbathing/earthing; Energy/Electrons captured by water


Exercise/Body Work Meditation/Mindfullness



Yes, it can be done!


Every survivor of disease has found the strength of will and intent, studied natural health principles and fearlessly put them into practice.


Beats suffering.

Truth About Silver

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by Paul Fassa, Natural Health Journalist


(Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine) The basic reason for any colloidal silver efficacy and safety controversy is the medical establishment (medical mafia) and the pharmaceutical industry (Big Pharma) see colloidal silver as a financial threat. –Editor’s Note: The truth and colloidal silver is based on thousands of years of silver usage in the fight against disease and germs even before mankind knew what germs were.


Both institutions have put silver medical products to work in hospital equipment and medical tools as well as anti-infection burn remedies to prevent MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) infections, which are potentially lethal and have become antibiotic resistant.


Yet the medical establishment promotes fear mongering lies through various media outlets and threatens colloidal silver manufacturers through various federal, state, and local health agencies.


The difference between their medical products and colloidal silver is patent rights that yield royalties for several years. Colloidal silver can be made by anyone with inexpensive equipment and it can’t be patented.


As of January 2009, the EU has banned colloidal silver manufacturing in its European member nations. Whenever Codex Alimentarius gets “harmony” compliance from the USA, the same will happen here.


So now is the right time to stock up and try it yourself or buy a kit permitting you to make it yourself indefinitely.


How Colloidal Silver Works and How It’s Made


Some consider it an antiseptic and not an antibiotic because it kills bacteria, destroys viruses, and eliminates fungal infections. But while colloidal silver can destroy even antibiotic resistant pathogens, so far bacteria that are resistant to silver haven’t developed.


Keep in mind that while antibiotics don’t touch viruses and funguses, colloidal silver eliminates them.


It eliminates anaerobic pathogens by destroying the enzymes that fend off oxygen molecules, thus oxidizing them to death. Conversely, the silver nano-particles neutralize the minority of aerobic pathogens by disrupting their ability to use oxygen.


This begs the question; will colloidal silver destroy friendly gut bacteria the way pharmaceutical antibiotics do?


Some speculate that colloidal silver doesn’t affect the intestinal flora balance because of colloidal silver’s rapid assimilation from the gastrointestinal (GI) tract into the blood stream. Therefore. it doesn’t linger in the GI tract long enough to adversely affect the intestinal flora balance. But this is speculation.


Most colloidal silver long term users agree that maintenance dosing may not affect the intestinal flora balance, since most of it gets absorbed into the bloodstream before having time to do much damage in the small and large intestines.


But heavier dosing to remedy flu or pneumonia and other infectious diseases may have an adverse effect on friendly bacteria.


Colloidal silver doesn’t distinguish between good and bad bacteria and kills all single cell microbes on contact, so you would be wiser to use probiotic supplements usually available at reasonable prices if you need larger than maintenance doses for more than a very few days.


Wait at least an hour or more after ingesting colloidal silver to take any probiotics. If you make your own fermented foods and beverages such as milk kefir, yogurt, or water kefir, those can work to supplement probiotics.


You can also minimize any intestinal flora imbalance by avoiding the gastrointestinal tract entirely by: (1) Holding a dose of colloidal silver in your mouth to absorb most of the silver sublingually into the bloodstream through the capillaries under and around your tongue. (2) Nebulize the colloidal silver suspension, making it go directly into your bloodstream via the lungs’ blood vessels.


Because the tiny colloidal silver particles have strong positive charges, they are attracted to or attract negatively charged microbes, including viruses that antibiotics do not affect at all. Positively charged silver nanoparticles are magnetic scavengers that don’t have to collide by chance the way antibiotic molecules do.


Since the positively charged silver particles serve as catalysts without getting involved in becoming part of a merged compound, once the negatively charged pathogens are neutralized, the positively charged silver particles are free to break other pathogenic enzymes that protect anaerobic pathogens from oxidizing or break the aerobic pathogens’ ability to metabolize oxygen.


A colloidal silver suspension is made from an electrical current applied to silver strips or wires as electrodes placed in distilled water. After some time, the distilled water becomes concentrated with a suspension of tiny particles or silver ions.


Colloidal Silver and Ionic-Silver Differences


Ionic silver generally can’t get past the stomach’s hydrochloric acid without becoming adulterated as another compound, usually silver chloride. Then that form of silver doesn’t harm friendly bacteria or disturb the lower intestinal tract flora.


But it doesn’t do much else since it can’t get into the bloodstream intact as pure silver via the small intestines. So, ionic silver is best suited for topical applications, including ears, nose, mouth (gum and dental) and skin.


Several publications indicate that for optimum absorption into the bloodstream and into small tissues, particles should be .015 micron or 15 nm (nanometers) or smaller. The parts per million (ppm) of silver to distilled water should be 10 ppm or more in 99.999% pure distilled water without additives or salts.


Make sure the container shields its contents from sunlight exposure. Dark brown glass bottles are best, but some use dark blue.


Since colloidal silver may become banned someday because it’s so effective and safe, it would be wise to purchase the apparatus for making your own. Its initial cost makes future colloidal silver a bargain in the long run.


It ensures access to colloidal silver’s benefits if and when Codex Alimentarius takes over with antibiotic resistant germs overwhelm pharmaceutical antibiotics.


The Truth and Colloidal Silver and It’s Bad Press


The blue grandpa “smerf” photos of Paul Karason’s Argyria (an almost permanent blue skin disease) has made the mainstream media rounds for anti colloidal silver propagandists. What hasn’t been explained is that Paul made his own colloidal silver and drank at least a pint and up to quart a day for years!


Exactly what form of silver Paul was making is also controversial. The normal maintenance dosage is a teaspoonful one to three times daily. Some use a tablespoonful.


Also withheld is the fact that Paul has no other ill effects and doesn’t seem to mind his blue colored skin, leading some to speculate that he’s a paid poster boy for Big Pharma’s campaign against colloidal silver.


Another disinformation theme is that the silver accumulates in the kidneys and creates a toxic situation. This would only happen if the kidneys are already very defective. Usually colloidal silver does a great job of clearing the kidneys and the liver as well. There’s not much that can go wrong using a high quality colloidal silver.


Another often used attack is the claim of no credible sources confirming colloidal and ionic silver’s efficacy and safety. Articles linked in the sources section below have several credible medical science references.


One Caveat


Because pathogens are often killed so rapidly, one may experience a Herxheimer event or Herx, commonly known as a “healing crisis”. This can be tolerable for most, but difficult if one is seriously ill. Then one should start out with lighter dosages and gradually build to two to three times the normal dosage for a few weeks.


The healing crisis may occur when the toxic pathogenic die-off accumulates too rapidly for the body to eliminate those toxins. So make sure you drink lots of purified water and you are eliminating properly when using colloidal silver.


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Dane Wigington Links Climate Engineering to Bankster Cabal - The Buck Stops With the Banksters

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The Buck Stops With the Banksters


Dane Wigington correctly links climate engineering, the 9/11 False Flag, species extinction, the JFK murder and numerous deep state crimes to the bankster cabal who enforce predatory capitalism as a secret society that controls our government from behind a curtain. Although I disagree with Dane’s belief that chemtrails are intended to cool the climate, every other point made in this presentation is based on numerous scholarly sources with special mention to architect, Richard Gage, AIA and thousands of advanced degree supporters at


Wiginton’s article has been re-posted here due to the urgency of informing the public in time to take action against WWIII and towards world peace.









Dane Wigington


A core group of consolidated power has been orchestrating global events and manipulating society in countless ways for an unimaginably long time. The global geoengineering assault has been (and is) a primary weapon for them. This cabal of insanity has pushed the planet far past the point of no return. Society as a whole has unfortunately been all too willing to go along for the ride. Collapse is coming on numerous fronts, this is not a question, but a mathematical certainty. Those in power are preparing as fast as they can for a massive paradigm shift. As environment disintegrates, the economy will follow. False flag events have always been used by the those in power to further their agendas. They are now backed into a corner and are more dangerous than ever. Hundreds of thousands of jobs are being lost, the global dry shipping index has just hit an all time record low, the global refugee crisis is skyrocketing. As the walls crumble, people are more compelled to come out of their bubbles and take a look at the horizon.


Holding community viewings of documentary films can be extremely productive. One of the films that is essential for the public to see is the 911 Architects and Engineers for Truth documentary. On November 14th, such a viewing was held in Redding, California.




Preserving the planet for the young (and protecting them from the crimes of the power structure) is our collective responsibility. My most sincere thanks to young Colton for asking his question at the community viewing. It is for Colton, and all the children, that we fight.


90% of those in attendance had never examined information on the 911 issue other than the official narrative. None could argue the shocking data presented and the film was a stepping stone to the subject of climate engineering. All left with the free informational materials on geoengineering which were given away at the event and now many more “spot fires” of awakening are burning. This week’s installment of Global Alert News outlines some of the key events and factors that have lead us to this crossroad. Where do we go from here?


We must all use every peaceful option at our disposal to help sound the alarm, no stone can be left unturned.


Weather Warfare Is Secret Climate Change Agenda: Beware the US Military Climatic Weapons

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By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

Global Research, January 20, 2013

The Ecologist, December 2007, Global Research 7 December 2007


Archive of Global Research articles on Weather Warfare


“HAARP is a weapon of mass destruction, capable of destabilising agricultural and ecological systems globally.”


“‘Climatic warfare’ potentially threatens the future of humanity, but has casually been excluded from the reports for which the IPCC received the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.”


HAARP FacilityRarely acknowledged in the debate on global climate change, the world’s weather can now be modified as part of a new generation of sophisticated electromagnetic weapons. Both the US and Russia have developed capabilities to manipulate the climate for military use.


Environmental modification techniques have been applied by the US military for more than half a century. US mathematician John von Neumann, in liaison with the US Department of Defense, started his research on weather modification in the late 1940s at the height of the Cold War and foresaw ‘forms of climatic warfare as yet unimagined’. During the Vietnam war, cloud-seeding techniques were used, starting in 1967 under Project Popeye, the objective of which was to prolong the monsoon season and block enemy supply routes along the Ho Chi Minh Trail.


The US military has developed advanced capabilities that enable it selectively to alter weather patterns. The technology, which is being perfected under the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), is an appendage of the Strategic Defense Initiative – ‘Star Wars’. From a military standpoint, HAARP is a weapon of mass destruction, operating from the outer atmosphere and capable of destabilising agricultural and ecological systems around the world.


Weather-modification, according to the US Air Force document AF 2025 Final Report, ‘offers the war fighter a wide range of possible options to defeat or coerce an adversary’, capabilities, it says, extend to the triggering of floods, hurricanes, droughts and earthquakes: ‘Weather modification will become a part of domestic and international security and could be done unilaterally… It could have offensive and defensive applications and even be used for deterrence purposes. The ability to generate precipitation, fog and storms on earth or to modify space weather… and the production of artificial weather all are a part of an integrated set of [military] technologies.’


In 1977, an international Convention was ratified by the UN General Assembly which banned ‘military or other hostile use of environmental modification techniques having widespread, long-lasting or severe effects.’ It defined ‘environmental modification techniques’ as ‘any technique for changing –through the deliberate manipulation of natural processes – the dynamics, composition or structure of the earth, including its biota, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, or of outer space.’


While the substance of the 1977 Convention was reasserted in the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) signed at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio, debate on weather modification for military use has become a scientific taboo.


Military analysts are mute on the subject. Meteorologists are not investigating the matter and environmentalists are focused on greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto Protocol. Neither is the possibility of climatic or environmental manipulations as part of a military and intelligence agenda, while tacitly acknowledged, part of the broader debate on climate change under UN auspices.


The HAARP Programme


Established in 1992, HAARP, based in Gokona, Alaska, is an array of high-powered antennas that transmit, through high-frequency radio waves, massive amounts of energy into the ionosphere (the upper layer of the atmosphere). Their construction was funded by the US Air Force, the US Navy and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Operated jointly by the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Office of Naval Research, HAARP constitutes a system of powerful antennas capable of creating ‘controlled local modifications of the ionosphere’. According to its official website, , HAARP will be used ‘to induce a small, localized change in ionospheric temperature so physical reactions can be studied by other instruments located either at or close to the HAARP site’.





Rosalie Bartell mug-smBut Rosalie Bertell, president of the International Institute of Concern for Public Health, says HAARP operates as ‘a gigantic heater that can cause major disruptions in the ionosphere, creating not just holes, but long incisions in the protective layer that keeps deadly radiation from bombarding the planet’.


Physicist Dr Bernard Eastlund called it ‘the largest ionospheric heater ever built’. HAARP is presented by the US Air Force as a research programme, but military documents confirm its main objective is to ‘induce ionospheric modifications’ with a view to altering weather patterns and disrupting communications and radar.


According to a report by the Russian State Duma: ‘The US plans to carry out large-scale experiments under the HAARP programme [and] create weapons capable of breaking radio communication lines and equipment installed on spaceships and rockets, provoke serious accidents in electricity networks and in oil and gas pipelines, and have a negative impact on the mental health of entire regions.’*


An analysis of statements emanating from the US Air Force points to the unthinkable: the covert manipulation of weather patterns, communications and electric power systems as a weapon of global warfare, enabling the US to disrupt and dominate entire regions. Weather manipulation is the pre-emptive weapon par excellence. It can be directed against enemy countries or ‘friendly nations’ without their knowledge, used to destabilise economies, ecosystems and agriculture. It can also trigger havoc in financial and commodity markets. The disruption in agriculture creates a greater dependency on food aid and imported grain staples from the US and other Western countries.


HAARP was developed as part of an Anglo-American partnership between Raytheon Corporation, which owns the HAARP patents, the US Air Force and British Aerospace Systems (BAES).


The HAARP project is one among several collaborative ventures in advanced weapons systems between the two defence giants. The HAARP project was initiated in 1992 by Advanced Power Technologies, Inc. (APTI), a subsidiary of Atlantic Richfield Corporation (ARCO). APTI (including the HAARP patents) was sold by ARCO to E-Systems Inc, in 1994. E-Systems, on contract to the CIA and US Department of Defense, outfitted the ‘Doomsday Plan’, which ‘allows the President to manage a nuclear war’.Subsequently acquired by Raytheon Corporation, it is among the largest intelligence contractors in the World. BAES was involved in the development of the advanced stage of the HAARP antenna array under a 2004 contract with the Office of Naval Research.


The installation of 132 high frequency transmitters was entrusted by BAES to its US subsidiary, BAE Systems Inc. The project, according to a July report in Defense News, was undertaken by BAES’s Electronic Warfare division. In September it received DARPA’s top award for technical achievement for the design, construction and activation of the HAARP array of antennas.


The HAARP system is fully operational and in many regards dwarfs existing conventional and strategic weapons systems. While there is no firm evidence of its use for military purposes, Air Force documents suggest HAARP is an integral part of the militarisation of space. One would expect the antennas already to have been subjected to routine testing.


Under the UNFCCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has a mandate ‘to assess scientific, technical and socioeconomic information relevant for the understanding of climate change’. This mandate includes environmental warfare. ‘Geo-engineering’ is acknowledged, but the underlying military applications are neither the object of policy analysis or scientific research in the thousands of pages of IPCC reports and supporting documents, based on the expertise and input of some 2,500 scientists, policymakers and environmentalists. ‘Climatic warfare’ potentially threatens the future of humanity, but has casually been excluded from the reports for which the IPCC received the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.