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Fourth Endowment

Posted on October 29, 2015 at 7:35 AM


Chapter 1

The Beginning of All Beginnings

Seeking the heart of God – Living the gracious life – Areta and The One (the Emzahdeah) – An introduction to Heaven and Hodos Alea – In the beginning (singularity) – A-Z particles – The beginnings of life and creation – The streams of intelligence – The symmetry of God – Innocent spirit children must live the mortal life – The power of love

Chapter 2

The Birth of Heaven

Laying the foundations of Heaven – A new dimension – The cosmic egg and a new eternity – The world of the First Heaven – A moon of Paradise – Mother Earth and Father Time – Creation of the Tael (A-Z particles) – Creation of the Eternal Round – Creation of the blue pavement – Searching the First Cosmos

Chapter 3

The Angels of God

God finds a dying world – The Cherubim of Xandalea – A dying race – Areta speaks to the Cherubim – The Cherubim are rescued – The Cherubim give praise – This world we give to you, that you might live in joy – The Cherubim are taken to the streams of intelligence – The first angels of the heavenly hosts – New homes are granted – Houses, Congregations, and Choruses

Chapter 4

A New Addition

The nature of the Cherubim – The Season of the Song – What is this ‘forever’ worth without our little babes – Areta and The One dance within the stream – The children of God – The Goieye nurture the infants of God – God goes to Paradise to teach their children – The nature of exaltation – The bridge of mortal life – Choosing to follow after God

Chapter 5

A Sacred Purpose

A school is chosen – Children protected from natural elements – Preventing war and corruption: the nurturing man – God builds a place of gathering – The hosts of Heaven gather – Paths of Hodos Alea revealed – God’s sacred purpose – Innocence and opposition – Law of life (growth and evolution) – Multiple lives and the fairness of God – Overcoming the ego of the self – Guardian angels

Chapter 6

Subtle Workings

The natural man – God puts in place the Covenant of Promise – Unrighteous dominion – God goes to the world Terralee – The seven dispensations of God – Wisdom – Benevolence – Faith and hope – Justice and mercy – Fortitude – Beauty – Completion and harmony – More on dispensations – Adamilus and Evelah

Chapter 7

Class Begins - - Wisdom (part I)

God walks with man – The first dispensation is proclaimed – Adamilus and Evelah serve as an example – Adamilus and Evelah unite tribes – The children of Adamilus and Evelah – The prayer of greeting – Adamilus teaches the Enoshahim: farming, husbandry, mathematics and astronomy – Evelah teaches the Enoshahim: marriage, family, fishing, herbs and medicine – The calendar year of Terralee and festivals of God

Chapter 8

The Adaam - - Wisdom (part II)

Finding for yourself the greater mystery – The children of Adamilus and Evelah – Cain teaches metal working – Abel teaches language and music – Mahali teaches pottery – Yoshibel teaches wine making – Adamilus and Evelah bid farewell – Shine brightly – The nearness of God – Acquiring true wisdom through understanding

Chapter 9

The House of Mithron

Receiving adversity – Opposition and the soul – God fashions the House of Mithron – The office of Mortality and Reincarnation – Reincarnation explained – Anamnesis – The Office of Guardian Angels and the Cherubim of God – Angels offer a single touch every day – Angels guide at the time of death – The Office of Covenants – Three witnesses to things eternal – The Office of the Teraphim

Chapter 10

The Second Dispensation - - Benevolence (part I)

Heavenly Father returns to Terralee – Noaeya, the son of Kishkah – Who is this man which plays so well such melodies? – Noaeya receives an invitation from the magistrate – Noaeya brings the poor and common to the feast – Noaeya’s grace and humility is noticed – The magistrate: What manner of man are you? – Noaeya reveals himself – The magistrate questions Noaeya’s credibility – Noaeya suggests a contest of sorts – The question: What power is greatest in making people good? – The arm of man and the rule of law – Noaeya responds to the answers given – No goodness can be rooted in fear – The question remains

Chapter 11

The Power of Godly Love - - Benevolence (part II)

The debate continues – What power makes God wise and holy? – A good and worthy answer: the love of God – The whole law is fulfilled in one thing only – How to preserve the love within us? – The magistrate: Cannot the law preserve the love within? – An unknown power that guards the love of God – The people ask Noaeya to enlighten them – Noaeya speaks – Parable: Benevolence and the Shield – The shield – Detachment – Calmness – Kindness – Humor – The greatest power revealed

Chapter 12

The Battle Within - - Benevolence (part III)

A division among the rulers – Noaeya: Why will you be divided? – A choice of rule: law or benevolence – The magistrate asks about the ego of man – Noaeya speaks on the ego – Mortality and the veil – The dark speaker versus the true spirit – Pride and greed – The power of benevolence – The battle found within – Parable: The Monkey and the Jar – Mastering the self within – The magistrate becomes a disciple – The rulers protest – The law versus benevolence – The closing of the second dispensation

Chapter 13

The Telestial Kingdom - - The First Principality

The One returns home – Children are separated according to their heart’s desire – Three kingdoms of glory to be created – Bridging kingdoms: eternal progression – The Telestial Kingdom of Glory – The first principality of the Telestial Kingdom – Tabernacles of flesh and bone – The Day of Renewing – Dimensions and unseen barriers – The Principles and Rights of Friendship and Continued Associations

Chapter 14

The Telestial Kingdom - - The Second Principality

The second principality – The ministering of angels – Similar to first estate, but added to – The Day of Renewing – Season of spirit – Frolicking cherubs – The joys of the flesh provide a gate to greater wonders – The wonders of the fourth and fifth dimensions – The kingdom of the soul – Each shall inhabit their cosmos

Chapter 15

The Telestial Kingdom - - The Third Principality

The third principality – Where shall be found this third estate? – The five dimensions of the third estate – A place which is not a place – The Teraphim – A minor dilemma – Creating a world of spirit – a telestial waiting room – Anamnesis – Animals and their spirits – Teraphim inherit the world of spirit – Cherubim appointed to guide and teach animal’s spirits – Loving parents

Chapter 16

Establishing the Third Dispensation

A heavenly council convenes – Trading diamonds for dust – Preparing for the third dispensation – Who to send to Terralee? – Areta’s prayer – Necessity of adversities and hardships – Building pathways of faith and hope – Finding faith within – The One responds – A Beloved’s vow – Fear not therefore the mortal life – Sariah is born on Terralee

Chapter 17

The Third Dispensation - - Songs of Faith and Hope (part I)

The wise and foolish children of Terralee – Sariah the healer – The philosophy of Alcibiades – Law, order and prosperity – A humble plea to Sariah – Sariah speaks – The sophistry of learned men – The greater defense is joy – Parable: A golden cage of words – Guard well that inward joy – Faith (defined)

Chapter 18

The Third Dispensation - - Songs of Faith and Hope (part II)

(Sariah continued) – The presence of God – God is revealed through goodness that is done – Faith (defined) – Speak your faith, not your doubts – Discerning truth and worth – Strengthening and increasing faith – Nourish and guard well your faith – Seek the simple life – Casting pearls before swine

Chapter 19

The Third Dispensation - - Songs of Faith and Hope (part III)

(Sariah continued) – A silence created – The few who set aside their ego – God is ever willing to reveal to those who truly seek – Why say God is silent? – The means by which faith is increased – Prayer and meditation – Receiving that which you call forth – No sacred place makes for a withering faith – Being worthy to receive God’s voice – The voice of God forever speaks

Chapter 20

The Fourth Dispensation - - Justice (part I)

Sariah bids farewell – The world of Terralee – 2,000 years pass – Rise of the Industrial Age – Pennies, pride and power – The injustice of the rich – God comes to Terralee as Megordoc – Megordoc falls in love – The parents of Megordoc are angered – Megordoc is forced into prison – After three years, Megordoc is set free – Moshe and Dedrah – Moshe is elected the Presiding Patriarch – Moshe is asked to speak

Chapter 21

The Fourth Dispensation - - Justice (part II)

Moshe speaks – Justice (defined) – Men have corrupted the justice of God – Councilors of justice: mercy, understanding and compassion – First law of Heaven is not obedience, but love – Preachers have made Heaven a prison – The justice of God compared to the justice of men – Results of choosing the justice of men – Results of choosing the justice of God – Injustice is the father of many sorrows – Feeding the justice of men with fear, anger and hate – Words of Noaeya – A gentle resistance towards hurtful laws – Be not silent nor blindly obey – Fear not the laws which men do make

Chapter 22

The Fourth Dispensation - - Justice (part III)

(Moshe continued) – Required of God to break laws that cause sorrow – The laws of man are like a net – Injustice is born of fear – Live life to the fullest, don’t fear death – Serve one master – Give to yourself three gifts: honor, integrity, respect – A God-given book and stories yet written – Redeeming the fallen (dealing with criminals) – Mold with knowledge, not revenge

Chapter 23

The Fifth Dispensation - - Fortitude (part I)

Ages pass, divisions grow – Culture of the lovers of God – A newborn son – Dreams of falling stars – The young boy Abbahdon – Abbahdon is left blind by sickness – Gaia meets Abbahdon – One chosen to teach the ways of fortitude and grace – Abbahdon grows in knowledge and wisdom – A commission to examine Abbahdon – A test for Abbahdon – A question of greatness – Abbahdon identifies his interrogator

Chapter 24

The Fifth Dispensation - - Fortitude (part II)

Abbahdon is brought before the Council of Lords – Will you tempt me even now? – A time and a season for all things – Abbahdon returns home to live his life – Abbahdon is called to be The Teacher of Righteousness – Abbahdon speaks – A godly strength – The seed of fortitude: given by God – The trials of life – Fruits of fortitude: kindness, courtesy, charm, elegance – An indomitable will, born of God – Bravely stand, and gain strength

Chapter 25

The Fifth Dispensation - - Fortitude (part III)

(Abbahdon continued) – No trial is too great – Not adversity that breaks, but bitterness, anger and hate – Forgive others and free your heart – Knowledge is environment; environment dwells within – Parable: The old man who knew the will of God – Let go of bitterness and be grateful – Have a heart of steel wrapped in velvet – The strength and light of Abbahdon’s words

Chapter 26

The Sixth Dispensation - - Beauty (part I)

The Divine Laecontes – “The Lover’s Kiss” – Winning the prize – “The Strength of a Nation” – The Gadarites – A statue marred and broken – The offended band of Gadarites speak out: Nakedness an offense to God; arts of man are vulgar – Laecontes speaks (1st Lesson) – Body created in God’s likeness – Nakedness is no offense to God – Clothe to enhance beauty – Passing on the greatest knowledge of all – No one benefited by hiding sexuality – Beauty born of love and passion and should not to be constrained – The people marvel at Laecontes’ words

Chapter 27

The Sixth Dispensation - - Beauty (part II)

Works of Laecontes greatly sought – Laecontes and his disciples and students – The Prayer of Greeting – The purpose of beauty – Laecontes speaks (2nd Lesson) – Revealing the purpose of beauty: revelation – The beauty of self is revealed in the beauty of art – Beauty: the song which truth would sing – Create a life of beauty – The seven facets of life wherein beauty is shaped – Right beliefs – What to believe: finding truth – Right speech – Words return to bless or trouble you

Chapter 28

The Sixth Dispensation - - Beauty (part III)

(Laecontes continued) – Right conduct – Take joy in the happiness of others – Right associations – Friends – Right occupations – The labor of your hands shapes the inward man – Right expectations – Parable: The man without patience nor discipline – Right homes – Let children see and touch the love between parents – Sex and marriage (ways of the Gadarites) – The Covenant of Fullness – Sanctuaries in the home – Teaching children patience and discipline through artful skills

Chapter 29

The Seventh Dispensation - - Completion and Harmony (part I)

Laecontes ascends to Heaven – Terralee advances, burdens increase – Kaseah the Beautiful – Kaseah speaks – Establishing the final dispensation – Living a life of harmony and peace – Disharmony caused by illusions of life – The four illusions – Illusion of identity (self) – Tending to the flesh but ignorant of the spirit – Divided between inner spirit and outward self – Manifesting the spirit within – Embrace the spirit within and fear not


Chapter 30

The Seventh Dispensation - - Completion and Harmony (part II)

(Kaseah continued) – Illusion of freedom – Compelled to conform – Freedom born of responsibility and obligation – Spiritual imprisonment versus spiritual freedom – True freedom is born of spirit – Illusion of control – Do not hold hostage the love of others – Seek not to control others – Robbing yourself of the need for God – Length of life determined – You decide the quality of your life – Teaching children mastery of life – Illusion of possessions – Possessions: a harmful master – Spirit and soul: the only true possessions


Chapter 31

The Seventh Dispensation - - Completion and Harmony (part III)

(Kaseah continued) – Becoming free of mortal illusions – The sacrifice of temporal things – Parable: The Good Mother – The giving of time, effort and money – Beware those who mock the gift of sacrifice – Kaseah returns to her Beloved – The completion of the dispensations – Telestial tabernacles for the children of Heaven – A-Z particles and the streams of intelligence – The purpose of heavenly bodies – Bringing forth the second assembly of spirit children

Chapter 32

Following God Towards Exaltation

Heaven grows – Another new world of glory: the Terrestrial Kingdom – A bridge to the second Heaven – Spirit children flow through the dispensations of God – Foundations for a third Heaven

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