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Adam's Geomancy: Planetary Super Powers Exposed

Posted on January 18, 2016 at 12:55 AM

Adam's Geomancy


So Hermes throws the ball back to us. As humans we must all become geomancers for our Mother, Gaia, and for ourselves, Adam.


At the beginning of Time on Earth, the great geomancer Hermes arrived with the Elohim, the Sons of Light and Biblical "Giants in the Earth," and established the Global Hermetic Megalithic Calendar - the Grid. The Elohim further arranged for the human psyche to resonate in harmony with the Music of the Spheres as broadcast through our local twelve fold solar Round Table and as received through many radios of the templic stone grid. This was, supposedly, at the time of the second Dome Presence, just before Adam's Drama of the Nine was about to be staged. The Grid temple was designed to achieve the necessary biopsychic nexus between Heaven and Earth as embodied, as lived, as walked by Adam on Earth.


Thus Adam and Gaia were set in balance in an inextricable bond, as homologous manifestations and groundings of the same fundamental phi spiral of Light. The human psyche was wired into the Grid which itself was wired for sound as a sonic hologram of the Solar Logos. The planetary Grid and its local miniaturizations was the model/blueprint/directions for Home, Enlightenment, and Paradise. Through the Grid, Gaia and Adam were held in living harmony within the greater body of the solar system.


Thus we got off to a terrific start. After a while, the Elohim/Giants and their Domes departed. We were on our own. Human geomancers, trained under Hermes, and in cooperation with the Elemental Kingdom, assumed responsibility for Grid maintenance (which is to say, really, for individual and communal enlightenment) although they could still rely on assistance from Above - first, from the Elohim, who had returned to angelic form and residence, and second, from the widespread extra-planetary network of benevolent Space Brothers.

The presumed high civilization of Atlantis was the site of the Planetary College of Grid Magnetics graduating a succession of expert geomancers. The twelve-tiered Atlantean Temple of Oralin was geomancy headquarters, like a Pentagon for magnetic sciences. Here geomancers and magnetics technicians conducted continual analyses of Grid conditions, monitored terrestrial/solar energy fields, designed and installed various geomantic engineering instruments - -all as part of an overall program of maintaining a harmonious and fruitful planetary Grid system for the benefit of all beings.


We might construe these ultrascientific Atlantean Grid technicians as the archetypal computerized Druids, for even in later times, after the collapse of Atlantean high culture, the legendary Druids maintained the wisdom of the Grid and kept it in balance. The Druids fine-tuned the Earth Radio through all Her Dome receptor/dial sites and myriad transmission wires.


The Druid geomancers kept Gaia's biosphere humming with a steady stream of life-supporting, life-enriching, life-evolving energy transmissions from Above.


The Druids and Atlanteans understood well the reciprocal agreement. Through Hermes, Adam learned the divination of the Earth, the secrets of geomancy. But through Adam, Hermes expected the reciprocal divinization of the Earth through intelligent, loving application of geomancy. Why? Because, fundamentally, this program of reciprocal maintenance would bring about the mutual enlightenment of Mother Earth and Child Adam, which is what the Elohim intended, as part of the Master Plan, for this particular astrophysical experiment on Earth. Gaia, through Her Grid, maintains our Blazing Star. We, through our geomancy, maintain Gaia's Blazing Star.


But why need we be concerned today, in our comfortable Western society of personal computers, credit cards and new Volvos? Why should we bother with all this ancient history and idealistic grandeur from a remote Druidic past? Because many interlocking universal, galactic, solar, planetary, and human evolutionary cycles are all synchronously coming to fruition and conclusion at this the end of the 20th century.

Certain basic incarnational obligations all humans willingly agreed to, long ago, as a condition for inhabiting the Earth, have all come due. It's not a question of "the wrath of the Gods" or an "angry, displeased Jehovah". It's simply a matter of cosmic clockwork. A major cycle is nearly finished. New things are about to begin. All old business must be cleared up quickly. This kind of Grid teleology will assume sharper focus when we examine two further aspects of the Grid.


Planet Earth, within the theory of chakras, is the Muladhara Root Chakra in the Body of the Solar Logos. If we picture the solar system as a huge human-like figure, Earth sits very materially in the scrotum as the root energy center. The entire Earth Grid, in fact, is actually an organic multitiered model of the energy dynamics of a solar root chakra, functioning for the Sun just as Mt. Shasta functions for Gaia. What is the significance of the root chakra?


Sleeping within Gaia is the Goddess Kundalini, the tremendous creative, evolutionary spiritual energy that transfigures, when activated, the entire 7 chakra system - of the human, the Earth, the solar system.

Kundalini, the Indian Tantric texts inform us, is,

"She who maintains all the beings of the world by means of inspiration and expiration and (who) shines in the cavity of the root Lotus like a chain of brilliant lights."

Moreover, Goddess Kundalini "is the receptacle of that continuous stream of ambrosia which flows from the Eternal Bliss.

By Her radiance it is that the whole of this universe and this Cauldron is illumined."19 The sequence of chakra openings is reckoned as 2 through 7, then back to the root, from which the aroused Kundalini arises in a fiery burst like the soaring serpent and flames up the sushumna through the chakras illuminating everything with a divine light beyond brilliance. This is Gaia's potential and Her expected role in our local solar system.


Planet Earth is also the final Word in the Secret Name of God, called in Qabala, Tetragrammaton, the Word of Four Letters, i.e., YHWH (Yod-He-Wod-He, or Yahweh, or Jehovah, in translation). The Solar Logos, as we mentioned, can be modelled as a Tree of Life with Earth at Malkuth, the 10th Sephiroth.

The Tetragrammaton in part pertains to that composite ineffable resonance, or harmonic, of all levels of expression of this Tree. This includes the Four Elements (fire, air, water, earth) in all their dimensions of subtle and physical expression. The Father of Light (Chokmah) is Yod; the Mother of Forms (Binah/Saturn) is He (pronounced Hay ); the Soul of Adam (Tiphareth/Sun) is Wod; and Earth, the Body of Adam (Malkuth/Earth) is the final He.


The Earth is a Perpetual Choir in the solar system orchestra. Just as one stone circle on Earth is a cosmic Record, angelically recorded for Man, and just as individual stone circles are instrumental members of the planetary orchestra and all performing their parts of the overall solar symphony, so Gaia Herself is a planetary Record for those Above. Gaia is one Note singing proudly in the infinite space, finding its intended, necessary, and appropriate niche in the Music of the Spheres. When all the stone circle records are attuned, when the 12 Oroboric Lines resonate in equal measure through Avebury Circle, and when the necessary crystalline spirit needles are positioned throughout the Earth Record, then Gaia can sing He to the angels in Heaven.


This is the meaning of reciprocal harmonics. This is Adam's Geomancy. When Gaia sounds Her He in the Choir of the solar system, then the solar harmonic is completed. Then the solar octave is registered, every note, and altogether. Then everything begins to vibrate at a faster rate and the Solar Logos sounds His Note in the Galactic Choir - and so forth, into Infinity, as far as we're concerned.


This is why all the attention is focussed today on the Earth, on Her Grid. This is why the Space Brothers touch down so visibly into our third dimension, why so much interdimensional channelling (from Ascended Masters and angels, in particular) is happening today, why the Angelic Kingdom is returning to credible human awareness, why the Grid is coming into focus.


Everyone is waiting for us.


The Earth is one note in the solar choir. When Earth sounds Her He in the Choir, the light harmonic of this Star Evolution will be completed, in turn completing a more exalted light harmonic of which it is a part. The Earth and our King Sun are about to receive a major solar/spiritual initiation, one which will inaugurate a new Light valency, a new electromagnetic spectrum, which will be experienced by us as a quantum leap away from materialized consciousness into the free-floating fourth dimension.


This may sound remote, abstract, and unbelievable, too far away from ley lines, and therefore not worthy of our concern. Why should we be concerned, anyway?


Some time ago, it is believed, Hermes handed over his role as Gaia's Master Geomancer to his spiritual brother, the Archangel Michael. Michael, among other responsibilities, is called The Keeper of the Secrets of the Relations between Heaven and Earth; He is also the Tone Bearer for Earth and the Standard Bearer for the Christ, who is Adam's full potential, the source of the hologram of the Human. Michael approaches Gaia now with his Sword of Spirit poised for the initiatory stroke.

Already He has touched Gaia at the apex of Her fire/tetrahedron at Mt. Balsam Cone, North Carolina. Gaia's inner heart at Avebury is scheduled for imminent reactivation. The Grid, under structural reassessment, is also about to be "switched back on", full power, but at a higher vibrational rate. Theoretically, the Domes and Elohim will return. The ancient British festival of Michael Mass (known traditionally as Michaelmas, September 29) will be radically enriched in planetary meaning.


Both Gaia and Adam will remember the Blazing Star set as an imperishable Seed of Knowing and Bliss within their planetary and human bodies. We must again embody Adam (as the Blazing Star buried in the Blood of Earth) inhabiting Gaia (as the Blazing Star buried in the Clay of the Mother).


What will happen then? Anti-gravity! There will be a new Light/Life spectrum for Adam and Gaia, resulting in a change in, even transcendence of, the ancient gravitational field holding us down with iron guy-wires to the physical plane of Earth awareness. Recently a new elementary substance was discovered; it was found to have possible anti-gravity properties and was named levitonium. The scientists speculated that levitonium might be capable of powering rockets out of the Earth's gravitational field.


With a small measure of British-earned cheekiness, I now propose a term to describe the possibilities of anti-gravity within the terms of human experience: levitony. Levitony is a species of giddiness inspired by the angels - Elohim, if you like. It is an attitude, perhaps archetypal, of giggling detachment that lifts us right off the Earth in a free-floating feather of amusement and mirth, defying gravity, defeating the seriousness, the weightiness, the heaviness, of Earth life as we know it---those familiar "astrophysical consciousness parameters".


Levitony, I suggest with a cirrus-like grin,is native to our constitution, something we were naturally born with. With the bouyancy of levitony we will glide in Adam's transfigured Light Body high above dear Gaia and we will note She, too, is again looking pristine and sparkling in Her blazing light. She, too, once again, has become our Garden of Eden.



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Adam's Geomancy: Planetary Super Powers Exposed
Adam's Geomancy: Planetary Super Powers Exposed