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Ley Lines and The Meaning Of Adam Part 9

Posted on January 18, 2016 at 12:50 AM

The Human/Grid Interface


When the Earth is comprehended as a receiving/transmitting crystal harmonic and a resonant facet in the solar crystal harmonic, a note in the solar octave, then we need a unifying scheduling science with which to orient ourselves within this Grid totality.


The precise science of astrology is the Viewer's Guide for daily Grid programming. The Ephemeris is the TV Guide for the Grid. What programs shall we watch as the world turns? What maudlin soaps shall we participate in as our King Sun plugs us into His daily melodrama?


Astrology minutely calibrates the hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly cycles of the planets - the movements of our orchestra. Through astrologically-attuned eyes, which is simply developing the interpretive aspect of astronomy, we can understand our lives, our world, our emotions, our movements, our reasons, habits, difficulties, and exaltations, according to this "web of iron necessity," this whirling elemental energy dance of our interwired human/solar psyche.

The Polyhedronic Crystal Grid is like the master crystal chip that receives, through its 120 smooth triangular receptor plates, the myriad, though mathematically rational and orchestrated, energy/consciousness/Sound channellings from our biopsychic disc jockeys. Thus the Ephemeris, with its factual tables of numbers and degrees, when properly applied, represents the Grid Engineer's codebook for predicting, assessing, correcting, interpreting, and transmuting these steady, determining inputs from the solar radio station.


Transmuting is the key. We can change the channel if we choose, turn down the volume, fine tune the specific radio band. The Grid Engineer has the potential for transmuting (freeing the inherent energy by releasing it from its form bondage) the solar/celestial energies by intelligent interfacing with the Electromagnetic 1746 Grid through any of the 144 planetary Round Table holograms, or terrestrial Zodiacs resident on Earth. This Grid, we must remember, is the Golden Alchemical Bowl of electromagnetic differentiation, and the potential alembic of our transfiguration from gravitationally bonded humans to Humans of Light. Just because King Sun, our accustomed disc jockey, plays his favorite tunes on his radio station, doesn't mean we have to, ultimately, always dance to that rhythm.


The introduction of the reality of the local Zodiac workshops brings us to the crux of the possible interaction between the human and the Grid. This is where the Grid Engineer and Knight of the Holy Grail become one. This unification of seeking the Grail and serving the Grid is played out in the local geomythic theater of the landscape Zodiac. Geomythic means "the living myth in the landscape" and our direct involvement in this terrestrial symbology through a heightened consciousness interaction within a local Zodiac complex.


Our Zodiac conceptual model again operates as an interdependent series of homologous and attuned dimensional systems i.e., Zodiacs within Zodiacs. We begin with the Master Solar Round Table of the Earth/Sun ecliptic through the twelve Houses of the Zodiac - every year, every 2160 years, every 25, 920 years. Here we have both King Sun and planet Earth circuiting the heavenly twelve-gated Grail Castle as intrepid, dedicated Grail Knights.

This vast cycling, and questing, is translated, homologously, down to Earth, first, through Avebury as Grid switchboard and concert maistro, the master point for the 12 Oroboros Zodiac Lines, and, second, through the expansive planetary distribution of these 12 Dragon Lines, thereby making a Round Table of both Avebury Circle (condensed) and the entire planet Earth (expanded).

But how does an individual Grail Knight voluntarily, consciously experience this huge planetary Round Table? And how does the Grid Engineer make intelligent, compassionate, and timely adjustments in the geomantic web of this vast-revolving solar table on Earth? Through the local Zodiac hologram.


In this Zodiac model, an overlay of Qabala's Tree of Life with the mythic Round Table/Zodiac image is most illuminating. The Earth is one of the 12 resonating spheres, one of the 12 Round Table members, one of the 12 Notes in the solar octave, in the Solar Tree of Life. Thus we can picture these relations either in terms of the Tree or Round Table, which are essentially interchangeable for this illustration. Our Body of the Sun is expressed as a 12-sphered Tree of Life, with 12 Knights, or 12 Notes; Earth is Malkuth, the 10th Sephiroth, representing, appropriately, Earth (See Diagram 7; the 7th Sephiroth, Hod, for example, represents Mercury).


Next, and similarly, the Earth Body is expressed as a Tree of Life, and here Mt. Shasta is Malkuth and Root chakra. The Gaia Tree has 12 spheres which in terms of the Grid are 12 Zodiac Vortices, major planetary Zodiac domains which correspond in legend to the camps of the 12 Tribes of Israel. These are primary geomantic sectors each organized into a major Zodiac complex of 12 sub-Zodiac temples. The unification of these 12 Zodiac Vortices is the planetary Round Table, or Tree, as the whole family of Jacob (who was Israel).

Next, each of these 12 Zodiac Vortices has a subsystem of 12 Zodiac Domes, giving us a total of 144 Zodiac hologram temples on the planet (although all are not always available at one given time because of changing geologic/meteorologic conditions). Each of the 12 Zodiac Dome sub-systems comprises a Zodiac Vortex Round Table, of which there are 12 worldwide.


For example, what I call the Hyperborean Round Table occupies an approximate area ranging from the Orkney Islands of northern Scotland, through Ireland, Wales, and England, to Brittany and southwestern France. This Domed Zodiac Round Table includes 12 interdependent local Zodiac systems. Each has a dominant myth-system Logos but all are primarily constellated around King Arthur and the Grail. One of these 12 local Zodiacs is the somewhat familiar Glastonbury/Somerset "Round Table of the Stars," as it's often called, or more poetically, The Region of the Summer Stars (which includes the famous mystical Avalon). Each local Zodiac (which may measure 10 miles in diameter, 20-30 miles in circumference) is topped and energized by a huge Zodiac Dome.


Each local Zodiac, such as The Region of the Summer Stars, is a hologram of the solar Round Table in the form of 144 quasi-etheric star center effigies dimensionally overlaid like a stellar template on the physical landscape. The landscape Zodiac is a double ecliptic, with one physical ecliptic including 96 star effigies (from the northern hemisphere skies) and one etheric ecliptic including 48 star effigies (from the southern hemisphere skies). The two ecliptics interlock forming a vesica piscis with Glastonbury in its cradle.


Within such a local Zodiac temple, a particular constellation, such as Canis Major (the Great Dog), will have an approximate material landscape reference point, a residence often reflected in place names, local legends, or actual landscape sculpturing, within or outside this defining ecliptic.

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