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Queries: What Is God? - Words - Spelling - Religion - Hidden History - Spells - Etymology - Meaningfulness - Ignorance - Brainwashing - Understanding - Mindfulness - Clarity

Posted on September 29, 2016 at 12:15 AM

The Correct Definition of the word 'God' Highlight

Ask most Christians to define the word "God" and most will tell you that it is the name ... Unabridged agree that the origin of the word God, is Teutonic paganism.

Misusing the Word GOD | Global Research - Centre for Research on HighlightMay 9, 2011 ... Yet the word “God” never appears in the original language of the Bible. ... Throughout history, more people have been slaughtered in the name of :God" ...

What is the etymological origin of the Arabic word for god 'Allah ... HighlightAllah is a contraction of the root words al ilah, meaning 'The God' in Arabic. The word has numerous cognates (similar sounding words derived from same ...God | Define God at Highlight

God definition, the one Supreme Being, the creator and ruler of the universe. See more. ... Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper ... Conscience and human history testify that "verily there is a God that judgeth in the earth.The pagan origin of the word, Allah. Islam is paganism in - Highlight

"Ilah" in Arabic is "God" and "Al" in Arabic is a definite article like our word "the". .... (History Of The Arabs, Philip K. Hitti, 1937, p 96-101); When Mohammed proclaimed ..... as the God, al-Ilah (the most likely etymology; another suggestion is the ...History of God's Holy Bible and the so-called Jews - Bible

Proxy Highlight

History of God's Holy Bible and the so-called Jews. The Etymology of the Word " Jew" In his classic Facts are Facts, Jewish historian, researcher and scholar ...Encyclopedia Mythica: Origin of the names of the days Highlight

It is also called Dominica (Latin), the Day of God. The Romance languages, languages derived from the ancient Latin language (such as French, Spanish, and ...Butterfly Etymology - Cultural Entomology Digest - Insect Facts Highlight

Read the insect article 'Butterfly Etymology', originally featured in the Cultural. ... Note that the human Psyche was lovers with the god Eros (at least until she .... chrysalis, From Greek for “chrysos” = “gold” (golden sheath), of Semitic origin (cf.In Indo-Germanic dictionaries, only one word resembles "god." It is ghodh and is pronounced the same.

This word means union, also sexual union or mating. According to Luneburger Wörterbuch, the following are the same word: Gott, got, gode, gade, god and guth (gud). True Believers should never use the word 'God', when referring to Yahshua, Yahweh, or El Elyon.Gaia | Definition of Gaia by HighlightDefine Gaia: the hypothesis that the living and nonliving components of earth function as a single system in such a way that the ... Origin and Etymology of gaia .Hagia | Definition of Hagia by HighlightDefine hagia: consecrated eucharistic elements in the Eastern Church. ... Origin and Etymology of hagia. Late Greek, from neuter plural of Greek hagios ...What is Gaia? | Gaia Is Calling Highlight

In ancient Hebrew, Gaia means “conscious life” (= animals) and in Arabic, “life”. In Greek mythology, Gaia was the mother goddess of the earth, and the origin of ...Gaia Pulseswww.gaiapulses.comProxy Highlight

Gaia Pulses is a food project centred around Organic Pulses and inspired by ... Etymology. Gaia. (gay-ə or gah-yə; from Ancient Greek Γαῖα, a poetical form of ...Gaia - Encyclopedia Highlight

Mar 3, 1997 ... Gaia, known as Earth or Mother Earth (the Greek common noun for 'land' is ge or ga). She was an early earth goddess and it is written that Gaia was born from Chaos, the great void of emptiness within the ... Etymology: Earth ...word 'gay', first in Midwest America in the mid-twentieth - Wiktionary Highlight

From Middle English gay, from Old French gai (“joyful, laughing, merry”;), usually thought to be a borrowing of Old Provençal gai ...Gay - HighlightFeb 2, 2009 ...

This adjective, meaning joyful or light-hearted, is of uncertain origin. The English word comes from the French gai, but where this French word ...Why are homosexuals called 'gay'? - Quora Highlight

The transition in meaning of gay from ''carefree'', through varying degrees of sexual innuendo and euphemism, to its acceptance today as a straightforward ...Noun[edit]gaimaterialmatter, stufftopic, subject

Adjective Gai Having sufficient power, strength, force, skill, means, or resources of any kind to accomplish the object; possessed of qualifications rendering competent for some end; competent; qualified; capable.zerbait egiteko gai izan - to be able to do something.ez naiz egiteko gai izan - I'm not been able to do it.Catalan[edit]Etymology[edit]From English gay.Adjective[edit]gai m, f ‎(masculine and feminine plural gais)gay, homosexual French: /ɡɛ/Homophones: gaie, gaies, gais, gay, gays

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