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D.K. Defense Department: It's On! 2 Link Specials Included Plus Free Shipping*.

Posted on July 23, 2014 at 2:10 PM





One Stop Shop for Military & Police Gear, Outdoor, Camping & Survival Gear, Gloves, Footwear, Hats, Womens and Mens Camo clothing

Free Shipping on any order of $100 or more.


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we reserve the right to limit coupon to standard size packages shipped via UPS

Gander MountainFor those that are paying attention, we are facing some very difficult times. Let us recap, we are losing our liberties left and right, the borders have been dropped yet we are still radiated and molested at the airports, we have organization attacking the organic and vitamin industry and jobs are leaving the country on a regular basis. This all points to desperate times and people are taking desperate measures due to artificial scarcity induced by the central banks by funding wars and manipulating the market. We now have diseases and gang members crossing galore and it's beginning to look like the average American is in the middle of some deep s**t in addition to being posioned via the water and food supply from mutiple sources.

Gander MountainBe sure to check out the New Life Shopping List here on Underground Intelligence The Blog to take care of your food and solar power needs. All this stress and violence leads toa diseased people and we cannot let that happen. It's gone on far enough as it is. It is time to break free of the distractions and accept that corporations and central banks have usurped our government and have replaced us in saying how this world should be run. Accept it and do something about it. I post a lot of healing information but lets face facts, it might get violent as artificial scarcity hits closer to home and additiional unknown immigrants contribute to the destabilization of the economy. Stop thinking with your emotions and consider the consequences of these wreckless political actions for benefits that are not in our best interest at all whatsoever to put it mildly.

Below are your links incase there's trouble and you have a full line of gear as well through our new Army, Navy Store affiliation. Click the quick link HERE to enter the store. If you are viewing this in RSS feed and cannot click, come over to the main page at www. and also check out our new shop with the Healthy World Organization HERE to replace vaccines and antibiotics plus boost your immune system and detoxify with new frequency technologies. You can also signup to become an affiliate and sell the products. Free website, no startup

$10 off $100+ purchase at Gander Mountain with code GMTN10!

Gander Mountain

$5 off every $50 spent at Gander Mountain; save up to $40! Use code GMT5!

Click here for tasers and batons.

Click here for pepper spray.

Click here for air horns and bull horns.

Click here for paintball guns.

Click here for motion detectors.

Click here for EMF radiation monitoring equipment.

Click here to find your own alarm system.

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Click here for water testing kits.

Click here for air quality tests.

Click here for soil testing kits.

Click here for water filters that also filter fluoride and heavy toxins.

Click here for solar panel kits for off grid security in times of power outage.

Click here to get the items needed to detoxify your system and view the reasons why.

Click here to get your own greenhouse. Stop eating the poison, grow your own clean chemtrail free food and medicine. We only get sick because we allow it.

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Armor for Patriots at starting at only $375

If you are viewing through RSS Feed and cannot click come join us at 

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