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Ran Kirlian was featured on our other channel Underground Intelligence N.Y.C. also known as Astral Intelligence N.Y.C.

HOST: DJ Marco Andre

Tags: Trance lounge ambient atmospheric experiemental meditative dreams
0 Comments You Are My Sunshine by DJ Marco Andre (528 Hz)

Light, Meditative Soundscapes in 528 Hz frequency for music therapy.

This mix is dedicated to someone I love but had to let go. Maybe in time she will become enlightened and understand love is something you nurture, grow and requires dedication as well as team effort. Until then I must move on to protect my heart, and maybe someday find someone more on my spiritual level. I did this to protect my heart but it also breaks my heart not to see or speak to her. Love is a funny thing and I have a lot of love to give. No matter what, I will always hope for the best but expect nothing and see where the chips fall.

I hope you enjoy this and to hear more of my mixes for free and music videos, visit the ARTIST ROSTER page

This mix features: 

Taliesin Orchestra



Richard Marx


Herb Ernst

David Arkenstone

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Tags: Dj marco andre ambient soundscape meditation new age spiritual ascension 528 hz frequency love