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Universal Synergy Part 25 - Shamanism

Posted on August 21, 2015 at 11:40 PM

- Carlos Castaneda's Don Juan's Teachings - Main File


- Cómo Se Ve el Chamán a Sí Mismo

- Credo Mutwa - Main File


- El Chamanismo


- El Chamán y Los Animales de Poder


- El Lado Activo del Infinito - Los Escritos de Carlos Castaneda


- El Misterio de los Chamanes Perdidos "Al Sulaba"


- El Místico y el Chamán


- El Partido de Xolotl - Magia e Iniciación Entre Las Tribus del Final de Los Tiempos


- Entrevista a un Chamán


- Esto es lo que Puede Enseñarnos el Chamanismo Acerca de Nosotros y Nuestro Futuro


- Éxtasis Chamánico

- Interview to a Shaman


- La Naturaleza de El Espíritu y El Alma - Una Visión Chamánica


- Las Fronteras del Chamanismo


- Lo que Un Chamán Ve en un Hospital Psiquiátrico


- ¿Qué Son Los Espíritus?


- Secretos del Chamanismo Siberiano

- Secrets of Siberian Shamanism

- Shamanic Ecstasy

- The Active Side of Infinity - The Writings of with Carlos Castaneda

- The Informant and Carlos Castaneda

- The Mystery of The Lost Shamans "Al Sulaba"

- The Nature of The Spirit and The Soul - A Shamanic View

- The Party of Xolotl - Magic and Initiation Among the Endtime Tribes

- The Shaman and Power Animals

- This is what Shamanism Can Teach Us about Ourselves and Our Future


- Trance-Formadores - Chamanes del Siglo 21

- Tranceformers - Shamans of the 21st Century

- Vulture Shamanism

- What are Spirits?

- What a Shaman Sees in A Mental Hospital

Información Adicional


- Ángeles - Una Historia de Ángeles en el Pensamiento Occidental

- Angels - A History Of Angels In Western Thought


- Animales de Poder

- A Parasite of A Different Order - A Psychic Tapeworm

- Are We Possessed?


- Avatar - La Cosmovisión Psicodélica y la Experiencia de la Visión en 3D

- Engineering A Visionary Race - Entheogenetics and the Future of Mind


- ¿Estamos Poseídos?


- Exponiendo a Los Malévolos Dueños y Señores de La Tierra

- Exposing The Evil Overlords of Earth

- Insights Into the Convergence of Science and Spirituality - Mind Over Genes


- La Función Biológica del Tercer Ojo


- "La Matrix" Como Viaje Chamánico


- La Serpiente Cósmica


- Los Chamanes de Mu, los Caídos y la Corrupción de La Sabiduría


- Maria Sabina - Mazatec Healer, Curandera, and Shaman

- Mothman & The Thunderbird - Separated at Birth? - A Striking Resemblance Between the "Mothman" and an Indian...

- Power Animals

- Prophesies of The Q'ero Inca Shamans

- Psychedelic Bible - The Discovery of A Lifetime

- Psychoactive Botanicals in Ritual, Religion and Shamanism

- Sacred Datura

- Sacred Places

- Salvador Lopez - Spiritual Elder of The Cahuilla

- Scientists Studied What Psychedelics Do to the Brain, and It's Not what You've Been Told

- The Biological Function of The Third Eye

- The Cosmic Serpent - DNA and The Origins of Knowledge

- The Matrix As Shamanic Journey - Gnosticism Reborn

- The Omega Principle - The Energy Which Patterns Randomness

- The Shamans of Mu, the Fallen Ones and the Corruption of Wisdom

- The Supernatural - Meetings With the Ancient Teachers of Mankind - Interview with Graham Hancock

- The Wetiko Virus - A Malignant Egophrenia


- Un Parásito de Orden Diferente - Una 'Tenia Psíquica'

- Witches, Comets and Planetary Cataclysms


- DNA and The Origins of Knowledge - Cosmic Serpent - by J. Narby


- El Chamanismo y Las Técnicas Arcaicas del Éxtasis - por Mircea Eliade


- Las Enseñanzas de Don Juan - por Carlos Castañeda

- Supernatural - Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind - by G. Hancock

- The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross - by John Allegro

- The Evolutionary Mind - Trialogues at The Edge of The Unthinkable - by R. Sheldrake, T. McKenna and R. Abraham


- A Molecule Found Throughout Nature - The Spirit Molecule

- Chamán Pequeña Abuela - Kiesha Crowther

- Complete Inuit Shaman Life Story 1922

- DMT - The Spirit Molecule - A Documentary


- Entheogenic Shamanism Ancient Astronauts History

- Fire on the Mountain - A Gathering of Shamans

- Kakaram - Life Force


- La Inquisición Farmocrática

- Mushroom Time Lapse Amanita Muscaria

- The Pharmacratic Inquisition

- The Shaman and the Jaguar

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- Consciousness and The Conscious Universe - Main File

- Gods and Religions on Planet Earth - Main File

- The Astral Plane - Main File

- The Human Brain - Main File

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- Vision Remota - Main File

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