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Ley Lines and The Meaning Of Adam Part 3

Posted on January 18, 2016 at 12:30 AM

For example, the throat chakra, called Visuddha (meaning "cleansed, clarified, perfectly pure.") is related to the thyroid gland and the mastery of clairaudience (intangible hearing, as in the "voices" of the Gods; see Diagram 3).

Diagram 3

The Human Chakra System


White spiral: pingala nadi, solar

Dark spiral: Ida nadi, lunar

Central line: sushumna nadi, neutral

(From: The Inner Reaches of Outer Space, Joseph Campbell, Alfred van der Marck Editions, New York, 1986, p. 65)

The 7 chakras are energetically interdependent and activated sequentially, beginning with the 2nd, proceeding to the 7th, then returning to the 1st, the Root, the seat of Kundalini, the fundamental creative cosmic evolutionary energy.


Similarly in this model, the Earth, homologously, has a chakra system, arranged not in anatomical but energy sequence at 7 key Dome centers (Diagram 4).


Diagram 4

Planetary Chakras as Mapped on the Human

An Earth chakra, such as at the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt, or at Glastonbury Tor, England, is a huge energy vortex, several miles in immediate diameter (and extending much further in area of influence), like a two-way swinging Grid door.

It is a subtle electromagnetic interface between higher, nonphysical stellar energies and the material embodiment of them in the Earth or human body. An Earth chakra may be pictured like this: Picture tiny flowers all over the Earth. Some form larger flowers and some of these form even larger flowers. Chakras are energy in one form flowing into another, like flowers opening as parts of another flower, each independent yet interdependent, similar yet dissimilar. Alternately, we can visualize a mighty wheel with many spokes.

At each spoke there is a point of light. The wheel has a hub and each spoke has two ends. Each spoke is connected to the hub and to the wheel. The center of the hub is connected to neither the spokes nor the wheel; it is the still center. The wheel turns into the head of a white opened dandelion - this is the Earth. The spokes leave from every direction from the hub and the patterns of light emerge on the surface and extend beyond it. These points at the end of each spoke are the flowers, or nodes, or energy centers called chakras.


Curiously, the geographical arrangement of the planetary chakra system is not immutable, although the changes occur very slowly and according to a predetermined plan, like a preset timer.

The 2nd chakra, for example, now at Machu Picchu, Peru, was formerly at Delphi, Greece, site of the famous oracle; Mt. Kailas in Tibet was once Earth's 4th, or heart chakra, but this has since been "moved" to Glastonbury in England. The activation, operation, and cessation of planetary chakras, as well as dome centers, was originally calibrated for a definite time/evolutionary sequence based on a fundamental clairvoyant understanding of the vast reaches of planetary destiny.

The 6th chakra, (the Brow, or Ajna, discussed below) changes focus every 200 years and is called the Mobile Focus; it operates like a consciousness beam moving purposefully over the planet according to a pre-arranged schedule of activations. Presently it is focussed on Glastonbury, but at one time in its long eventful history, it was resident in Jerusalem.


Although the Domes have, technically, paradoxically, left, they are still resident as powerful energy imprints, as the Mothers of all sacred Earth enclosures. The Electromagnetic 1746 Grid, furthermore, is still operational, though at a somewhat reduced Light intensity compared to what it would be like if the Domes were materially present again. Gaia's etheric energy body remains sentiently active, just as Her living physical form breathes through its biosphere. This level of the Grid can be likened to a radio carrying the whole range of frequency transmission capabilities. The various parts of the radio band are assigned to the Dome receptor matrix, which are like individual antenna or radio towers. This is a system of Grid sonics, of tone modulations.

The various Dome centers are energized as sonic receptor sites according to a graduated dial of master transmissions'. In many cases stone devices, electromagnetically-adjusted, were positioned at the Dome antenna sites to facilitate sonic reception. Not only were the Dome sites, according to this theory, calibrated planetarily in terms of radio beam receptivity, they were also calibrated in terms of a master electromagnetic spectrum geared to the consciousness and life support needs of humans and biosphere.

Each Dome was like a specially-set tuning fork; when struck by the incoming beam it then resonated this tone through its local web system as a uniform vibration.


In recent years, many believe, the Grid has been undergoing a gradual, site-specific reactivation by the same agencies, the Elohim, that originally engineered and installed the system in accordance with Hermes' Principles. The Earth was made as a Home in Man's image. The Electromagnetic 1746 Grid anchors and differentiates the next dimensional Grid matrix called the Oroboric 15 Line Grid, which forms and maintains the biosphere and makes these higher energies available for human consciousness and technology interactions and for mutually-supportive human and Earth evolution.


The Earth is enveloped in a lace doily of electromagnetic fields and pulsing points of light which move the incoming intelligent cosmic/stellar energy streams through the matrix, always tending towards balance. The role of the geomancer, intelligently manipulating and cooperating with the Electromagnetic 1746 Grid, has been to harmonize these incoming streams against the chaotic entropic energy fields created by negative thought forms of resident humans, and to maintain the health of both human and Gaia.

The geomancer has always been the Earth doctor and human metaphysician.


The Oroboric 15 Line Grid


The ancient Chinese geomancers had a comprehensive understanding of the manifold harmonious relations between Heaven, Earth, and the Human.

They stated there was first the Wu Chi, the one primal vibration or Cosmic Sound (called OM in Sanskrit, the Logos in original Christianity) that differentiates into the Tai Ch'i, or Two Tones (yin/yang polarity), which then manifests as the 12 Tones, the Lu. The 12 Lu are the 12 fundamental pitches within the octave, related to each other by specific ratios. In the West this twelve fold differentiation of the octave is known as the Zodiac; this is another topology of the basic cosmic modulations of celestial harmonics.

Moreover, the Chinese stated that the vibratory modulations influence Earth in a regular oscillation according to hourly, semi-daily, daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, seasonal, yearly, and e ta-annual cycles , all catalogued in astronomical/astrological tables. The geomantic year was apportioned into 12 Notes, 6 yin, 6 yang, each assigned to one of the 5 Elements (wood, fire, metal, water, soil).


Meanwhile the acupuncturists had charted the 12 primary energy meridians in the human body, assigning to each a yin/yang polarity (e.g., Absolute Yin, Lesser Yang), an organ (e.g., spleen, heart, liver, lungs), an element (e.g., Heart/fire, Liver/Wood, Kidneys/water), and a yearly-daily time of heightened activity, propitious for treatment (e.g., Heart/Summer/Noon-2 p.m.).

And they tied the system conceptually together with a set of 4 Laws of Ch'i, which basically operate in alignment with Hermes' Principle of Rhythm, including Mother-Son, Husband-Wife, Noon-Midnight, and the 5 Elements. These govern and describe the oscillating energy movements in both the human and Earth meridians (Diagram 5).

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