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Ley Lines and The Meaning Of Adam Part 5

Posted on January 18, 2016 at 12:40 AM

Diagram 6


Avebury Circle as Planetary Grid Umbilicus

(From: The Avebury Monuments,Faith de M. Vatcher, Lance Vatcher, Wiltshire Department of the Environment,

Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1976)

Moreover, Avebury is, to borrow another term from esoteric yoga, the planetary sutratma .

The sutratma is the channel through which the direct stream of life from the Spirit flows through the lower spiritual bodies and Soul to the personality and physical body; it is anchored in the etheric heart chakra. The life stream controls the circulation of the human blood and the planetary ch'i. For the Earth Avebury is the inner etheric heart, called Ananda-kanda, and operates in tandem with Glastonbury, the outer etheric heart, called Anahata (See Diagram 4 above). The sutratma at Avebury as the planetary tie-down for the basic solar/pingala and lunar/ida Oroboros Lines is also what is known in Ecclesiastes as "the Silver Cord, the thread that binds all the selves in the human being with the divine."


Thus the primary Tai Ch'i, or energy/consciousness polarity, enters the Earth Grid through her inner heart chakra at Avebury where it is then distributed throughout the Oroboric Grid as Gaia's emotional life blood. Each Grid line, vertical and horizontal, connects with the whole pattern covering the globe. Each of the two lines entering Avebury is connected at other points with each of the other 13 Oroboros Lines. The solar Oroboros comes in as a burst of pure Spirit, fiery, almost deadly, carrying absolute, eternal consciousness; it is assigned the gematria 666 by Qabala. The lunar Oroboros is cool, moist, refreshing, like a revivifying draught, carrying incarnate consciousness, subject to temporal cycles of birth and death, time and space; it is assigned the gematria 1080.


The two energies are fused at Avebury (just as they are within the dual human heart chakra), their currents sent coursing through the Grid. The number of their fusion is 1746, which is the sum of 1080 and 666. The dynamics of their interactive fusion, as a ratio of 666/1080 is the phi spiral of unfolding Light, namely, 1.618034. This is a fact fundamental to the nature of Light (described below) and at the heart of the Grid and the Human. While the solar and lunar lines are tied down at the planetary inner heart at Avebury, the Neutral Oroboros Line (equivalent to the sushumna nadi,carrying the Fire of Spirit) is anchored at Earth's crown chakra, Mt. Cook in western New Zealand,through which the dual Avebury-originating lines pass in their Great Circles.


What is at play here is that the primary yin/yang polarity of the Oroboros 15 Line Grid produces the balanced phi-described fusion of the 1746 Electromagnetic Grid, which is to say, Light finding balanced manifestation in the Earth Body. As Doris Lessing writes, "The outer web of musical light created the inner earthy one and held it there in its dance of tension." It is "a connecting feeding mesh (like an electric grid of humanity)". The Oroboric 15 Line Grid is Gaia's emotional body, her personality, expressed twelvefold as the Zodiacal archetypes of the 12 Lu - and thus ours, too, as human residents upon Gaia.

This dimension of the Grid is our home on Earth such that, as Lessing says,

"In the great singing dance, everything linked and moved together. My mind was the facet of a mind, like cells in a honeycomb."

Each of the Oroboros Lines was originally at some point anchored down to Earth by agency of special physical Vibrating Stones which came with the Domes.

They were apparently material stones, as we know stones, about the size of a spherical suitcase. They were brought here by Plan of the Cosmic Chaplains and Elohim geomancers appearing here in the Domes; the stones were activated by the Domes, then positioned at key sites around the Earth to form what is called a Global Hermetic Megalithic Calendar, for the benefit of all living forms. Each Vibrating Stone had its time of significance, in accordance with all the synchronously overlapping Zodiac schedules of activity, from the 12-hour cycle to the Great Year of 25,920 years. All 12 stones resonated in harmony and in resonance with each other.


One such Vibrating Stone was placed, according to several geomancers, at Beckery Island, a small hill just outside the center of Glastonbury, Somerset, and tied down the Taurus Oroboros Line as it was intersected by the Michael/Solar Oroboros passing through the town. This particular site was also known in ancient Welsh myth as one of Britain's Three Perpetual Choirs (the Choir of Afallach, or Avalon). These were continual geomantic resonators, established on the landscape as reflections of a heavenly model related to three different aspects of consciousness translated to Earth.

Activated long ago from a divine source, the Choirs were originally far more active than at present, and were related to healing. The Vibrating Stone from Beckery was subsequently removed but remains conspicuously visible though totally anomalously, elsewhere in Glastonbury. Thus in geomantic terms, the Taurus Stone was the primary receptor for the Taurean tone/vibration for the Oroboros Grid.

It was the main reservoir, amplifier, disperser, and transducer/transmuter of this 1/12th differentiation of cosmic energy entering our biosphere. The 12 stones acting in concert formed the foundation of the Global Hermetic Calendar.


The central coordination point for this Global Stone Calendar of Zodiac energies is Avebury, the condensed planetary Round Table of the Sun. The Round Table is a model for understanding the interdependent activities of the 12 Tones of the one Sound. The planetary Round Table is in effect the central receptor complex for the composite energies and consciousness of our solar system, for our particular Star Evolution paradigm of Light/Life/Consciousness whose King is our Sun.


Our solar system, ideally, is comprised of 12 revolving, rotating, inter-relating bodies (This figure includes the Sun and its reflector, the Moon, and the energy shell of the supposedly destroyed planet called Maldek or Marduk, now present as an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter). This was the original ideal solar octave of 12 planetary notes. Just as our Gaia is a living sentient being, so is our solar system a larger unified consciousness entity whose point of awareness is called by esotericists the Solar Logos.

Each planet is directly related, in terms of "ruling" influence, to one of the 12 Zodiac Houses thereby producing a triangular pattern of influence of stars, planets, and Earth coordinates, mediated to this planet through the Oroboros Grid and Avebury Round Table of the Sun.


The planetary Round Table is the means by which Gaia can experience the differentiated energies of the Solar Logos, of which She is an integral part. The Oroboros Grid represents the 12 Knights of Gaia's Round Table, the means by which these 12 oscillating influences are distributed to Her body and eventually to the consciousness of Her human, Zodiacally-attuned residents. Gaia's Grid body is the personality of the Sun expressed twelve fold.

As Above, So Below, said Hermes. We have, then, the Oroboros Grid interfacing the energy dynamics of the solar system and its organizing consciousness, the Solar Logos, for embodied humanity. By meditative mastery of the Round Table we penetrate to the essence of our Star Evolution paradigm, of which we are biophysical miniatures, chemical holograms, and thus we stand on the threshold of transcendence, of attaining in consciousness that fourth dimensional quality called anti-gravity.


There are, of course, inherent limitations to our Grid conceptualizations through Zodiacal archetypes. Much of this descriptive symbolism is manmade and homocentric, and thus not necessarily truly accurate with respect to the realities of the Grid as the Elohim would describe them. From their vantage point, things are more cyclical and interdependent. It is not so much constellations and stones, but matter vibrating in synchronicity. Things are synchronously resonating in reciprocal maintenance with each other and thus feed the Earth. The Earth reciprocally maintains this relationship of interdependence.


Each of the 12 Stones resonates at a particular frequency that is in sympathetic harmony with certain astrological constellations. The most relevant point, however, is the relationship. The Earth is an active force as well as a receptive matrix. Each celestial, terrestrial and lunar body is in sympathetic resonance, one with the other, traveling at tremendous speeds through infinite space. As we chart the Oroboros Grid, and particularly the Polyhedronic Crystal Grid (described next) we steadily approach the barrier between third and fourth dimensions, with all the inherent inadequacies and difficulties of Earth-based language and linear conceptualization.


Thus the Earth Grid at this level, through the Avebury umbilicus, is the Round Table as a planetary hologram of the energy/consciousness body of the Solar Logos. It is the receiving/transmitting device expressed at the borderline between third and fourth dimensions. In the context of the Earth we have expressed the energy realities of the Sun's Royal Court, which itself is but a component of the far larger vibrational body of the Galactic Logos. Now, the Grid contains a practical, localized feature that makes the conscious human experience with the Sun's Zodiacal Court possible.


The landscape Zodiac (discussed below) is the local, accessible hologram of the Master Round Table of Avebury and the Solar Logos, and represents an experiential workshop for aligning human with planetary, solar, galactic, and universal energy streams. We could liken the function of the landscape Zodiac (i.e., in which the energy skeletons of constellations around the ecliptic are overlaid on a 30 mile circumferential band on the Earth, as in Somerset, England, with the Glastonbury Zodiac) to that of a geomantic concert hall wherein we hear the Music of the Spheres as played by the local affiliate orchestra.


There is some classical precedent for this musical interpretation of the Grid. Pythagoras and Plato both presented Grid models couched in musical terms. Pythagoras described a Cosmic Ship of Music comprised of our planets and neighboring stars, which sailed through the Heavens emitting rhoizamata, or "rushing sounds", which we could hear when we tuned the seven-stringed lyre of ourselves (the unified chakra system) to resonate with the celestial music (accomplished or played by the Grid).

Plato spoke of the Spindle of Necessity which he envisioned as the solar system rotating about the axis of the universe. On each whorl of this Spindle sits a Siren who sings a single note.

In either case the total resonance pattern, the total Sound, the complete concert, is the celestial music of our King Sun, what Doris Lessing calls,

"the controlling governor of them all... the majestic core of our web... the deep low organ note that underlies all being... God's singing center."



The Polyhedronic Crystal Grid


The Grid now operates in the fourth dimension as a function of crystal geometry, comprising the 5 Platonic Solids.

This is Gaia's mental body, the sphere of abstract thinking and concrete knowledge, what Plato recognized as the world of Forms. Here the 15 Oroboros Grid Lines, which in the preceding Grid dimension beribbon the Earth sphere in a kinetic band of light, here are fused together into one unified polyhedron of 120 equal-sized triangles (or 10 hexagons, or 30 diamonds) with 62 intersection points. Grid mappers Bethe Hagens and William Becker call this geometrical Grid dimension the "Earth Star."


Whereas in the Oroboric Grid the 15 Great Circles collectively form and maintain the living biosphere, here in the Polyhedronic Crystal Grid the 5 elements (which are differentiated out in the Oroboros Lines, e.g., Taurus/earth, Gemini/air, Sagittarius/fire), exist in their abstract, more static, crystalline form, as Platonic Solids (e.g., fire/tetrahedron, earth/cube, air/octahedron, water/icosahedron, ether/dodecahedron). The Earth Crystal is the formative agent for the kinetic Oroboros Lines, which represent, in a sense, the elements in motion, manifesting the biosphere.

We can visualize the Polyhedron as a multifaceted etheric crystal superimposed over the Earth, like an overcoat, or like a geometric padded hatbox for a most delicate and flowery headpiece. Here the 5 Platonic Solids (as the abstract form of the elements) form a unified etheric crystal, with all the predictable geometrical/consciousness/formative properties of the crystal---such as the containment and

patterning of Light.


We can better appreciate how the Earth Polyhedron functions by reviewing the properties of crystals. Crystals are rightly called "windows of Light," as patterning and dimensional-transmitting doorways from the kinetic world of Light radiation down through the more apparently static material world of form - and the reverse. Crystals can amplify and project thought forms; facilitate interdimensional communication; operate as tuning forks at specific frequencies to key individuals and their environments to desired light harmonics; receive and transmit high energy inputs; maintain unified electromagnetic fields to provide balance and harmony; serve as cosmic batteries, storing and releasing energy on schedule; function as archetypal libraries, holding messages, codes, histories, schedules; work as light modulators; or act as psychic binoculars and telescopes seeing over great time/space distances.

These are documented applications of material plane crystals but their enumeration helps us understand the geometry of consciousness and Light at play in this more abstract Grid dimension.


Physical life on Earth is an oscillating dance of the 5 elements, as orchestrated to us through successively more material Grid interfaces, and as played for us by the symphonic interactions of the 11 planets (minus Earth), the 12 Zodiac Houses, and other influential star families (e.g., Sirius, Orion, Arcturus, among others ).

The Earth in its higher mental body manifestation is a crystal receptor floating in space, moving through the harmonic web of the stellar Grid, itself a vast unified crystal-polyhedron. We move with the Earth as a facet in the life and being of our King Sun, our Solar Logos, whose body is our solar system, source of our Light, Life, and Consciousness parameters.


We live, through these interpenetrating Grid dimensions, the stellar evolutionary life of our Sun in concert with his (once) 11 satellite planets, his Knights (now minus Maldek) and ecliptically-neighboring Zodiac.

We are all on the same solar wave-length as mediated through the Polyhedronic Crystal Grid.

"Every star evolution is on a valency of Light which determines its own evolutionary program," writes J. J. Hurtak.10

This represents our Solar Fishnet, the specific conditions of Light, Life, and Consciousness that constitute our home in the solar system.


The fundamental Round Table of the Sun, of which planet Earth is a valiant Knight, is marked by the projected ecliptic our Earth makes through the 12 Houses of the Zodiac (or the apparent path the Sun takes) during a 12 month cycle; it is also described by the Sun's own ecliptic peregrination in 2160 year spurts (following the Precession of the Equinoxes) through these same constellations.

Just as the Earth is visualized as this rotating, revolving crystalline receptor, wired for sound to the other planets and stars, dancing to the fivefold tune within the context of the evolutionary possibilities of this single Sun system and on the specific dance floor of planet Earth, so, too, is the local solar system a unified, evolving Being functioning within its own Light/Life/Consciousness paradigm within a larger controlling body.


The Sun and the totality of the solar system, when seen from a distance, free of time and space limitations, is a Light Crystal with interpenetrating Grids, surrounding each planet and linking them in a solar web. This is really a question of fundamental limitations. "Man is chained to his geomagnetic cycles," says Hurtak, living in "planetary bondage to its own Light field" or "solar magnetic field paradigm", operating under "the ancient astrophysical status of Light upon Earth."

Humans exist on Earth, adds Doris Lessing, within their,

"terrible bondage, the chains of necessity that grasped them... This web was an iron, a frightful necessity, imposing its design."

Our electromagnetic spectrum, dispensed by the Sun and mediated through the Polyhedronic Crystal Grid, is both our familiar home and our frightful jail, depending on our orientation.

Gravity holds us rooted to the material Earth and the solar winds blow hard to keep us strapped to the Earth's surface and within Her electromagnetic field. However, at the doorway of the Polyhedron, the place where our evolutionary Light paradigm for Humanity on Earth is molded and transmitted, we have the possibility of lifting off in a rush of anti-gravity.


The Earth Grid represents the geometry of consciousness, the constraints on awareness and fourth dimensional transcendence, our biochemical/evolutionary parameters of expression. The crystalline Star Grid, of which our Earth is a component, is the form-dynamics of our local Star Evolution program, namely, the restrictions on consciousness, or that which upholds what Hurtak calls "the bioconsciousness of the old planetary cycles", or that which maintains "the electromagnetic ordering of the life code."

Our interpenetrating Grid system is like a huge solar DNA hologram enveloping, infiltrating, and living us inescapably. It is a particular electromagnetic domain, or frequency/life spectrum, which is a partial expression (tailored for Earth, just as Venus and Mars have their own Grid realities) of the unified Star Evolution Grid, itself but a cosmic DNA hologram of a larger harmonic being. So here we live, as humans on Earth, breathing within and as sentient facets of this resonating matrix. It fits like a primary tuning fork over our noosphere and biosphere such that not one atom or electron or speeding quark escapes its dominant resonance.


Yet this same Crystal Grid represents the possible Grid Doors out of this Sun-imposed paradigm. It holds the key to anti-gravity; here the stellar Grid restrictions can be transcended, here human consciousness can depart the solar system, soaring off the Earth in a burst of Light into the fourth and fifth dimensions. This is freedom from gravity, which is none other than the weight of the mind/body/emotions bounded by the linear time/space fishnet of the Grid. Anti-gravity, as we will see below, is fundamentally a consciousness technology, a transcending mastery of the Grid.

Our stellar Grid, after all, is only one of billions of such star evolution crystal grids glittering in what Hurtak calls "the Sea of Crystal", which is our Milky Way seen through mystic eyes. Star systems now are seen as individual, interdependent, inter-resonating geometric harmonic Grids of Light.


Thus the Polyhedronic Grid is like a central distribution warehouse for a supermarket chain. Here all the groceries and produce are received and parceled out, first for the regional distributors, then the individual units. The Platonic Solids, in this model, receive the abstract energy impulses, or bulk shipments, from the Zodiac Houses, other stars and planets, then parcel them out down through the succeeding 3 Grids to the physical Earth and our daily lives as Grid consumers - all in accordance with the inherent geometric/elemental design.


Here is an example of how this system works. Recently at the moment of the lunar eclipse and full Moon of Libra 1986, the Earth tetrahedron received a major solar activation. The 5 Platonic Solids form what is in truth an indivisible whole; but for the purpose of this illustration, let us envision the tetrahedron alone, as a 3-sided pyramid within a basketball, but with the corners protruding like big toes from old socks. From the apex of the pyramid/tetrahedron, rises a spiraling cone extending far into space, into the star fields. At the moment of activation, first the cone, then the pyramid, blushed an effulgent gold throughout. Momentarily the tetrahedron was radiant and vibrationally jubilant with powerful solar energy amidst the other Solids which formed a clear quartz crystal.

Obviously, shortly afterwards the fire-energized pyramid began diffusing its new energies throughout the unified polyhedron. The planetary positioning point (apex up) for this now golden tetrahedron within the Polyhedronic Crystal Grid overlap on Earth is Richland-Balsam Mt. (or The Balsam; or Mt. Balsam Cone; current elevation 6500 feet, ancient elevation 6666 feet) in Western North Carolina, 20 miles south of Waynesville, just off the Blue Ridge Parkway (heading "north").


The Earth Crystal, then, is "wired for sound" with the other interior crystal organs of the Sun system by way of the Stellar Grid. The Stellar Grid is structured differently than the various Earth Grids. When we visualize a geodesic or other multi-faceted rhomboid solid, we see subtle lines of energy passing from one plane of experience or existence to a similar plane or facet in a rhomboid at another dimension. This is the Stellar/Earth Grid connection. It is linked with forces of an etheric nature.

The Stellar Grid may be visualized from Earth as a lace curtain or pattern of interconnected snowflakes stretching across the entire night sky.

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