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Universal Synergy Part 20 - The Photon Belt

Posted on August 21, 2015 at 2:30 PM





- Banda de Fotones y el Proceso de Transmutación


- Cinturón De Fotones Actualizado - De la Federación Galáctica


- El Cinturón de Fotones o La Nébula Dorada


- El Cinturón Fotónico


- El Cronometraje de La Entrada del Sistema Solar en La Banda de Fotones


- Encuentro Con El Cinturón de Fotones

- Is the Earth About to Enter The Photon Belt, Causing the End of Life as we know it?


- La Banda de Fotones - extracto de Cosmologia Pleyadiana

- Original Photon Belt Article

- Photon Belt or The Golden Nebula

- Photon Belt Updated - From the Galactic Federation


- Pirámides del Mundo Transmiten Energía Hacia Misteriosa Nube de Fotones en El Espacio

- Planet Earth Meets the Photon Belt


- ¿Que es El Cinturón de Fotones?

- Rings of Alcyone

- Sir Edmund Halley and The Pleiades Anomaly


- Sir Edmund Halley e L'Anomali delle Pleiadi

- The Coming of A New Age - The Photon Belt

- The Photon Belt Alcyone Saga

- The Photon Belt Encounter

- The Photon Belt - From Barbara Hand Clow writings

- The Photon Belt Information - Cosmic Awareness Communications - 93-11 (Issue No. 420)

- The Photon Belt Story

- The Photon Zone - Earth’s Future Brightens

- The Rings of Alcyone - The Photon Belt

- World's Pyramids Beaming Energy to Mysterious Space Photon Cloud

Additional Information

- A Strong, Highly-Tilted Interstellar Magnetic Field Near The Solar System


- Cambios en la Humanidad


- De Cómo Las Recientes Llamaradas Solares Están Afectando a Los Seres Humanos


- El Misterio de La Grieta Oscura


- El Paso del Cambio - ¿Qué Está Pasando y Qué Va A Pasar?


- Estado Planetofisico de La Tierra y La Vida


- ¿Estará La NASA Rastreando El Cambio Cósmico? - El Cinturón de Fotones

- Galactic Geysers Fuelled by Star Stuff - International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research

- Giant Magnetized Outflows from The Centre of The Milky Way

- How Recent Solar Flares Are Affecting Humans

- Is NASA Tracking The Cosmic Shift? - The Photon Belt


- La NASA Está Desconcertada por Enorme Campo Magnético


- Las Edades

- Latest Warning From NASA to Its Employees - Are You Ready? Are You Prepared?

- Morphogenic Resonance or a Plethora of Galactic Center Disinformation?

- Mysterious Charged Particles in Our Galaxy - Objects at The Edge of The Electromagnetic Spectrum

- NASA Mystified by Enormous Energy Field


- Pasando a Través de La Nube de Energía

- Passing Into The Energy Cloud

- Planetophysical State of The Earth and Life


- ¿Que Dice la Biblia de Todo Esto?


- Reciente Advertencia de La NASA a Sus Empleados

- Shift of Ages

- Solar System Entering Dangerous Interstellar Energy Cloud

- The Mystery of The Dark Rift

- The Passage of Change - What is Happening and What is Going to Happen?

- The Space Phenomenon of The Great Ribbon


- 2012 - Entrada En El Cinturon Fotonico

- Belt Radiations

- Galactic Alignment in 2012 Feared to Cause Pole Shift 2008

- Mysterious Objects at The Edge of The Electromagnetic Spectrum

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