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Universal Consciousness Part 5

Posted on January 17, 2016 at 2:15 PM

- Metafísica en Un Planeta Brutal

- Metaphysics on A Brutal Planet


- Mitología Polar - La Gnosis Según Montalk

- Motion Integration and Postdiction in Visual Awareness

- My Open Letter to Every Kid in America


- ¡No Bajes Los Brazos!


- No Creas en Todo lo que Piensas

- Non Duality is The New Reality


- No Queda Tiempo - La Dinámica de La Nueva Resistencia


- Nos Acercamos a La Masa Crítica - El Cambio Está Aquí


- Nosotros Somos El Cambio

- No Time Left - The Dynamics of The New Resistance

- One Small Shift for Earth, One Large Shift for Mankind

- Opting Out and Paying The Price of Being Awake

- Ouspensky - Extracts from "In Search of the Miraculous"

- Polar Mythology - The Gnosis by Montalk


- ¿Porqué Creemos lo Que Creemos?


- ¿Porqué está el Mal tan Apurado? - La Muerte de La Luz


- ¿Porqué Paré de Buscar mi Propósito? - Y Porque Pienso que Deberías Hacer lo Mismo...


- Porqué Toma Tiempo el Proceso de Iluminación

- Power and Choice Are Interchangeable - It's All About Controlling Your Life

- Power Has No Life of Its Own

- Proof that Cooperative, Forgiving and Generous Populations Succeed in The Long-Term while Selfish Ones Fail


- Pronósticos Para el 2010 de La Conciencia Cósmica


- Pronósticos Para el 2011 de La Conciencia Cósmica


- Pronósticos Para el 2012 de La Conciencia Cósmica


- Qué Eres ¿"Normal" o "Anormal"? - Humanidad Promedio Estadístico


- ¿Qué es El 'Cambio'?


- Qué Esperar en El 2012 y Qué Detonadores Emocionales se Deberán Evitar


- ¿Qué se Llevaría Usted al Más Allá? - Vida, Muerte, Experiencias Fuera del Cuerpo y el Viaje de La Consciencia


- ¿Quién Es Usted? - El Significado Más Profundo


- Raza Humana, ¡Retoma tu Poder!

- Readers Stunned to Learn That Conventional Scientists Don't Believe in Mind, Spirit, Free Will or Consciousness


- Realidades Convergentes - Arte, Tecnología, Conciencia, Desde La Perspectiva Planetaria

- Reality Creation Redux


- Recuerdo de Cosas Pasadas - El Nuevo Ciclo Galáctico Post-Ascensión


- Regreso a La Creación de La Realidad

- Reincarnation

- Remembrance of Things Past - The New Galactic Cycle Post-Ascension

- Research Links Power and Tendency to Punish Harshly

- Research on Consciousness, PSI Effects and Precognition

- Rethinking The Nature of Life

- Reuniting The Spiritual and The Practical Through Activism

- Reverse Engineering to ONE

- Sailing The Uncharted Cosmic Sea


- Sei "Normale" o "Anormale"?


- Síntomas de Transformación-Evolución - Cambios Corporales


- Sobre La Ascensión, La Cólera y Guénon

- Some Compelling Reasons Why the Only Answer is to Question

- Some Facts About Consciousness

- Some Human Qualities Most Needed to Advance the Global Awakening

- Some Pieces of Wisdom and Quotes from Native American Elders

- Some Reasons that Make it Clear why You should not Let Society Dictate How You Feel

- Some Reasons why People don't Want The Conspiracy to Die

- Some Rules for Being Human

- So Much Power in Words

- Spirit of Rebellion - Rebellion of The Spirit

- Spirit Tap - How The Manipulators Steal Your Fight

- Spiritual Fascism

- Spontaneous Evolution Has Arrived!

- Spontaneous Evolution - Humanity is On the Brink of Spontaneous Evolution

- Stealth Oneness - Crap! I'm Confused

- Stormy Weather on High Cosmic Seas


- Sueños, Disertaciones y Mundos Paralelos

- Swearing The Dysphemism - Prisoners Living in A Cave

- Systemic Change, New Technology and Conscious Governance - Where Do We Begin?

- Talking to Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy - Paranexus Radio Interview Transcript


- Teniendo Acceso al Conocimiento Antiguo


- ¿Termina Alguna Vez el Dolor del Despertar?

- The Alterverse of Willful Ignorance

- The Anatomy of 'God'

- The Approaching Timeline Split

- The Art of Living and Dying

- The Battle of The Bilge - An Spiritual Smog Attack...

- The Belt, The Bubble and The Bewilderment...

- The Butterfly Effect

- The Coming of Ages

- The Conscious and Unconscious Mind

- The Cosmic Awareness Forecast for 2011

- The Cosmic Awareness Forecast for 2012

- The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction

- The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction - Why and How the World Economic Order Will Collapse in 2011

- The Critical Mass of Enlightenment

- The Empowering Truths of Mahatma Gandhi

- The Era of Programming The Mind

- The Fall Inside

- The Game of Earth Is Yours to Play

- The Grand Illusion of Self - You're Not The Person You Think You Are

- The Great Gathering of Humanity - The Time for Global Change is Now

- The Hero Within

- The Importance of Solitude and Meditation

- The Imposter

- The Interviews with Jack True - One of The Most Innovative Hypnotherapists of Our Time - by Jon Rappoport

- The Last Hour of Life

- The Lion Wakes - Global Consciousness

- The Little Sweeties and The Golden Age

- The Matrix - The Inevitable Awakening

- The Mechanics of Prayer

- The Mystery of the Self - A Spectacularly Useful Illusion

- The Question of Consciousness

- There Is a Tipping Point for The Spread of Ideas and It Has Finally Arrived

- There May Be a Rapture, But It Won't Be This Saturday

- There's a Beauty Here We Cannot Deny

- The Rise of an Intuitive Humanity - Accessing the Living Intelligence

- The Self-Illuminated Human

- The Shift of The Ages

- The Soul - El Alma

- The Study of Fundamental Consciousness enters The Mainstream

- The Truth is Out There

- The Tyranny of "What Already Exists"

- The Unfolding of The Divine

- The Venus Transit and The Lost Civilizations of Earth

- The World As It Could Be If We Only Stand Together

- This Is what "Practicing What You Preach" and "Being the Change" really Means


- Transformando La Mentalidad Occidental

- Transformation-Evolution Symptoms - Body Changes

- Travel Back in Life - It May Be The Key to Healing

- Triad of Progress

- Truth or Denial in The Age of Information Overload


- Una Oportuna Llamada Desde "El Más Allá" - Los "Sermones" de Wilcock


- Un Pequeño Cambio Para La Tierra, Un Gran Cambio Para La Humanidad


- Volviendo a Pensar Sobre La Naturaleza de La Vida

- We Are Shifting Global Frequencies - Major Victories Await for Humanity in This Decade

- We Are The "Delta" Types of Huxley's 'Brave New World'

- We May Be Less Happy - But Our Language Isn't

- We Need Free Thinkers or Society Will Shrivel Up and Die

- We're Sailing In Uncharted Cosmic Seas

- We Want to Live in A World That Is...

- What I Learned from Dolores Cannon's Work and How it Changed My Life

- What is Intuition - Simple Technique to Sense Your Intuition

- What is The Fifth Dimension?

- What is The "Shift"?

- What Would you Take with You to The Afterlife? - Life, Death, Out-of-Body Experiences and the Journey of Consciousness

- When 'Bad' Manifestations Happen to 'Good' Light Workers

- When We Grow Up, We Will Fall in Love with Earth

- When You Die, Do You Wake Up in The Morning?

- Where Are We Now? - The Awakening

- Where Do We Come From?

- Who's Winning The War On You?

- Why Do We Feel We Can't Escape a System That We Created?

- Why Enlightenment Takes Time

- Why Is Evil In Such A Hurry? - The Dying of the Light

- Why Raising Your Energy Vibration Is So Important

- Why Spirituality Is a Way of Life Leading Towards Enlightenment

- Why The Hell Would Anyone Want to Be Free?

- Winter Blues and The Canvas of Reality


- Y Después de Todo Este Tiempo...

Consciousness and Aliens - Conciencia y Alienigenas

- 11.11.11 and The Facts About Life as A 4th Dimensional Human - Andromeda Council

- Aliens, Egos and Souls - Who Are We in The Big Picture?

- Andromeda Council - Reaching Out With Help Across Space

- An Interview With John E. Mack

- Archons in The News

- Are We Possessed?


- El 11.11.11 y los Hechos Acerca de la Vida como Ser Humano de 4ª Dimensión - Concejo de Andrómeda


- El Concejo de Andrómeda - Llegando Con Ayuda a Través El Espacio


- El Mas Grande Engaño - Por el Dr. Jack Pruett - Una Reseña de Libro


- ¿Estamos Poseídos?

- ETs and the Spiritual War in the Heavens


- Evidencia Científica Que Las Energías Galácticas Han Provocado Una Expansión de La Consciencia en Todo El Mundo


- Exoconciencia - Los Orígenes Extraterrestres de La Conciencia Humana

- Exoconsciousness - Extraterrestrial Origins of Human Consciousness

- Exopsychology


- Exponiendo a Los Malévolos Dueños y Señores de La Tierra

- Exposing The Evil Overlords of Earth


- ExoHistoria - Vuestros Origenes - Parte final

- Galactic Energy Has Triggered Worldwide Consciousness Expansion - Scientific Proof

- Human Consciousness and The Anunnaki

- If Our Universe is so Old and Vast then Where are All the Aliens?

- Interdimensional Entities Influencing Daily Life


- La Algo-Matrix y los ETs - La Tierra Como una Iniciativa Extraterrestre


- La Columna Vertebral de La Intervención está Rota - Ya es Hora que la Humanidad Camine Libre


- La Conciencia Humana y Los Anunnaki


- La Transición Final y la Derrota de los Arcontes

- Mechanics Around Entrapment of Souls in Third Dimension

- Mimic - Meme of Archons

- On The Relationship With The Is-ness

- The Algo-Matrix and the ETs - Earth as an Alien Enterprise

- The Back of the Intervention is Broken - Time for Humanity to Walk Free!

- The Final Transition and Defeat of the Archons

- The Grandest Deception - By Dr. Jack Pruett - A Book Review

- The War on Human DNA

- The Wetiko Virus - A Malignant Egophrenia


- Transformación a Una Vida de 4ª Dimensión en La Tierra

- Transformation to a 4th Dimensional Earth Life - Andromeda Council

Free Will - Libre Albedrío


- Cambiando Las Líneas de Tiempo, el Libre Albedrío y el Poder de Elección


- El Libre Albedrío en Los Antiguos Textos Sánscritos

- Free Will, Fate, and Causality in Matrix Reloaded - Essay on The Philosophy of The Matrix Sequel

- Free Will in The Ancient Sanskrit Texts

- Memories in the Free Will Zone


- Porqué las Fuerzas Negativas Parecen Respetar el Libre Albedrío


- Recuerdos en la Zona del Libre Albedrío

- Scientists Spot Brain's "Free Will" Center

- Shifting Timelines, Free Will and the Power of Choice

- Why Negative Forces Seem to Respect Free Will

Sounds, Music and Consciousness

- 440Hz Music - Conspiracy to Detune Us from Natural 432Hz Harmonics

- Composing for the Media - Eisler and the Rockefeller Foundation Music Projects


- El Fenómeno de Ondas de La Cimática - Main File


- Estasi Musicale - Un Regalo per Guarire l'Umanità


- Éxtasis Musical - Un Regalo de Sanación para La Humanidad


- La Controlada Industria de la Música - MK Ultra


- La Frecuencia A=432 Hz - Afinamiento del ADN y la Bastardización de la Música


- La Resonancia del Alma y la Música


- Música de 440 Hz - Conspiración para Desintonizarnos de los Armónicos Naturales de 432 Hz

- Musical Cult Control - The Rockefeller Foundation's War on Consciousness through the Imposition of A=440Hz Standard Tuning

- Musical Rapture - A Healing Gift for Humanity

- Soul Resonance and Music

- The A=432 Hz Frequency - DNA Tuning and the Bastardization of Music

- The Controlled Music Industry - MK Ultra

- The Music Industry Exposed

- The Wave Phenomena of Cymatics - Main File

- What is 432 Hz Tuning?

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