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Underground Intelligence Media Is Official! 13 channels, thousands of videos.

Posted on December 26, 2014 at 2:05 PM

Underground Intelligence Radio and Underground Intelligence T.V. is now under my new brand, Underground Intelligence Media. The reason for the new terminology is because there are now more internet tv channels here at It's been heading in this direction for a while but I just did not know it yet lol. Some pages have been upgraded to be internet tv channels, some pages are brand new tv channels and some were already channels but have been upgraded with more content and solutions. Below are the channels and what they feature:

Roster TV: Features free music and music oriented videos for the mind, body and soul. Click Artist Roster at the top of any page to check out whats on the air so far.

Travel TV: Features top travel, discovery and tourism destinations around the world. Click DK TRAVEL at the top of any page to check it out.

Bright Star TV: Natural health, nutrition and disease prevention. Click BSA at the top.

Underground Intelligence TV: The original channel. Click VIDEOS at the top.

TMU TV: How manipulation and lies run the world, how to identify it and what to do about it. Click TMU at the top. (This page links to T.M.U. Radio also)

NETSI TV: TV channel and fundraising page for New England True Sustainability Initiative, the Amethyst Project and the North East Nature Guard. Click GT at the top of any page.

Nature Guard TV: An extension of NETSI TV. How your air, water and soil is being polluted and what you can do about it. Click HERE to tune in.

DKOM TV: Featuring healthy living and disease prevention information. Click h

HERE to tune in.

MFTV: Muscle and fitness, click HERE to tune in.

ISJTV: Individual and social justice channel. The truth about drugs, war, money, law and order. Click HERE to tune in.

Bulk TV: Coming soon

The homepage is also now a t.v. channel. Click the icon that looks like a house at the top left of any page.

The main Blog page is now also a t.v. channel, click BLOG at the top of any page here.

To tune in to the Music channels click RADIO at the top of any page or click HERE.

Each video recommends up to 10 or more videos upon it's ending giving you hours of entertainment and information and access to thousands of sources for a well rounded, more accurate view of how the world really works. With a more accurate view of the world, you will then realize just how illusionary this reality is and what you should be doing to save the world and restore balance.

When you increase your awareness, you raise your level of consciousness, when you raise your level of consciousness you then raise your vibration, when you raise your vibration you then realize natural law takes priority over the laws of man. When you adjust your behavior accordingly and help others do the same you are on the road to enlightenment.

- DJ Marco Andre (m.a.r.)

If you are viewing this in RSS feed and cannot click, join us direct at

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