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Fire Mountain Gems

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Universal Synergy Part 22 - Worlds Within Worlds

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Movies such as Journey To The Center Of The Earth evoke exotic images of strange creatures, precious stones, wondrous waterfalls, singing crystals, mysterious tunnels, and grand cities. For some adventurous ones, such exotic themes also stimulate images of lost cultures, buried archives of secret information, and fantastic treasures beyond description.


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How Volcanoes Create Land, Life and Money

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Submarine Volcanoes | Volcano World | Oregon State University Highlight

Submarine Volcanoes. General features of the ocean basins. Map courtesy of NASA and the Smithsonian Institution. The most productive volcanic systems on ...

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Queries: Life - Geometry - Geology - Earth Hearth Core - Volcanoes - Gemstones - Rain Water

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Teacher's Guides LHS Gems


These engaging life science activities, in which students set up and observe ... They learn that convection affects the Earth's crust and volcanic eruptions, the ...


Obsidian - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Highlight


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Queries - Hidden History - First Nation - Emeru Iron PNE Copper Honey Red Root Brown Brick Earth Hearth Nation - Biology - Palmistry - Spirituality - Color

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Manna Prana La Mana Ecudaor Taylos Tela Telomere Melanin Copper Iron Magenta PNE Honey Tree Power of 3

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